Jason Wahler Busted!


Former Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County reality TV star Jason Wahler (who famously dated Lauren LC Conrad for a while during her stint on The Hills) was arrested over the weekend for the 5th time. As you may recall, back in 2007, Wahler was arrested 4 times for crimes as varied as trespassing, assault, hate crimes, drunkenness and more … and this weekend he added assault with a deadly shoe to his list of crimes and misdemeanors. According to police, a very drunk Jason Wahler had to be arrested after he took off his shoes and started hurtling them at people. He got busted, y’all:

Former “Laguna Beach” star Jason Wahler got beach-slapped by the law Friday night — after Laguna Beach cops say he got drunk and threw his shoes at people … seriously. According to law enforcement sources, Wahler got into a scuffle with a bouncer at the Ocean Avenue Brewery and eventually got himself ejected. Somehow Wahler made his way back inside, cops said, and the bouncers had to toss him out again. But here’s the best part — witnesses say a frustrated Wahler then removed his shoes and fired them into the bar — and when security came out to remove him permanently, Jason allegedly threw a punch. Cops soon arrived on scene and arrested the reality reject for battery and public intoxication. Wahler still had 11 days left on his probation stemming from a drunken, racist, homophobic, violent tirade back in 2007– which means he’s gonna get in even more trouble if convicted.

Yikes, what a sad shell of a person this young man has become. After all the trubs he got into back in 2007, you might imagine that had learned his lesson. In fact, he’s kept his nose out of trouble for almost 2 years now … but clearly, if this police report is to be believed, Wahler’s problems with alcohol are still intact. Perhaps forcing the lad into a rehabilitation program will do him some good, mebbe save his life? I sincerely hope Jason Wahler cleans up his act before he totally ruins what’s left of his life.


  • Jamie

    Who throws a shoe?

  • Alyssa

    haha I wondered the same thing, Jamie

  • LOVE G


  • Todd

    LMAO too. Pathetic. It was here in seattle when he last got arrested and I laughed then too. The rehab stay on the hills must have been scripted also. LOL LC you are so better off, I never even thought he was hot.

  • Heather

    I *really* wish they would give J Wahl his own show! Seriously, what a trainwreck!

  • Grayson

    Wow, that is sad. I remember when he got arrested here when I was at ECU. He needs to get some help. They are defintely going to hit him harder now that he didn’t even finish out his probation before he got into more trouble.

  • Tracy

    He’s an idiot. End of story.

  • SuziLee

    LMAO @Heather I’m soooo with you! That’s a show I’d def watch!!!
    Or get JWahl onto Celebrity Rehab – stat!!

  • DJWhoop

    you know, when this shit happens to regular joe’s, they actually go to jail.

  • Fedsgothim

    LOL I wonder if they put him in the SHU (pronounced: shoe) at the jail?

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  • DairyQueen

    Lock this Worthless Reality Wannabe Actor Dirtbag up. He obviously does not care about the law or anyone but himself.

  • ashley

    i thought he become clean…

  • Yosa

    “Jason Whaler, you are not a baller.”

  • Joanne

    “what a sad shell of a person this young man has become” … he always was. He was trouble from day one on that show … I never understood why the girls were crying over him – he had zero respect for them.

  • An ape titt for 400

    I wanna go drinkin with this mofo! sheeeeeeeit! the rest of you hate the law too and you know it!

  • ANthony

    what does this idiot do for a living? Does he even have a job? What a worthless parasite. I hope someone snipers his ass.

  • rossy

    At least he wasn’t wearing steel-toed work boots… or throw a telephone. And friends wonder why I don’t drink when I meet up with them in a pub.

    Now they’ll get it!