Who Wants To See Joe DiMaggio’s P33N?


Um … ok … so there’s a new art exhibit on display in a San Francisco, CA gallery called Modernism that is titled Hunted and Gathered (July 9 – August 29) which features “anonymous photos” from the private collection of curator Robert Flynn Johnson. Among the photographs on display in this exhibit is a photo of baseball great (who was briefly married to the iconic Marilyn Monroe) Joe DiMaggio in all his glory … or lack thereof. That’s right folks, you can make your way to the Modernism gallery and feast your eyes on a photo of Joltin’ Joe and his private biz … or you can just click below and see it for yourselves right here:

Oh, the creepy media are at it again, opening yet another pop superstar’s private life to public inspection. This time the person exposed is San Francisco’s greatest baseball player. No, not The Freak. And not Barry Bonds, nor Willie Mays. It’s Joe DiMaggio. But it turns out the exposure is in the name of art, not titillation and trashification. A full-frontal nude photograph of Joltin’ Joe hangs in the gallery Modernism (685 Market St., Suite 290, through Aug. 29). The exhibit is “Hunted and Gathered,” anonymous photos from the collection of Robert Flynn Johnson, curator emeritus of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The photo shows DiMaggio in a postgame shower, wearing a happy grin. It’s early in Joe’s career, circa 1940. From the neck down it is Michelangelo’s statue of David. Neck up, it’s Huck Finn with a goofy smile. Asked how he obtained the photo, Johnson joked, “I have friends in low places.” DiMag would be appalled. He was a private and guarded fellow with a carefully cultivated image of cool sophistication, a hermit prince. This photo is fascinating because it is Joe’s alter ego. “Celebrities have a mask,” Johnson said, “and when you pull out a camera, they put on the mask. Here you see Joe as a kid, with a slightly goofy grin. As he gets older he takes on a more severe, distinguished look. (The photo) is a kid, showing joy, and his guard’s down.” Added Johnson, “It’s a Rorschach test for people’s perceptions. Some will only see a Joe DiMaggio, see only frontal nudity. To others, you or I, this is an athlete in his prime, showing happiness, and it’s as simple as that. … I don’t find it titillating at all, it’s a marvelous photo.” A photo of DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe on the verge of a kiss sold for $2,250. The nude Joe is not for sale. “It’s too interesting a photo,” Johnson says.

Nor do I find this photo “titillating” … but, I must agree, it’s “too interesting a photo” not to want to share. If any of y’all are interested in checking out the full-size, uncensored NSFW image then check it out after the jump …

I’m gonna just assume that the shower that Joltin’ Joe is enjoying here is a very cold one. The mind boggles at just how many of these nekkid pics exist of celebs from waaaaay back in the day. Perhaps we’ll be privy to those photos in future art exhibits like this one? We can only hope. So … about Joe here … thoughts, musings, comments?

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  • ashley

    He needs a waking asap.

  • Dear lord. This is the first photo I see for my little “blog break.” Haha

  • Um… Floppy penis is never fun to look at. Even when it’s that of an American legend. This is kind of like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real.

  • Tasha

    Wow. This was er..unexpected. Saw the posting on Twitter, why couldn’t I resist clicking on the link? I’m guessing he was more of a grower than a shower (no pun intended)

  • angie

    Wow…and this was before the steroid era. Thank goodness I didn’t eat yet. I’ve just my appetite.

  • ashka98

    Maybe it’s really not that bad… The pubes are long enuff to braid… or not.

  • The only thing I can say is that’s sooooo GROSS !!! I would have like to have been the person whom purchased the photo of him and Maryin that would be very cool, this photo however they can keep with the star over top over his little birdie that star really makes the photo so much better.

  • Ember

    Oh, big deal. It’s a naked man, No, it’s not the most glorious example of manhood that has ever existed, but it’s also not “gross.” I think it’s kind of sad that the human body can be seen as something so shameful and awful. We are so used to Hollywood standards of beauty that when presented with an actual person, we recoil.

  • jamie-o

    well-muscled man, hanging out naked with other men in the shower. yummy.

  • jazzyjess

    Im with ya Ember…

    yea he could trim that hair but he doesnt have to hell… our bodies are all very different and we should be able to appreciate that

  • Jessica

    eh…. i’ve seen bigger and better. nuffin to write home about

  • Maria

    Thank God he was a great American slugger! Because….Well the what we was lacking in sizes he had that and more as a ball player…Sorry…lol!

    • archipman

      That little penis was married to the sexiest women to walk the earth. And trust me, that cold shower with cameras, etc don’t make a man all warm and fuzzy.. funny girl…

  • yousarocker

    At the end of the day, he’s just a “man”. A dead one at that! Let him be. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, and neither is Joe D. (although Marylin loved him!) Let it go.

  • JessicaGiovanna

    @ Ember, I agree; although what is gross is the rats nest he has down there; nothing wrong w/ grooming to avoid being stinky.

  • Voodoo

    is that 1 testicle O___o

    wat happened to the other one =O

  • Michelle

    Clearly you can see why Marilyn loved him… because while it’s not exactly “hanging” it does look like it “hit the walls” without a problem! Where does the media find this stuff?!

  • Nicholas

    Sadly, most women comment on the penis size and all I can say is, if the house is too big for the furniture, ladies too bad!

    • archipman

      hahaha…. shut alot of those women right up!!

  • Matthew

    Wow. Lots of comments about the size of his penis and the “rat’s nest” from the ladies. It looks pretty normal to me. But I guess what’s normal today is a 10 inch flacid penis with no hair around it.

    I’ve always thought that the reason we see more naked women on screen is because most directors were men. But I guess even if we had more women directors, they probably still wouldn’t want to see all that grossness.

    Ah well. Bring on the naked ladies. The fellas don’t think it’s gross at all. LOL.