Ryan Gosling Is Damn Hawt


How’s about we enjoy a little pick-me-up right about now … here are new photos of Hottie McHAWTNESS Ryan Gosling chilin’ with some friends outside The Silverlake Conservatory of Music here in SoCal yesterday afternoon lookin’ about as hawt as ever:

My word the boy is hot … it’s no wonder that he gets attacked by random fans on any given night when he’s out and about in public. I think I would have a hard time controlling myself if I ever came face to face with Ryan Gosling in person. Dirty, sweaty and noncommittal? Yes, please! I might even have to bust out a Le Sigh right about now. These photos of Ryan have really got me askin’ … Jake who?

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

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  1. jj

    Ryan looks great with a 5-O’clock shadow. He’s so hot! Gone are the days of geeky/skinny Ryan from Breaker High.

  2. Jadedkitten

    Sexy can i? unf unf unf

  3. Tanya

    Is that a tattoo of Shel Silverstein’s ‘The Giving Tree?’ How cool! That ups his hotness in my book! :)

  4. What is that tatoo on his arm? It kinda looks like MTV logo haahahaahahahaha!! I am just saying tho I would like to know what it is!

  5. Jadedkitten

    @ Tanya yeah it is.

  6. SuziLee

    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my desk!! He’s soooo damn hot!! THANK YOU Trent for posting this pic – you have made my suck a$$ day a little more bearable!!

  7. Jaks


  8. M_Deezy

    haha i was just watching him last night in murder by numbers.. still soo cute! le sigh! he is just too damn sexy… i also have to wipe away the drool..

  9. DC

    soooo hot!!!

  10. Marco

    He is YUMMY!!!

  11. Sue

    I was gonna ask the same tattoo question – does anyone know for sure? (it *does* look like the giving tree art). He’s such a total hottie – I’m still holding out hope he and Rachel McAdams will reconcile. I loved them together…

  12. Karmapolice

    OMG! He has “The Giving Tree’ as a tattoo….loves it.

  13. Tanya

    Me too Sue, me too. Le *sigh*.
    Thanks to Jadedkitten and Trent for confirming my hunch!

  14. Annabelle

    Love him! I totally agree with you too Sue! More pictures of Ryan please!

  15. Nikki

    His tattoo is ‘The Giving Tree?’ How cool!! I have Shel’s ‘The Missing Piece’ on my hip! ….I think it’s fate hehe.

  16. Jay

    i LOVE the new tattoo. I was such a fan of shel silverstein growing up. Gosh, he is just too hot. A bike and tattoo, yummy haha. any idea what the quote is underneath though?

  17. I love his Shel tat, too. :) Gives me ideas about my next tattoo.


  18. ju-ju bean

    I just SQUEEEE’D when I figured out what that tattoo was and I was going to run here and tell you all….alas, I am late. But oh my sweet baby jebus. The Giving Tree is my favourite book of all time. Why do you do these things to me Ryan? Why?

  19. joanna

    GAWD, he looks like he can tear up some sheets in the bed department! Damn, yes please!!

  20. Jennifer

    HOT DAMN! That boy just keeps gettin’ finer

  21. emjay

    ya he is hot but he needs to grow some hair cause that boy has a funny shaped head

  22. K


  23. ash

    i was looking for a ‘Like’ button to click on when i saw these.
    aww pics of ryan always makes my day… thanks trent! Can’t wait till Oct 6 when dead man’s bones’ first album comes out.

  24. Miss Nimbus

    Damn Trent you have the finest taste in men…… mmmmmmmmm

  25. Eddie

    OMG. Ryan is REALLY DAMN hawt! Who would it be: Ryan or Jake? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    I WANT BOTH ;)

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