Kelly Clarkson Is Pissed Her Song ‘Already Gone’ Sounds A Lot Like ‘Halo’ By Beyoncé


Kelly Clarkson, who just released the music video for her new single Already Gone, is spitting mad that folks think that she ripped off the music of her newest single from Beyoncé‘s hit single Halo … particularly because she is among the folks who can hear the striking similarity. In a new interview with CBC Radio, Kelly fumes about the fact that co-writer Ryan Tedder (from the band One Republic who penned Already Gone AND Halo) appears to have sold both ladies the same song with different lyrics … and she is pissed!

If you’ve noticed similarities between Kelly Clarkson’s new single “Already Gone” and Beyoncé’s hit “Halo,” well, you’re not the only one. Turns out Clarkson has also noticed, and she’s not too happy about it. In an interview with Canada’s CBC radio network, the former “American Idol” champ said she was unaware of any similarities between her song and Beyoncé’s “Halo” until she heard the two songs side by side (according to Clarkson, her All I Ever Wanted album was finished before Beyoncé’s I Am … Sasha Fierce was released). And she’s not mincing words about who she blames for the similarities: OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote both songs. “Ryan and I met each other at the record label, before he was working with anyone else. He’s from Oklahoma, I’m from Texas; we got along really well and had some of the same influences,” Clarkson said. “We wrote about six songs together, four or five of them made the album. It was all fine and dandy. I’d never heard of a song called ‘Halo’ … [Beyoncé’s] album came out when my album was already being printed. “No one’s gonna be sittin’ at home, thinkin’ ‘Man, Ryan Tedder gave Beyoncé and Kelly the same track to write to,’ ” she continued. “No, they’re just gonna be sayin’ I ripped someone off. I called Ryan and said, ‘I don’t understand. Why would you do that?’ ” “Gone” and “Halo” do share some striking similarities, most notably in the backing track, which features somber piano, crashing drums and hand-claps. Clarkson — who clashed with her label in the past — said that she’s upset that “Already Gone” was released as a single without her blessing, but that, at this point, there’s really nothing to do about the situation. “It sucks, but it’s one of those things I have no control over,” she told the CBC. “I already made my album. At this point, the record company can do whatever they want with it. It’s kind of a shitty situation, but … you know, you learn.” At press time, a spokesperson for Tedder had not responded to MTV News’ request for comment on the situation.

To be honest, I didn’t immediately notice the similarity between the songs when I heard them both separately … at different times. But since the release of Kelly’s new single, I thought it sounded very familiar … and then the handclaps cued me in to the Halo recognition. Shoot, if I were her … I’d be pissed, too … especially since despite the fact that Kelly’s album was finished first, Halo was released months ago well ahead of the release of Already Gone. Methinks Mr. Ryan Tedder has got some ‘splainin’ to do. After the jump, check out the music videos for both Kelly Clarkson’s Already Gone and Beyoncé‘s Halo for a side-by-side comparison …

What do YOU think? Are they the same song? Try and play them at the same time … they almost match up perfectly. HMMM … should Kelly and Beyoncé both kick Ryan Tedder’s ass? I’m thinkin’ … yes.


  • Honestly, I did not even think of Halo when I heard that song! I do like it though. :)

  • Ana

    OMG it’s TOTALLY the same song!
    Guess he was a bit low on matereal.
    That’s fucked up!

  • nicole

    i dunno why the world makes this a big thing. when clarksons cd leaked…i could have sworn it was said that beyonce wanted something that sounded like Already gone…that she wanted the same drums…this cant be good for Ryan at allll lol

  • Siobhan

    Eh, they are both good songs. I would be pissed if I was either of them, but I love the message of both. I wish Kelly’s record company would have released a better ballad off her album instead of Already Gone. Cry would have been a better choice.

  • Alex

    Kelly’s is way better :) She doesn’t annoy me.

  • Abby

    Ryan (semi) responded to the accusation:

    A lack of originality is one thing, but it was pretty shitty for him to take a track he had just completed with Kelly and make a new song with Beyonce. The rumor is that Beyonce heard Already Gone and demanded he write her a song just like it. She then rushed it out so she would be first. Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but Ryan should have the integrity not to do something like that. Especially when the songs will both be on the radio together, not months or years apart.

