Victoria Beckham Confirmed To Guest Judge ‘American Idol’


In the wake of the shocking and, IMHO, idiotic news that Paula Abdul will NOT be returning to American Idol next season (due to contract disputes, etc.), it has been confirmed that the least talented, vocally worst ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham will be stepping in to guest judge the show sometime next season. Clearly, when judging a extravagant karaoke contest, actual talent isn’t necessarily a necessity:

As the dust settles on the shocking departure of Paula Abdul, 47, from next season’s American Idol, now comes confirmation from Victoria Beckham’s publicist that the former Posh Spice, 35, will make a “one-off appearance” as a guest judge on the top-rated FOX show, according to Britain’s Sky News. Just don’t expect Beckham to take up a permanent perch next to judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi — as she reportedly doesn’t wish to take time away from overseeing her fashion line.

I can see it now, a stream of guest judges filling Paula’s chair all season long. Again, in all honesty, the show has been mostly unappealing to me for years … none of this helps. No offense to VB but she really is the least talented Spice Girl. During their reunion tour last year, each of the Spices sang a solo song to showcase their voices … Vicki B. decided NOT to sing a solo and instead strutted up and down the cat walk to Madonna’s Vogue. To be fair, that truly is her forté. I would hope that more talented singers might be enlisted to fill in on the show in Paula’s absence but, then again, Paula wasn’t the best of singers either. Paula was an amazing asset on the show, a completely irreplaceable one. What a mess.


  • KellyK

    I don’t think I’ll be watching this year. I struggled with it last year, I’m not a fan of Kara’s. And now without Paula, it would be twice as hard to watch…

  • Bleeding Ears

    The only way I’d watch this show is if these guys were the judges:

  • jo

    In Vicky’s defense, you don’t have to be an amazing singer to be able to successfully judge a singing competition. I actually think she’s the perfect person to fill Paula’s shoes, as Paula is also a poor singer but an amazing talent and performer. They’re actually quite similar in that regard, except Vicky can presumably speak coherently…haha. Either way, I’ll miss crazy ol Paula – it won’t be the same without the ridiculous back and forth banter between her and Cowell.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    KellyK, last season was by far the most exciting and entertaining season of idol history. if you had problems watching that then you definitely don’t want to waste your time watching anymore seasons.
    i’m so glad the doper’s gone, she was a joke.

  • Lauri

    too much British-accent! hah. I agree with Jo though, you don’t have to be talented to know what talented is (in a vocal aspect.)

    I don’t watch, but should be interesting to hear about the slew of wannabe Paulas. Love her or hate her, she’s definitely a staple of the show, I really wonder how well it will be without her.

  • Bleeding Ears
  • lyndyloo

    she’s only doing 2 shows, everyone needs to calm the fuck down, as for the too much british accent thing, well this British girl thinks that you can never have too much british accents.
    Paula will be back I’m sure, the same thing happened on x factor when Louie left the show then was reinstated halfwaqy through the series, it’s a well know publicity stunt.

  • nicole

    it seems like celeb guest judges are the way to go this year…first ANTM and now AI.

  • Jerika

    I never saw season one, and I haven’t watched American Idol since season four. Thank god. I’m still surprised people audition for it; I think obviously, Kelly and Carrie are going to be the most popular idols to come out of there.

  • Lilliah

    Too many british accents is right..

  • Lauri


    Didn’t say British accents are bad =D

    Just ironic considering it’s American Idol….

  • jj

    It doesn’t take talent to recognize talent. We, the viewers at home, can’t all sing but we still voted for brilliang singers like Kelly and Carrie.

  • Lana

    I hardly ever watch Idol, but I definitely have no desire to watch now that Paula is gone.

  • I love to hear british accent it thinks its cool!! There have been alot of talented people come from American Idol that is why people audition for the show!
    I will miss Paula on the show she was entertaining, most times she seemed so doped up her behavior was

  • ohmy

    Should we really leave the American Idol judging in the hands of someone who’s girl group was a one hit wonder?! I’m glad to see Paula go, but seriously… what has Beckham contributed to the music industry other than a handful of really obnoxious songs?!

  • lyndyloo

    obnoxious song???????????????? wtf does that even mean? some people are so stupid.
    I give up.



  • R

    Eh, Not a fan of Victoria.

  • Erin don’t know what someone means by obnoxious songs, lyndyloo?

  • Nat

    will david beckham make a cameo? hehehe