Sharon Stone Does ‘Paris Match’ Magazine


Sharon Stone wants the world to know that she is 51 and fabulous … and not ashamed to show off her still-perky boobs on the very NSFW cover of the new issue of the French magazine Paris Match. Here is Sharon showin’ her stuff on PM with a couple of censor stars to keep it clean:

Sharon Stone has posed topless at 51, and she’s proud to flaunt it. The actress/humanitarian graces the cover of Paris Match in a high-waisted bondage corset, black underwear, stilettos, arms over her head and topless, as seen below. There are also several shots inside.

It’s hard not to see these pics at a bit of a desperate ploy to say, Look at me! I’m not old! … but you gotta hand it to the lady, she’s got gumption. I suppose she prolly feels that at her age, what does she got to lose by giving it all away on the cover of a French magazine. If you are so inclined (and able), you can read her Paris Match coverstory interview HERE in French. After the jump, check out the NSFW uncensored version of this coverphoto along with a couple other photos from inside the mag — she’s even wearing clothing in one of them …

Photoshop is your friend … but you gotta admit, her boobs do look nice, right? I hope Sharon is able to get whatever it is she’s trying to get out of these topless photos … validation, attention, a young stud. I say, You go, girl! You got it? Flaunt it!! What do y’all think … do you like?

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  • Brittany

    Holy shit! I hope to goodness that I look like that at 51!! Damn shes still got it!

  • Gigi

    Please i mean if she is desperate Madonna who is the same age is pathetic. I think Sharon looks great, and her face looks naturally graceful, unlike Madge’s hideous Sideshow Sally look.

  • Ciz

    Wow .. I hope that at 51, i look as hot….so does my husband no doubt

  • roxster

    she looks great, even if the two topless ones are really awkward poses from the waste down.

  • Jenn

    i wonder if her kids are enjoying the photos as well? classy lady.

  • nae


  • richard s

    She is big in France. They really love her beauty.

  • renee9605

    I’m not sure it’s accurate to say she’s “still got it,” since nothing on her body is authentic. Her boobs are not real and she’s had a lot of work done, so I’m not sure it’s much of an accomplishment to make an appointment at the plastic surgeon’s office. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think she looks pretty damned good, but let’s not gush over how well she’s “aged.”

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  • PixiesBassline

    Why’s she standing like *that* ??? It somehow reminds me of a Granddaddy longlegs spider… And it just looks… STRANGE.

  • MiniMe88

    I read the interview. Very good, very interesting, she seems to be very nice and intelligent! She has a nice view of life even though she lied a little in the interview! lol
    The pose is weird though…

  • Heather

    I don’t wanna insult the cover, but her boobs look fake. Why are they so circular?

  • B

    She does look great at 51…..really great and photoshopped. Seriously, if we learned nothing from the Dove Real Beauty campaign, it should be not to trust a large portion of what we see in magazines. It is why we see pictures of someone like Lindsay Lohan and she looks “terrific” and then we see a non-photoshopped picture and she looks like something completely different and pretty damn ugly.

  • Wow she does look pretty damn good at 51 than again
    doesn’t everyone in Hollywood!

  • J

    She’s is what madonna is not! Thats all i gotta say.

    Whether it’s Photoshopped, which it clearly is. And a heck of a lot of make up and plastic surgery, she still has it. A figure like that can’t just be made with lipo or plastic surgery. She is naturally slim. But definitely BETTER for her age.

  • Looking good. Madonna should hire THIS photoshopper lol.


    I still think Sharon looks good even in interviews and regular candids, you know?

  • M3

    @pixiesbassline: I thought the same thing about her legs. WTF! She looks so akward.

  • Miss Nimbus

    I have never understood her attraction, I find her mediocre looking at best (granted great bod at that age, but my cynical side screams SURGERY) and she always comes across soooo ‘I’m so hot’… yuk

  • JC

    I think she looks great! I hope I can look like that at 51!! Go Sharon, Go Sharon, Go Sharon!!!

  • renee9605

    @Heather: because they are implants.

  • Sevie

    Gotta love us french people!! No shame!!

  • KellyK

    Whether it is surgery or not, she looks good. And if she has had work done, which I suspect she has, then she certainly did it right! It looks natural and not overdone at all. I think she’s sexy as hell. As far as the pose goes…it just looks like a high fashion model pose. That’s all.

  • kate

    1. Implants.
    2. Photoshop.
    3. Ridiculous.