    Ryan also co-wrote/produced If I Can’t Have You with Kelly on this CD and you may notice that the intro is nearly identical to the opening of Miley’s Fly on the Wall. He claims he got the idea for the song in the Hong Kong airport, but I suspect Miley was playing over the speakers and he decided to just steal it.

    I’m looking forward to hearing how he fully explains himself here.

    • @Abby — “Ryan also co-wrote/produced If I Can’t Have You with Kelly on this CD and you may notice that the intro is nearly identical to the opening of Miley’s Fly on the Wall. He claims he got the idea for the song in the Hong Kong airport, but I suspect Miley was playing over the speakers and he decided to just steal it.” OUCH! But you may be right. Damn.

  • ling

    they sound similar but I find that “Already Gone” sounds more like “Apologize” (which is from OneRepublic)… haha

  • Stephanie

    i think they sound legitimately different. Beyonce’s has actual hand claps during the chorus, while Kelly’s is just drums. Also, Kelly’s is heavier on the strings and Beyonce’s is heavier on the piano, especially at the beginning. i think Beyonce’s is more hip hop sounding due to the hand clapped beat, and Kelly’s is more rock/pop with the drums. Their melodies are different during the chorus as well.

  • keara

    I wonder who will be the first to do a true mix of these two vocal tracks with the music. Neither are my style of music, but playing them together is not an entirely bad sound. It sounds like Kelly is singing backup to Beyonce.

  • Bleeding Ears

    I want to know what Beyonce has to say about this.

    • @Bleeding Ears — “I want to know what Beyonce has to say about this.” — If B is smart, she won’t say anything … she’s the one that comes out lookin’ the best in this whole mess.

  • Bleeding Ears

    Oh… and funny how he has Halo on his myspace playlist and not Already Gone…. If he has cheated my dear Kelly Clarkson, I will have to punish him.

  • Whitney

    I noticed the similarities when i first bought Kelly’s CD. Already Gone basically sounds like a remix of Halo. They’re both good songs though. Kelly may also be ticked off because Tedder went on the record to say that his collaboration with Beyonce was the best thing he’s done so far. Ouch.

    • @Whitney — “Tedder went on the record to say that his collaboration with Beyonce was the best thing he’s done so far” — what an asshole! of course he’d say that, the song was a huge hit for Beyonce!

  • tOnnY

    i started playing kelly’s song without actually trying to find similarities and i immediately started singing Halo by beyonce… both are good songs, but they’re almost identical…

  • Mariah

    I like Halo, but I LOVE Already Gone. If I were both Kelly and Beyonce, I’d be pissed. Despite some differences in the melodies, they’re basically the same tune, but, of course, with very different lyrical content.

  • Meghan

    Poor Kelly. I’d be pissed too. Since Beyonce’s song came out first it looks like Kelly copied her song, which wasn’t the case. Not right on Ryan Tedder’s part.

  • Lisa.

    Uhh this could all be avoided if people actually sat down and wrote their own songs.

    • @Lisa. — Both Beyonce and Kelly co-wrote these songs, Tedder provided the music

  • carolina

    LOL the songs even start with the same word!!!!!

  • Kristín

    like halo but love already gone……poor Kelly it´s a shitty situation

  • gokarm

    HAH, Kelly was genius to respond this way, the honest way. I don’t mind seeing Tedder crucified for this. He’s a talentless hack and the only reason ‘pologize was successful at all was because of Timbaland’s influence. Down with Tedder! I’ve got my pitchfork raised and my torch lit.

  • DJ Vegas

    The same thing hapenend to Kylie Minogue and Jordan Sparks. Kylie’s “ALl I See” and Jordan’s “One Step At A Time” were penned by the same writers. The track are almost the same song right down to the drum beat. However I personally perfer “All I See” ;) Go Kylie!

  • Jacinta

    Dang I like a lot of Ryan Tedder’s stuff, but it’s shady as hell for him to do this without at least informing Kelly.

  • yrfavoritekt

    funny this is just now coming to light…. they play Kelly’s song(although until today I didn’t realize it was hers) on SYTYCD when the contenstants get voted off and the first time I heard it I thought it was some weird remix of Halo until I heard the lyrics.

