Hilary Duff Films Her First Scenes For ‘Gossip Girl’


In early July we learned that former popstar and sometimes actress Hilary Duff would be joining the cast of Gossip Girl in the show’s 3rd season this Fall and yesterday was her first day on the job. Here are a few pics of Hil D. with her new GG cohorts Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Blake Lively on her first day of filming on the NYC set of the show:

Clearly, Hilary is trying to get more acting gigs under her belt … she’s been in a couple of movies recently and did a guest stint on Law & Order: SVU earlier this year. This new gig on stint on Gossip Girl could be just the right vehicle to get her back on the acting map. Long gone are her days on Lizzie Maguire, so she’s got some work to do to get back in the public consciousness as an actress. While her attempt to get her own show on NBC, titled Barely Legal, didn’t get picked up by the network at least she can take heart that the folks at GG took pity saw that she would be a great asset to the show. I mean … she’s already decked out in a hipster straw hat … she’s well on her way. Do any of y’all think Hil will blend seamlessly in with the rest of the cast or will she stick out like a big “guest star” sore thumb?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • anna

    I for one think this is a good match for her. She is youthful and beautiful and honestly her stint on SVU was really well acted (in my opinion) and she looks like she would mesh really well with the rest of the cast. I just want them to make Georgina a regular characgter.

  • Bitchtastic

    I think she’ll do alright. Her acting style is a bit ‘campy kid TV show’ still, but I’m sure she’ll adapt to her surroundings well enough in a bit of time.

  • I still think none of the Disney kids can actually act, they just play themselves and are so unnatural and affected it doesn’t work. Hillary, Miley, Shia, Selena…all the same weird and unnatural acting.

    Lohan was the only one who could act, but she doesn’t have her life together enough to get work.

    I hope this gig is short lived the Gossip Girl cast is largely very talented

  • What will her character be? Anyone knows?


  • anna

    She is playing someones roomate at NYU

  • Tracy

    I think Hilary and gorgeous and classy. I’m happy for her.

  • Tracy

    *Hilary is gorgeous and classy. my bad.

  • Leah

    sore thumb

  • Ashlee

    I don’t watch Gossip Girl but I think Hilary is looking very healthy these days, no stick arms and protruding collar bones. I think she’s a good role model for younger girls.

  • jane

    actually barely legal was never official just an idea she still has her NBC deal so you can stop saying that

  • jane

    it wasn’t actually decided it was one of the ideas they pitched to her but HILARY passed not hating on you buddy but you make it seem like her show wasn’t picked up when it wasn’t official to begin with she said recently they’re still deciding that’s all I meant

  • dave

    cos she’s a shit singer!