Jennifer Aniston Does ‘Elle’ Magazine


Jennifer Aniston is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Elle magazine … and while the coverstory interview has not been released online just yet, Elle is already teasing the issue by releasing Jen’s coverphoto, a few excerpts from her interview and a very revealing photo:

Jennifer Aniston — The resilient actress on humor, honesty, and her other ambition

On being labeled a “lonely girl”: “I’m not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room. It’s fine. I can take it. If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.”

On helping others unlucky in love: “I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward.”

On using humor to get through tough situations: “I remember being 7 and asking my mom if I was as pretty as [my best friend] Monique. And with all the love in the world, my mom looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re so funny.’ So, she doesn’t lie to me… She answers the question by not answering and instead tells me what she thinks is my greatest strength.”

Firstly, kudos to Jen for finally realizing and accepting her lot in life … she will forever be the terribly wealthy pretty girl who is destined to remain single for all time immemorial. Secondly, wow her mom was a beyotch! Even if your mama doesn’t think you’re as pretty as other kids, the least they could do is lie (tho, I’m of the mind that good moms could never see another child more beautiful than their own). I wonder what other nuggets of info Jennifer will be revealing in this issue of Elle magazine. And speaking of revealing, after the jump check out one of Jen’s Elle photos that is — you guessed it — a bit revealing

Why that’s a nice side-boob you’ve got there Ms. Aniston. Single or not, Jennifer Aniston is still a major babe. It’s entirely possible that she might find true love one day but, then again, she has that destiny mentioned above to fulfill. It’s kinda hard to feel too bad for the chick, tho. Wealth, fame and beauty are pretty nice consolation prizes methinks.


  • Reggie21

    Love her! And that is a mighty fine side-boob.

  • J to tha Da

    I always find it funny how Jen is “destined to be lonely” but no one ever says anything of the sort about the bus loads of other celebs in her age range who are single.

    • @J to tha Da — It’s like her lot in life. Again, I can’t feel sorry for her.

  • MiKiE


  • kate



    Team Aniston! I think she’s extremely gorgeous still. Kudos! <3 Oh, and my mom is the type of mom who thinks all of her kids and grand kids are beautiful as well more than anyone else’s. Most moms are like that though.

  • la princesa

    Trent, I actually think that was an excellent answer to a 7 year old’s question. Especially a girl. Girls need to know they can be something OTHER THAN pretty! I’m sure her mom told her she’s beautiful/cute/pretty/adorable on more than enough every day occasions, but to say “you’re prettiER than your best friend”? Is that necessary?

  • jj

    I don’t get the whole “pathetic/lonely girl” thing though. I mean, Jennifer has a pretty good life. She’s been with some of the hottest men in the world. How is that pathetic? I’m guessing she’s just getting her playa on!

    She’s such a class act. I like the fact that she plays along instead of resenting the fact that people view her a certain way. This woman understands that things like that is part of fame.

  • anhimals

    Its funny how they label George Clooney a forever bachelor, but then goes and label a female, who is happily single, a lonely/pathetic girl. Sexist much? It is okay for George to want to not get married but its not okay for Jennifer to date guys then break up because they are not compatible. Thats just baloney! Give her some breathing room and let her live her life already!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • roxster

    @ J: So true!!

    @Trent: What do you mean finally accepting her lot in life? I can’t recall (and may be completely wrong) her ever protesting against the sad, lonely single girl image people have projected on her, but if she has then so what? Who wouldn’t? it sounds depressing when you sum up her life that way. I read her quote more as a dismissal of that label anyway and not her really embracing it anyway. I feel bad that after everything shes done in her career, and the person she probably is in her private life, all people think is “poor Jennifer, will she ever find love”

  • Frisa

    She is super hot and I love her but it makes you wonder why can’t she settle down and have a family. You know she wants one…she’s stated it many times. Maybe she should look outside the “hollywood pond” and find an average Joe who will love her and only her!

  • Kendra

    @anhimals – Well said!! So true!

    I think out of every woman in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston has THE BEST BODY! She looks amazing and has such great classic laid back style..Love her!

  • nicole

    love this girl!

  • Krissy

    anhimals said: “Its funny how they label George Clooney a forever bachelor, but then goes and label a female, who is happily single, a lonely/pathetic girl. Sexist much?”

    WELL SAID!! That is so true. I think people obsess over her love life too much. She seems like a very content, grounded person who is very happy with the blessings in her life. It is sad how the media just can’t let go of her divorce. I think men are a part of it, but I think the majority of the people who throw out the sexist attitude are women themselves. It is like Jen became less of a person, and Angie became the female alpha dog simply because of Brad. I don’t think Brad ever “made” Jennifer who she was then, and I don’t think he makes her who she is now.

  • Buckley

    what anhimals said!

  • Buckley

    Trent you are such a class act, but this quote:
    “Firstly, kudos to Jen for finally realizing and accepting her lot in life”
    coming from you is a bit disappointing.

  • Janice

    I think this woman is gorgeous, but that cover looks awkward…like someone messed with the position of her head in Photoshop or something. Cheers to being single. =D

  • Gabi

    “tho, I’m of the mind that good moms could never see another child more beautiful than their own”

    That’s pretty sad and pathetic. I see more than external beauty in my children. I think my 7 yr old daughter is extremely intelligent and we make sure to focus on THAT aspect of her. She is pretty, but she’s definitely no beauty queen. That’s okay though, I don’t teach her to primp and strut. Which is exactly how I see other 7 yr olds doing. They get that from home, where the parents focus on their external beauty, sickens me.

  • kellye

    She’s gorgeous. I think her love is out there. I have to hope that because it gives me hope that mine is too.

  • Lydon

    And yet again, she’s the only one who keeps bringing up that damn pink elephant. Does she plan to drag this out for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER PRESS TOURS?! It’s been four effing years.

    C’mon Jen, I like you, but enough is enough.

  • J

    She is just amazing hot. She has the natural beauty image. Coo, relaxed & chilled. Someone like her clearly don’t need a partner. Would be nice to see her settled & possibly have a kid. But its hard, especially for someone as high profile as Jen to be able to do that with your image, the public and if someone is using you or not.

    Either way she will always have that looks & sexy bod!

    Brad was such a fool to cheat on her!

  • Liam

    She is such a desperate/pathetic coot.

  • Maria

    Love her! I do think she would be a great mommy someday!

  • Kat

    Ugh, seriously, this is the only girly mag I get and they put her on the cover? Whyyyyy. There’s nothing about her that I haven’t heard, lets move on. And c’mon, natural beauty image? Lets not pretend that there isn’t a whole team behind that hair alone.

  • hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

    i think she wants to be considered as the lonely girl, her movies are all about the samething , being single ,trying to have a relationship….and in her interviews ,giving herself that image…

  • nae

    i think she’s gorgeous & i love her. let her live her life as she is. who are we to judge?

  • jazzyjess

    I love her… I dont think she is sad and lonely thats stupid…

  • greer

    yawn alright!!!!boringgggg…. @ gabi whats wrong with telling your kid they are the most beautiful thing in the world to you? and to a question like that saying that but im sure said best friend is the most beautiful to her parents…mores the point i think it shows jennifers lameness even at that age! personally my daughter is too busy loving being her to worry about what she looks like in relation to her friends thank god

  • Buckley

    @ It’s Trent, Bitch

    lol..a class act with a sense of humor. Well done Sir.

  • Vintage

    She’s gorgeous. I can’t get enough of her. She seems really sweet and nice.