Freida Pinto & Dev Patel Go Public With Their Lurve


Back in April, Dev Patel’s mother spilled the beans that her son was involved in a real-life romance with his Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto after a photo of the couple lookin’ all lovey-dovey was snapped while the pair were on holiday. This weekend, Freida and Dev finally went public with their “secret affair” at a screening event of Slumdog in London, England. Clearly the couple cannot hide their lurve for one another any longer … as is plainly obvs from these new photos of the couple this weekend:

They’ve been coy about their burgeoning romance until now – but Dev Patel and Freida Pinto had no qualms about cosying up together at London’s Somerset House over the weekend. The Slumdog Millionaire stars – who, in a case of life imitating art, reportedly fell in love during filming – appeared together at an outdoor screening of the Oscar-winning hit on Friday night. And even though there was no red carpet in sight, the young actors didn’t skimp on the style stakes. Former model Freida, 25, looked flawless in a chic LBD and strappy sandals, while 19-year-old Dev rocked the mod look in a sharp black Dolce and Gabbana grey blazer, jeans and white shirt. Only a plaster on his forehead – reportedly courtesy of him hitting his bedroom cabinet while climbing out of bed – evoked his hapless Skins alter-ego, Anwar. Rumours surrounding the pair – who last week tried to give paparazzi the slip following a romantic dinner in New York – have swirled since they were catapulted to fame at the beginning of this year. At first, they insisted they were ‘just good friends’ , with Dev claiming: ‘There’s no romance. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve always been focused on acting. But for now I’m having the time of my life.’ … Mumbai-born Freida – who has nabbed a slew of high-profile magazine covers including Maxim, Cosmo and Vogue since Slumdog’s Oscar glory – is due to appear in Woody Allen’s latest opus, which is scheduled to begin filming in London this summer. Dev, meanwhile, has recently been in Philadelphia filming The Last Airbender, and is also rumoured to be playing a lead role in a Hindi remake of Nadodigal.

Seriously, this has to have been the worst-kept secret romance in history … but they make a damn cute couple, nonetheless. It’s such a horrible Hollywood cliché for actors to fall in love while making a movie but something about these two hooking-up is really cute. They look good together … and I highly doubt Dev hit his head on a “cabinet” as he claims. You wanna bet it was the headboard? HMMM??? Whatever the case may be, I love Freida and Dev together … here’s hoping going public won’t turn out to be the jinx that breaks them up.

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  • kristina

    super cute

  • Ashika

    “… and I highly doubt Dev hit his head on a “cabinet” as he claims. You wanna bet it was the headboard?” HAHA! I LOVE it!

  • roxster

    I wouldn’t say these pics are them going public with their romance, we see lots of co-stars hold onto each other like that at premieres. I think they are def together though..I just don’t see how this is finally “going public” unless they also said so.

  • VV

    Lucky guy. She’s gorgeous!

  • Apples v 2

    VV@ Lucky girl, HE’S smokin’.

  • susan0676

    He’s smoking alright, smoking UGLY! Yuck! Hopefully he will grow out of his “awkward” features. Heck, if he didn’t want to be near Frieda, all he would have to do is flap his Dumbo ears and off he’d go.

    She, on the other hand, is gorgeous, like VV said. IF he wasn’t an actor, I’d say she’s definitely out of his league! Lucky guy indeed.

  • nwrh

    Yah I agree with Roxster.

  • tatiana

    haha headboard…. that was funny.

  • meh

    aw they are too cute!

  • trina

    i agree with roxster too. this isn’t going public with anything. but cute pics regardless.