Mischa Barton Shows Up For A New Photoshoot


Mischa Barton, who was hauled away to the mental ward at Cedars-Sinai Hospital here in LA just a couple of weeks ago and has already been released and made her way to NYC to begin work on her TV series The Beautiful Life just this week, was spotted today making her way out of the Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria, NY after showing up for a photoshoot (presumably for her new TV show). Honestly, she looked good … you’d’ve never guessed she was under psychiatric care just a couple short weeks ago by looking at these photos:

Altho I still think it is WAY TOO SOON for the girl to be back at work on a TV series after suffering a mental breakdown that resulted in psychiatric care, I do wish her all the best. It’s such a shame that celebs this young are already going thru breakdowns so soon into their careers. It sounds like Mischa has substance abuse problems and pretending they’ll go away by throwing yourself into your work isn’t the best strategy for turning your life around. But … we don’t really know what happened so … all we can do is send her our best thoughts and wishes for a happy and successful life. Good luck, Mischa!

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • I’m not a big fan of her acting skills.

  • Jadedkitten

    How long till she’s re-committed cause srsly this is not going to end well.

  • Alex

    I want the oc back :(

  • Alex

    @Trent Did you ever watch the oc and/or did you like it?

  • Sarah

    I think there is a pressure to do as much as you can when you are still young and a “hot” commodity. OC wasn’t too long ago but the more she delays her acting life, the more people will forget about her. It really sucks but I bet that is what her “people” are telling her over and over

  • Lauren

    “she looked good … you’d’ve never guessed she was under psychiatric care just a couple short weeks ago by looking at these photos”

    Trent, as a mental health professional i was confused by this statement. What does someone who has recently gone under psychiatric care look like? They don’t give everyone a stamp that says “CRAZY” on their foreheads when they leave the ward. I think most people would be surprised to know how many people have undergone psychiatric care.

  • Lindsey

    hm no need to get defensive lauren! trent was simply stating an opinion based on observation….

    i do hope the girl has taken enough time off to recover though, it sure is dangerous to jump back in so quickly!!!

  • Alex

    @ LAUREN: GOOOOO LAUREN you rock :)

  • Tracy

    She looks absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Joanne

    Good call Lauren … the perceptions and insinuations that are made about females (especially celebrity women) going through a bad time (whether depression, mental problems or addictions) need to be challenged.

    I’m sure Mischa is being closely monitored.

  • jo

    I see what you mean, Lauren. Also, do we know for sure that substance abuse is the reason she was submitted? A lot of people are suggesting she is depressed (which isn’t surprising based on her constant negative media coverage about her body and career etc).

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  • I am liking her plumper arms. :) Hope she finds her balance soon.

  • Sarah

    I cant believe you turned it into a female thing, Joanne…..and to Lauren, anyone would say that whether it was psych care or not. Any kind of “major medical situation” + being on set at work/photoshoots would prompt someone to say, she looks pretty good considering xyz…..

    give trent a break!

  • Sarah

    i meant being on set at work/photoshoots so soon

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