Jobless Paula Abdul Makes Her Way To NYC


The newly jobless Paula Abdul made her way to the Big Apple yesterday to get away from the drama that exploded here in Hollywood this week when she announced on her official Twitter profile that she is leaving American Idol. With news today that Victoria Beckham has signed on to guest judge the show in her place next season, you might think that Paula would be sweatin’ bullets … desperate to find new work. BUT, a report from TMZ cites inside sources close to the AI drama that reveal that Paula Abdul may yet return to the judge’s table next season after all:

The door isn’t completely slammed on Paula Abdul … Multiple “American Idol” insiders are telling TMZ there is a chance Paula will come back to the show. Reality — better than a good chance. We’re told the conflict is ultimately all about money … and buzz leading up to season 9. But for now, “A.I.” is full speed ahead — auditions for the show are set for tomorrow … without Abdul.

Reports going around yesterday claimed that Paula turned down as much as $8 million to return to the show … in my opinion, if the matter really has come down to a final monetary figure, then she prolly will cave and come back to the show. All of this drama over whether or not Paula will come back to American Idol has really given the show a lot of press leading up to the start of season 9 auditions tomorrow. I would bet good money that the opposing sides will come to an agreement and put this whole matter to rest. Despite her refusal to return to the show this week, I still don’t believe she won’t leave the show for good.

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source]

  • Marco

    So Ryan gets pay 45 million for a 3 year contract, so Paula gets 8 million for how long? A year, 3 yeah contract or what? Cuz I can see why she feels under paid and under appreciated, I would too!

  • Well I for one will not miss her incoherant babble or her completely usless comments. She never gives advice or critiques that are beneficial to anybody.

  • Dawn

    Must admit– she looks damn cute. She should dress normally more often. lol

  • Alex

    Hey Trent, have you heard any of the news that claim that all of this is a publicity stunt and that Paula IS in fact still working on AI?

    I read on another blog (don’t remember which one but I think it was one of those you often link on Les News) that some people had already seen her working as a judge on season 9, but they’re all keeping it as a secret because they want to create hype for the show… they quoted Ryan and Randy saying stuff like “it LOOKS like she’s not coming back for this season” and stuff like that, like they’re not exactly confirming the news.

  • awesome!

    she really looks great here and super skinny! wish she dressed like this more often in public!