Victoria Beckham Reports For Duty On ‘American Idol’


Last Thursday we learned that Victoria Beckham was confirmed to appear as a guest judge on the next season of American Idol, filling in for Paula Abdul who decided not to sign her contract with the show. While it remains to be seen whether or not Paula will be on the show when it returns to TV in January, the folks at AI are moving forward full steam ahead. Auditions for the next season took place in Denver, CO over the weekend and new guest judge Vicki B. was on hand to begin her work on the show. Here is a photo of VB shaking the hand of an eager contestant as she made her way into the venue for the auditions:

Victoria Beckham’s debut as an American Idol judge proved less than successful when she was branded ‘too nice’ for the show’s panel. Posh Spice, 35, stepped in for one episode following the departure of long-time judge Paula Abdul, but some Idol backroom staff called her performance ‘icy and wooden’. And others said the former Spice Girl tried hard to be liked by the contestants, drawing comparison with Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole, who frequently burst into tears while judging the British version of the programme, The X-Factor. She was on the charm offensive as she arrived at the auditions in Denver, stopping to shake hands with contestants as she made her way into the auditorium. But rather than being won over by her smile, it’s more than likely most were left shocked by the state of the 35-year-old’s incredibly thin and sinewy arms and shoulders. She was seen arriving back in Los Angeles in an all black outfit with her trademark pout back on over the weekend and was later seen paying a visit to her friend Jennifer Lopez.

HMMMM … I guess the folks over at American Idol must know what they are doing by bringing on board these guest judges to replace the irreplaceable Paula Abdul. While I don’t personally understand how the heart of the show can be substituted by a string of guest judges, I guess you can’t fault the show for trying. My gut tells me that Paula will reclaim her judges seat before the show returns to TV … unless she gets a better offer she cannot refuse in the meantime, I still think she’ll be back. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


  • Katie

    Eat. A. Burger.

  • Meghan

    Seriously….she looks emaciated in this photo!

  • Lilliah


  • MeG

    That cannot be healthy. I think she is very pretty in the face but that bod looks painfully thin. Eat somehting lady!

  • Yikes, too thin. But she does have something to contribute about making AI contestants more like pop stars.


  • Brik

    haha is it wrong i am jealous of how thin she is?

  • Adri


  • CB

    That arm is heinous.
    @Brik – Yes. Yes it is.

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  • Denise

    I can’t believe she actually has half a smile in that pic.

  • Frisa

    OMG….eat a donut. She’s totally gross!!

  • She is just nasty looking. I still don’t get why she is famous.

  • DJWhoop

    Jeebus someone escort her to the friggen food table!!! I know we harp on this all the time but MY GOD, she looks terrible!!!

  • Tuna

    Those kids starving in the African desert, with the flies all over them… have more meat on their bones.

    She looks disgusting.

    I’m all for fit, trim, slender, healthy… but she looks like she has a serious problem.

  • Debho

    She just doesn’t look healthy. I’m all for looking your best, but she doesn’t. I wish someone could make her see how horrible she looks.

  • Chivonne

    Wait why is she going to be a quest judge? What does she know about singing? I don’t understand this AT ALL. It’d be different I guess if she were say funny and entertaining but starving and boring NO.

  • Jbo

    OH MY GAWD! She looks like a frikkin walking skeleton – I almost BARFED in my mouth looking at her!

    DISGUSTING waste of designer clothes!

  • b dazz

    homegirl needs to hit up craft services.

  • Emma

    Australian Idol is doing pretty much the same thing. They sacked a judge last week, and now they’re bringing in guest judges until they find a replacement.

    Wish we could get ourselves some VB, so far all we’ve gotten is Brian McFadden.

  • meh

    yipes those bones are scary

  • Susie

    I love Victoria, I truly do – but I think an extra 5 pounds would really make her looks softer, younger, and more feminine. You can’t always tell just how skinny she really is, but this pic here hides nothing…..I’m not against being thin or skinny, but especially as women grow older in years, it’s so important to not get too skinny – it ages you and makes you look hard and sexless. And Victoria is really not that person so she needs to make sure her exterior matches her interior – and right now….I’m just not seeing it.

  • RazberrySwurl01

    Over American Idol adn Paula. Vicky B needs some meat on them bones.