Ryan Gosling Goes Out In Public, Gets Attacked For Being Hot


Hottie actor Ryan Gosling stepped out for a night on the town here in SoCal last night and was immediately mobbed by rabid fans hounding him for hugs, photos and autographs almost as soon as he got off his motorcycle (one fan even attacked him before he got off his bike) … which, when you look as good as Ryan Gosling does, is pretty much a regular night on the town:

It must be very difficult for a hunk like Gosling to go out in public and NOT get assaulted by fans but … whattayagonnado? Homeboy is hot and such attacks on one’s person come with the territory. ‘Tis the price of fame and beauty, Ry. You just gotta deal with it. I mean, if you saw this beauteous hunk of man standing right in front of you … what would YOU do? Uh huh, that’s exactly what I thought ;)

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • nicole


  • Jennifer

    OOooh, always thought he was cute, hot would have never been a word I would use for him, but wow, those pics!

  • DC

    so HOT!!!

  • april

    I remember him from Breaker High as the token Nerd! I really liked him then and I followed his career.. he’s a great actor

  • Definitely one of the hottest men in Hollywood right now. Yum!

  • Stephanie

    Man…I would attack him too.
    @april, I remember him from Breaker High too! Sean was always my favourite guy…Max was super hot but Sean was so cute. And loved Tamara even though she lliked Max. But Max liked Cassidy. Who was best friends with Tamara. MISS THAT SHOW!

  • Meg

    haha, I used to get up early before school to watch Breaker High!
    Anyone remember him in The Young Hercules or something like that?

    And yes, I’d attack.

  • Hummmm He is a hottie for sure!! I guess the poor girl just couldn’t wait for him to get off his bike hahaha that was pretty fun stuff!! the poor lad :)

  • Lula

    Meh. Just don’t see it.

  • LOVE G

    Aside from being such a talented actor… his yummmm-e-licious good looks is a plus! ahhhhh i’d ask for a hug :P
    I WISHHHHHHH!!!!! look at that adorable face! i want that NOAH! haha

  • Kendra

    Now he’s an actor/musician!! His band Dead Man’s Bones is releasing their debut album October 6, I believe, on the Werewolf Heart Record label..I can’t wait to see them live!

  • lauren

    he is smoking hot

  • Is this the same crazy fangirl that attacked Rob a few weeks ago? Same blonde curly hair.

  • EmCee

    I love his faces.
    Many celebs just get offended and pissed off when pplz attack them, but he looks amused and not really mad. Haha.

    and as hot as Max was on Breaker High, Sean was always my favorite<3