Madonna & Jesus Luz Get Coupley In St. Petersburg, Russia


A few weeks ago a report came out that insisted that Madonna and her 22 year old toyboy Jesus Luz were putting the breaks on their romance because there was simply no time for the pair to spend as much time together since Maddy adopted her 4th child and Jesus’s modeling career was taking off. Then about a week later, Madonna & Child were spotted in close company enjoying the sights of Madrid, Spain together. Today we get to see MORE photos of the couple together, this time hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm, strolling the streets of St. Petersburgh, Russia lookin’ every bit a real couple in lurve:

This is the most amount of public affection that Madonna & Child have ever shown together. I suspect they weren’t aware that these quietly intimate moments were being photographed … which is prolly how we can now be sure that they are still very much together. I can’t say I blame Maddy for wanting to keep hold of her young buck but I honestly believed she was far too bizzy taking care of her newly expanded family to be playing around with another child. HMMM. After the jump, check out video of Madge and Jesus in St. Petersburg this weekend — they do look kinda cute together …

As you can see, she never lets go of his arm … like, she is the one relying on him. Madonna may be the Queen of Pop but even a queen needs a companion. I still don’t know that Jesus Luz is the kind of guy to be that full-time companion but, at least for now, he seems to fit the bill.

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  • sweeeet

    Sad that they can’t get away from cameras ever (as I click to watch the posting) but, WOW, lovely to see St Petersburg again. Such a romantic city.

  • robin

    at least her arms are covered.

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  • Debho

    I’m sorry, but I find this coupling odd. What on earth do they have in common? What do they talk about? She is older than me and I have children older than him. Nuff said.

  • Luis

    Response to Debho: The answer to your questions Debho is, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! It doesnt concern you idiot! Worry about your own family, talk with YOUR family, build a relationship with YOUR family, then you’ll get a life and there would be no need to ask stupid questions regarding people you dont know

  • Debho

    rofl @ Luis.Angry much? Um, I have a great relationship with my family. You know nothing about me. And I’m fairly certain I can ask any old question I want to. The fact is there is a huge age gap between this couple and it does make me wonder what they have in common. Most couples can do the “remember when?” thing because they’re from the same generation. I expect she has to fill in a lot of gaps for him.
    I have a life…a very good one. YOU have a great day. Sounds like you need a little TLC in your own. And I’ll disregard the “idiot” comment.

  • Hannah

    Haha, someone coming to a gossip blog is telling people to mind their own business. Something there doesn’t jive.

  • Annika

    I hate how this is labeled “Madonna & child.”

    I’m pretty sure Jesus in an adult and so is Madonna and if they want to date, are in love, and are happy, then what right do we have to tell them what to do? Women always get criticized for doing what men have done for centuries. I think it’s pretty hypocritical.

  • meh

    he doesn’t seem as into her as she is to him…