‘The Vampire Diaries’ Releases New Promo Pics


Here is our first look at a new set of promo pics released by The CW to promote their new series The Vampire Diaries based on the book series of the same name. Often referred to as Twilight for TV (even tho the books, written by L.J. Smith, were published many years before the first Twilight book hit store shelves), The Vampire Diaries tell the tale of Elena Gilbert who is torn between the love of two vampire brothers — the good one Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) and the bad one Damon (played by Ian Somerhalder):

Oooh steamy. This ad campaign has been titled Love Sucks and is all kinds of sexy. I quite like the top photo, it’s sexy and not too cheesy. It remains to be seen if this vampire TV series aimed at tweens (as opposed to HBO’s True Blood which is aimed at adults) will be as successful as The Twilight Saga movie franchise but I’m sure The CW is gonna give it all they’ve got. After the jump, check out a few more promo pics of each of the three main characters — Elena, Stefan and Damon

It is gonna be real nice having apple-cheeked Ian Somerhalder back on TV on a weekly basis. In all honesty, I wasn’t too impressed with the pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries that I got to see last month but … one cannot judge an entire series on just the pilot. I’m hoping this new series will be entertaining … and if not, hopefull it’ll bring the LULz. I like the idea of vampire brothers fighting over an innocent girl … it’s almost never been done before ;)


  • Snarf

    Gotta say, will watch and probably hate myself for it (like I do most CW shows) Wesley is a little long in the tooth (geddit? GEDDIT?) to playing a high school student even if he supposed to be a Vampire.

  • Katie

    all i see when i see that actress is Mia from Degrassi.

  • renee9605

    I have a feeling that I will only be paying attention when Ian Somerhalder is on the screen, but that’s what a DVR is for, right? *sigh*

  • oh HOT. That first photo got me all frazzled. HAHA


  • Gaby

    im kind of excited for this serious, ive not read the series but im not going to hold that against anything.

  • QIT

    yes i’m looking forward to it. posted virutally the entire lot of photos on my blog gotta love it. ian yum. well figers crossed. the world has been crying out for a new buffy lol

  • nicole

    im lookin forward to it. CW shows are like guilty pleasures to me lol

  • Leanne

    oh no. they’re all jumping on the vampire band wagon now aren’t they!

  • toast

    Not impresed.
    I don’t care how many vampire orgies, not going to be watching this.
    Hey everybody get on the vampire bandwagon we’re going down to the hot topic and then tanning!

  • Tracy

    Ian is SO yummy. But that girl sucks on Degrassi. She is a horrible actress..

  • Mudarling

    Those Degrassi kids are a mess, first the virgin makes a break for it and heads to the 90210 zip code. Then wheelchair Jimmy makes a break for the boarder ditching his wheelchair and becoming BFF’s with lil Weezy. Now Mia drops her kid for some vamp loving. Can’t wait to see who leaves next, my money’s on Spinner!

  • Snow

    I read these books when I was 13 or 14 probably and love them, I think they are still in my attic… Although she has a series about witches that would probably be better and more orginal than another vampire show.

  • april

    @ Katie.. I COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Mia. That’s all I see.

  • jaded

    I read these books when I was a kid and loved them, so I’m saddened to say that when I saw the trailer it is nothing at all like the books except for the character names, and that there are vampire brothers. I am willing to hold off on judgement until I have seen the show.
    What I don’t get is if you are going to completely change a book why even bother? Why not just start from scratch? You end up totally alienating the original fans of the series. I realize the books came out a long time ago, but since L.J. Smith has started writing again they have been rereleasing the series and it’s been gaining a new fan following.
    I suppose that using The Vampire Diaries premise gives the series a bit of credit since it’s not a Twilight rip off, in actuality Twilight borrowed quite a bit from Vampire Diaries, but why change it so drastically.

  • jaded

    @Snow I was thinking that myself why not do a series using the Secret Circle books. You still have the supernatural aspect and you’re not being called out for jumping on the Vampire bandwagon.

  • Sarah

    They look too old to be in high school. That might be the reason I wont watch. And also because I have not watched a single show on the CW once they cancelled Veronica Mars for the Pussycat Dolls looks for a new whore reality show.

  • Melanie

    I was thinking the Dark Visions trilogy could be a good one because they could draw it out longer. And it wouldn’t be about vampires, but psychic teenagers.

  • Ren

    The preview commercials have been playing for it on CTV (Canadian station) and the commercials (at least I think) are similar to the first Twilight movie teasers. The one I keep seeing is with one of the brothers staring at Mia/Elena in class…totally reminds me of Twilight with Edward watching/smelling Bella. Do you think they’re playing up the similarities to draw viewers? I think so. Not sure if I’ll watch, not totally into Twilight myself, give me Buffy and Angel!

