Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reunion


Extra! TV was on the set of the People magazine photoshoot of the Saved By The Bell reunion which graces the cover of this week’s issue of the mag. Extra! host Mario Lopez was in a prime position to interview his former SBTB castmates during the shoot and came away with some fun video. Here is a photo from this week’s issue of People magazine which features the reunited SBTB kids which, according to Lopez, was over a year in the making and came together at the very last second:

It’s a reunion 20 years in the making … and a story that took over a year in planning. When the cast of Saved by the Bell assembled for this week’s PEOPLE photo shoot and cover story, everyone breathed a sigh of relief-including Mario Lopez, who nearly missed the whole thing. “Everybody knew the 20-year anniversary was coming up,” says Lopez. “This PEOPLE story has been in the works for over a year, long before [late night host] Jimmy Fallon started talking about it. We were all excited about it.” But Lopez’s work ethic almost prevented the reunion from coming to fruition. “I’m so busy. I was concerned about my schedule,” says Lopez, who in the past year alone has danced on Broadway in A Chorus Line, become the new host of TV’s Extra and written a fitness book, Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness. The night before the PEOPLE shoot in Los Angeles he was making a public appearance in Canada, across the country, and arrived on set straight from the airport after a seven-hour flight. And now? Fans are clamoring for the next step: a reunion show. “Everybody is fired up,” he says. “People keep coming up to me saying ‘When are you guys going to do a show?'” An actual reunion episode will have to wait, as Lopez is hardly taking time off. First up, he’s returning as host for the fourth season of America’s Best Dance Crew, which debuts this Sunday on MTV.

I LOVE how Mario Lopez made SURE to make clear that the People magazine reunion was “in the works” before Jimmy Fallon started talking about it on his TV show. I find it very hard to believe that it took People magazine a year to get everyone together for a photoshoot. I call B.S. But … that’s his story, I guess he’s stickin’ to it. After the jump, check out video from Extra! TV that was shot on the set of this People magazine photoshoot …

Aww, it’s a cute vid. I love seeing all these guys back together again. I hope they do make one of those cheese Saved By The Bell TV movies … mebbe someday. Make sure you pick up this week’s issue of People magazine to see all the fun pics from this SBTB reunion!

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  • Margie
  • M_Deezy

    how cute! i loved this show.. still do! and yeah i agree i call BS on the whole in the works for a year thing! but whateves i’m just glad they did!

  • BriMarie

    Did I miss something??? Where’s Dustin Diamond?

    • @BriMarie — He was too bizzy making gross sex tapes to be included. Mr. Belding was too bizzy watching them. EW. I’m glad they were excluded.

  • Scoobus

    Wasn’t there a rumor that the black girl had died?

  • nicole

    they all look great. Tiffani is a hottie.

  • g

    “Mr. Belding was too bizzy watching them.”
    Wait…I am confused. What does this imply?

    • @g — that he’s a skeeze. homies hittin’ on chicks at clubs all over SoCal.

  • Molly

    thanks for the sneak peek, Trent! I’m excited to pick up a copy… first time in a long time I haven’t relied solely on the internet for my celebrity gossip…

  • Bleeding Ears

    I was in Vegas, at Pure with some friends and Mr Belding was there and trying to get with a gaggle of young ladies. Dude was drunk and his pick up line? “I’m Mr. Belding! HOOT”… LMAO

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I loved this show. Lisa was my favorite. She rocked!! SHe looks GREAT!!!

  • g

    Oh no! Mr. B is gross!!! Hahaha. You know he totes watches those videos! EW!

  • Jodi

    I am shocked. Mr. Belding?! But what about his wife? She had to have her baby shower in a high school, gave birth in the high school’s elevator, IN AN EARTHQUAKE, and this is how he repays her? WTF, Mr. Belding? WTF?

  • Do not miss Dustin Diamond at all.

  • RazberrySwurl01

    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jj

    Dustin Diamond is so icky. I’m sooo glad that he was excluded from this shoot.
    They all look great. Still hotties. I would love a reunion movie!! It’s going to be cheesy as hell and I’m sure I’ll love every minute of it.

  • ugh…

    I’m with you… SO glad/relieved about the two exclusions. I just wish the remaining cast could enjoy the reunion and accolades, and stop puttin’ on like it’s oooh-so-taxing to find the time to get together. gimme a break… wait, that’s a different show. :)

  • Katie C.

    Wow, they all look so great. They look amazing in their thirties!! Good ol ‘Saved by the Bell.

  • Michelle

    When I saw your post the other day about the People magazine cover I literally squealed!! I LOVE Saved By The Bell… I was just old enough to remember the show when it originally aired (you know back when kids had no problem getting out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to watch tv) and I’ve been watching it ever since… it’s one of those shows that’s going to stay on tv forever because the things they dealt with are still real things going on today… if maybe a little less dramatic than what reality is now. I have been waiting for Jimmy Fallon to confirm a reunion so I can put my name down for tickets but this is the next best thing! I sure hope they take this a little further to celebrate their 20 year mark! All of us 80s babies will be happy!!

    Oh and as sad as it is to see them missing one person, I gotta say Dustin Diamond went from being America’s favorite geek to being America’s favorite tool and really as wierd as it is to see the cast without him… I think they are much better off.

  • Eliza

    I just love them!!!! What girl didn’t want to be Zach’s girlfriend?

  • jennifer

    where is Tori? the biker chick :-D jk…she wasn’t one of my fave characters!

    or Rod, Mr. Belding’s cooler brother??! :-p

  • Lisa.

    What the eff! How can they diss Jimmy like that! It was his idea to get them together!

  • shooshoo

    WHERES BELDING AND SCREECH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!