Lindsay Lohan Goes Blonde Again, Doesn’t Heart New Weave


Well … she’s gone and done it again. The recently re-red headed Lindsay Lohan has bleached her hair back to blonde, presumably for an upcoming movie/straight to DVD project, and spent 11 hours at the hair salon making the transformation. In between bleach and hair weave applications, Lindsay sparked up 42 cartons of cigarettes to help pass the time. Here are a few pics of the newly platinum L. Lo:

When Lindsay Lohan decided to go peroxide blonde, it was never going to be as simple as grabbing a bottle of bleach. The actress spent more than 11 hours at the hair salon yesterday, getting her naturally red hair dyed an eye-catching shade. During her epic salon session Lindsay could be glimpsed chatting and laughing with the staff, drinking from a glass, and even smoking an illicit cigarette. When she left the Byron and Tracey Hair Salon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, at 11:30pm, her hair was extra long, following the insertion of extensions. Lindsay was wearing a short black dress with gladiator sandals and a black Fedora.

While the look is striking (and hopefully necessary), I must admit that I really love Lindsay as a red head rather than a blonde. She looks like she’s playing dress-up when she’s blonde. I much prefer her natural hair color. The whole blonde thing is so meh to me.

[Photo credit: X17, Big Pictures!; Source]

  • jen

    ugh…the blonde ages her, she looks 45. She should get rid of her hair extensions,look what it is doing to her hairline!

  • Jadedkitten

    She looks like Dina’s older sister

  • nicole

    42 cartons?! thats impossible…thats a typo right??
    im not gunna hate on her going blonde if its getting her work.

  • Landy

    Why wouldn’t they just put her in a wig? Her hair must be fried beyond belief!

  • Meghan

    I hate her as a blonde. It just doesn’t work on her.

  • MeG

    11 hours holy crap! and I thought 2 & 1/2 hours was long. I agree blonde isn’t the best color for Lindsay, especially the bleached ultra long look. Auburn looks the best on her imo. She really needs to ditch the cigs too! She is not aging that well for a 20 something and with the stress she is always under, she doesn’t need the extra damage.

  • Kaci

    Oh, hey look! She still looks trashy! No matter what her hair color is, she will always exude dirty, skank-ness.

  • Tracy

    Her skin is so awful looking that every hair color looks bad on her. She has ruined her skin. And if she is going to get fake tanner applied, cant she apply it evenly????

  • MeG

    @Jadedkitten LOL so true!

  • staci

    @ nicole- methinks that was an “exaggeration.” but really, did she do this because s. ron was photographed with a blonde recently?

  • renee77

    blonde looks like hell on her. i’ve always loved the red. natural red is rare. but redheads aren’t supposed to be able to tan, so those spray tans totally clash with the red.

  • Kayla

    I agree blonde really isn’t her color, she needs to stick with red.

  • Janice


  • Djoyful

    She needs a new hair STYLE not a new color. The super long extentions look is terrible.

  • nisha

    staci it is not because samantha was snapped with a blonde its for a movie lindsay wrote on her twitter page that she had to change it for a movie role even though she prefferrred the red and begged not to change it.i don’t believe she smoked 42 cartons i haven’t heard of that anywhere else.thanks for posting

  • staci

    “exaggeration” and “sarcasm.” learn it, know it, live it. ;P

  • Petunia

    If she’s playing a trailer park hooker, then she got the right look down. Ugh.

  • Krissy

    Yeah, I am pretty sure that the 42 cartons thing was a joke. I agree with everyone who said that she looks worse as a blonde. She looks 20 years older than she is, and not in a good way. She has abused her body and hair in so many ways, and it shows!

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  • Liz

    I prefer her with red hair instead of the blonde…the blonde makes her look really pale

  • Joanne

    “presumably for an upcoming movie/straight to DVD project” … TRENT – can I just point out, that many actors (even Hollywood acting royalty) make failure movies?! … A good project/role in Hollywood is sadly – rare.
    I’m so sick of the media trashing Linds and assuming everything she does is going to be a failure or that she’s on the verge of death … It’s become a boring verbal tick. How about some positivity towards Lindsay …You wonder why some starlets numb their pain away? Where is the love?!

  • PixiesBassline

    I don’t care if she goes blonde or any other color- just make her GO AWAY…. *sigh*…. but I also have pity on her because of who her father is…. poor bitch.