  • kinky

  • Haley

    When I see the blonde dude..all I can think of is him in that other show about werewolves, I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope with the crossover between WW and V. And I dont like that actress, I’ve seen her on something other than degrassi and thought she was a twit. Dont get me wrong..I’ll totally tune in, but my expectations are super low.

  • jared

    One of the many directors of Dexter is a director and a producer of The Vampire Diaries, maybe it will turn out a great series. I´ll give it a try

  • love

    ooooh the guys look YUMMMMY! :)

  • Tracy

    Does anyone remember the blonde guy from the OC? LOL I remember he did one episode and shot Luke bwahahah.

  • Lisa.

    Is it just me or does the girl look so much younger than the two guys that it’s somewhat unbelievable that they are chasing after her. She looks all of 15, and they look like they are in the mid 20’s.
    Anywhooo… Ian Somerhalder is all kinds of sexy, so I’ll definitely tune in.

  • Erin

    omg, I don’t see anything BUT cheese in those first 2 pic…bleh

  • Annoyed

    @Erin – thank you, I thought I was the only one.

  • erin

    so I saw the pilot a few weeks ago and it was a little rougher than twilight and more tame than true blood with hints of both sprinkled through out. but I will say it did have some great music (as did the melrose redo pilot)

  • meh

    Damn Ian is hawt.

  • alyse

    I dont read anything about vampires. i am sorta vampired out so i wont be watching this but…you said its aimed towards “tweens” but it shows some (supposedly) high school chick engaging in what looks like some threeway action with her neck being licked? weird

    Whatever, im so tired with vampires, and im a teen girl myself

  • joanna

    DAMN, the first pic got my heart racing!

  • Ashlee

    I’m the same, it’s all CHEESE. And the first pic looks like an orgy (a girl and two brothers? Sick!)
    I hated Twilight (barf)
    I won’t watch this one (incest orgies)

  • robin

    so i LOVED buffy, I LOVED roswell, and i LOVE twilight….soooo…this seems right up my alley…i miss the buffy/roswell days…the actress is insanely pretty on degrassi

  • Vicky

    I have been thinking about Roswell lately, it was such a good show! Does anyone know if you can get DVD’s of Roswell?

  • Illise

    Ill have to watch this series, i love vampires ( and hate twilight ) besides ian looks so freeking hot, paul is hot too but ian has such a perfect face ready to play a vampire lol

  • toya


  • hhmmm

    I will probably check this show out. I love vampire stuff … but I really don’t like that actress, as others have said in this comment thread all I see is Mia from Degrassi and she is not a good actress so I hope she doesn’t ruin the show :(

  • yeahyeahyeah

    @ hhmmm… kinda like what kristen stewart’s horrible acting did to twilight. ruin in. at least the guys are HAWT. that must be what all the vamp shows/movies are going for. get the girls to drool and they’ve got a winner

  • hhmmm

    @yeahyeahyeah agreed these new shows seem to focus more on having hot guys (not that I am complaining about that) than on believable actresses/characters (that I complain about) that love them

  • Jenn

    Roswell is definitely available on DVD and you can watch it online http://www.thewb.com. It’s my guilty pleasure!

  • Heather

    Ok, ok I know I shouldn’t say “thats not canon!”, but aren’t her eyes supposed to be the same color as the rings? And aren’t the brothers supposed to..um, look like brothers? WTF.

    I’ll still give it a shot though, lol

  • I am so excited to see how this show plays out. I loved these books (and everything written by LJ Smith) when I was a teen. It’s crazy to me that these are now being republished and turned into a TV show all these years later, but I’m all for it!

  • Sel

    I’ll totally watch it because I love the books, but to the people saying ‘ew, this is so Twilight’…it’s not. Promise. Unless they changed the entire show to fit the whole new Twilight Craze.

    Smith’s Vampire Diaries series and the Night World Series (still hands down one of my favorites ever) are quality writing and entertaining to boot.

    I’m so with the other LJ readers here. Huzzah, even if it sucks. LOL

  • Kiara

    I totally agree about CW shows being a guilty pleasure!!! And I thought it was just me… :)

    Oh and as for them being “too old” to play high school students, what do you expect? Almost every actor on a teen show is mid 20’s-early 30’s!!!

  • LOVED the books growing up. They better not screw them up!

  • Brik

    Ian Somerhalder should have been Edward. He is the hottest Vamp out there!

  • Ally

    I just can’t get passed how much older the lead men are than the female. I get that vampires don’t age, but they have an age when they are turned. As much as I love Ian (and everyone from LOST for that matter), he is way too old for this part.