Channing Tatum’s Former Life As A Male Stripper

Skeletons in the closet

Did you know that Channing Tatum, hottie star of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, used to be a stripping go-go dancer? That’s right, US Weekly managed to scrounge up the incriminating photos of Channing, who used to go by the stage name Chan Crawford, when he was a member of the male-revue show called Male Encounters back in 1999. Unfortch for the lucky folks who got to see Chan in action with Male Encounters, the revue had a “no nudity” policy … but Chan did strip down to his undies … behold:

Apparently, Channing danced with Male Encounters for about a year and made $50 a night (plus tips). As exciting as this may sound to fans, his stint as a go-go boy ain’t nearly as interesting as his stint as a nude model. Yes, Channing used to model for high end fashion photoshoots that sometimes required that he be nekkid … for artistic purposes. After the jump, check out a couple examples of his NSFW work which included both frontal and rear nudity …

Le sigh. Longtime fans of Channing Tatum should be well aware of these photos (which have been circulating on the Internets for years) but I figured they were worth mentioning for those of you who weren’t aware that they existed. ALL photos of Channing Tatum should be seen by as many people as possible … most especially the nekkid ones ;) Of his two former professions, I think I prefer his nekkid modeling over his go-go dancing … tho, I wouldn’t mind checkin’ out his moves from back in the day ;)

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  1. Hott. ;)

    Though he HAS lost some of his hotness as he’s aged, IMHO.

  2. Margie

    Aw, he has a gun too so he was destined to play Duke?

  3. O.M.G.

    Who are the other dancers who identities are being protected? Why is Channing fair game, but not them, US Weekly? Intriguing….

  4. Presley

    @ O.M.G. – I believe the long blond haired one is William Hurt lol!!!! j/k but doesn’t he kinda look like him?

  5. anne


  6. nae


  7. JO

    There are other pics of him by a photog who does stuff for gay porn websites. He definitely has a past…typical young hollywood thing.

  8. nicole

    hahah damn! i would have loved to see him on stage <3

  9. Koriejo

    omg yum much!

  10. Juneh

    @ Presley: Hahah, he soo looks like William Hurt, scary!

  11. mochakiss

    LOL look at that lil’ smokey….maybe it was cold that day ;)

  12. loulou


    Are you serious? How old is he? LOL

  13. He is so dishy. Not even mad at him over the stripper past. He worked it!

  14. Jennie

    He is yummy!

  15. LD

    He’s much better looking than that douche Robert Pattinson!

  16. ohmy

    How very Marky Mark of him!

  17. Oh, Trent…this made me giggle.

  18. nicole

    @mochakiss – thats what went through my head too lol

  19. tatiana

    OH MY….

  20. meh

    oh lala he was so hot in his modelling days

  21. Jackie

    HELLO!! He is freaking hot as hell!! More more more!

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