Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Get Smoochy For ‘Valentine’s Day’


While Rachelle Lefevre was bizzy getting fired from her Twilight job for a supposed “scheduling conflict” caused by her commitment to do another movie which will, apparently, conflict with the filming schedule for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse next month, her Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner was bizzy on the SoCal set of his non-Twilight film Valentine’s Day which is being directed by Garry Marshall and features an ensemble cast which includes Taylor Swift, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper and others … and apparently caused no conflict with the Eclipse filming schedule. Here are new pics of Lautner running around a high school track here in SoCal yesterday afternoon for his role in the upcoming flick:

I understand that Taylor Lautner has been paired up with Taylor Swift in the film as lovers and that the pair will portray a Homecoming King and Queen … or something like that. By the looks of the photos of the two Taylors kissing while wearing matching plastic crowns on set, I’d say that determination is pretty accurate. After the jump, check out pics of Taylor2 smoochin’ on set …

Well now … not a bad day’s work, I think. I’m not usually a fan of these ensemble-type movies (well, accept for Love Actually which kinda effing rulz!!!) but I might have to check out Valentine’s Day when it opens in theaters next year … I’m thinkin’ around Valentine’s Day. Do these photos inspire any of y’all to wanna see the flick too?

[Photo credit: Splash News, INFdaily]

  • LOVE G

    ooOOh rarrr

  • Steferny

    cute! i vote yes on taylor-squared.

  • Kaci

    Ooooh how cute are they together? They’d be adorable as a real couple. I love your moniker for them too!

  • Do not like

    I would say I wish I was Taylor Swift in those pics if Talor L wasn’t 17 :( lol. They do make a cute couple! not too sure about the movie tho.

  • Katie

    All I can think about is how Taylor dated Selena, TSwizzles best friend. Oh Hollywood :)

  • Monique

    ummmmmmmmmm….. IS TAYLOR SWIFT… swiftly BALDING???

    look at the top of her head! That’s a lotta scalp!

  • roxster

    @ Katie: Me too! gotta be odd….
    @Monique: Shes got thin hair (usually the lighter the color the thinner) so it may just be how the wind blew it)

    I love how hes got one hand on his hip for that kiss and shes bending her knees cause shes taller haha what a pose

  • Susan

    @ Monique – Hah, I definitely noticed that too… I used to be so jealous of her hair… but I can say I’m most definitely not jealous now… Ah, oh well… she still has a perfect complexion… damn it.

  • leanne

    aw im kinda jealous even though im team edward!
    she’s great, he’s great – they both seem genuinely good role models. good for whoever casted this!!

    can’t wait for this movie.
    p.s love the taylor squared thing :P

  • Audrey :)

    T-Laut is so hot. T-Swift is…not. She looks like a dog. Everything that she does is so cliché. I don’t see what the big deal about her is.

  • RazberrySwurl01

    I wish I was 17, TL looks hot. I feel almost dirty for saying it. LOL. I think TS is so cute too. She’s a great role model for yougn girls. I love that she still is sporting her lucky “13” on her hand and that it matches TL’s jersey. I hope they fall in lurve.


    I love me some Taylor Swift! Joe Jonas must be furious.

  • april

    Too cute!!

  • la princesa

    I’m too old to say this, but Swift is so lucky to kiss that guy! :) He’s a cutie!

  • Anna

    Swifty, honey, stay far away from acting. You aren’t even good at the job you have now. Sorry but she annoys me. And it *sincerely* has nothing to do with jealousy (no I don’t wish I was tone deaf, rodent-resembling fraud). It just upsets me that someone so severely lacking in talent has become so well respected within the industry. I wouldn’t mind it as much if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t even look up without seeing her or hearing about her. Can’t wait until she goes away.

  • Erin

    Did anyone else notice she is kind of bending her knees in the one pic so she will be the same height as him?

  • So adorable!

  • Fashionista

    Look at that juicy ass.

    Anywho,….T-Swift….whats up with your hair gurrrhl?

  • HisBiggestFan

    i think she needs practice kissing…cuz i’m pretty sure i never look like that…idk what do u guys think..?

  • Chloe

    ooohhhh.i like taylor swift!

  • Jewett

    definitely! big Taylor Swift fan!

  • Katie

    @Anna- I think you’re crazy! But everyone has their opinion.

    TS is great. She’s such a good role model for kids/teens. I’m glad she’s doing acting, although something tells me it won’t be half as good as her singing/entertaining. (Have you been to her Fearless tour?!?!) Amazing.

    Hope this movie is good!!

  • Mrs Jackman

    it’s also got patrick dempsey and eric dane in!!! whoooo can’t wait!!!

  • samantha

    Anyone who knows anything about Miss Taylor knows she’s obsessed with the number 13, and always has it written on her hand. Anyone notice what MR Taylor’s jersey number is? Also she still has 13 written on her hand!

  • jair torres

    que envidia con teylor que bonita actris escojio quiera dios todo les salga bien saludos desde mexico

    that taylor envy that is pretty actris chose to film the producer but God wants all goes well and finish them as boyfriends or husbands greetings from mexico

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