  • Rita

    The tracks totally sound alike and I think Ryan will get much flack for this but in the end, if both songs sell really well will they even care? I think Kelly is saying something ‘cuz she wants it known that she recorded the song first so people won’t think she BIT Beyonce’s Halo. And if Beyonce’s record company released Halo first with that intent, that’s either very evil or very ingenious (whichever way you want to look at it).

    But don’t people “sample” from other people’s songs all the time? The difference is that in this case, that person wasn’t officially recognized or given royalties.

  • Brian

    They’ve already been mashed. I found this a couple of weeks ago …

  • Abby

    @Trent “’Tedder went on the record to say that his collaboration with Beyonce was the best thing he’s done so far’ — what an asshole! of course he’d say that, the song was a huge hit for Beyonce!” –– I think Ryan said Halo was his best song ever in late 2008 or early 2009. I know that he referred to it as a song that “starts with H” because he didn’t divulge who the singer was or the title of the song at that time. It was heavily assumed it would be a Kelly song, since he also highly complimented Kelly and his work with her. So, he made the comment before Halo was a big hit but after he’d copied Already Gone to create Halo. Real shady all around.

  • Rita

    @Brian Thanks for that link! Pretty cool! I’d say there’s no doubt now. LOL!

  • nicole

    @carolina – i was about to say the same thing! haha

  • Roxster

    I really like One Republic and a lot of the music Ryan Tedder writes, so this is disappointing to hear. Honestly though, I had never heard Kelly’s song and went to check it out on youtube right now and was surprised. I thought it was going to sound MUCH more like Halo then people made it to be. For starters, there are no handclaps, and to say its heavy on piano and drums is to describe most of what Ryan Tedder writes (has the author of that article ever listened to the onerepublic album?) Again, even based by how much Kelly herself carries on in that article I expected to hear a very blatant copy of the song (especially since she says “the same track to write to”) and I didn’t hear that at all…I think it makes her look bad to be freaking out so much about it. Thats just calling more attention to it….Abby is right about Fly On the Wall though. I’m not saying Ryan doesn’t have some questions to answer, I’m just saying I don’t understand why everyones running for pitchforks over the Beyonce/Kelly situation. If anything it should be Kelly/Miley’s songs that people are buzzing about.

  • nysro

    Kelly should kick Beyonces ass … maybe that make that bitch lose that diva attitude she always has… and might get that smug look off her face as well..

    Beyonce is a bitch… and probably writes about 1% of her music, but slaps her name on it for money later on.

  • tybluesum
  • robin

    these are two of my favorite new songs…i never noticed how similar they were! no wonder i liked em both :P

  • Mela

    Frankly I think Kelly is the one who comes out looking like an asshole in this situation. I used to really have a lot of respect for how she was blazing her career but I don’t appreciate her willingness to burn bridges. It seems like she’s always trying to make herself out to be this fantastic person with all this integrity. Well Ryan Tedder is one of the most fantastic songwriters I’ve heard in years and his songs are light years better than some of the tripe she’s put out in the last while aka My life would suck without you.

    Melodically there are very few similarities. This song is a balad and carries a patented One Republic vibe, but half way through the song you forget that it sounds like Halo even if you’re concentrating because only the beat holds the theory together. The chord progressions are different…frankly I think Already Gone is probably a lot more well written than Halo.

    I say Poo Poo Kelly! Learn when to take the high road.

  • Mariah

    @ Mela – ummm I think you should listen to this: because, melodically, they are virtually the same. If I was Kelly, I’d be pissed too. Shoot.

  • Mela

    Lol…I wish Trent! I did get a little defensive for him there though, hey? Seriously though I don’t hear that the melodies are at all the same. Some of the phrasing might be but that’s obviously due to the rhythm.

    I just wonder if Kelly thinks so little of her fan base that they wouldn’t appreciate the song for its own merit.

  • Lana

    @ Mela, Umm, Kelly Clarkson has stated that she didn’t really get much say in the making of this album…which is why it blows compared to her previous effort. Her record label needs to let her do her own thing, her fans love her no matter what.

    I don’t really hear the similiarities too much, I think this is getting blown a little bit out of proportion.

  • Rami Ramirez

    Honestly – this is a made up drama. The songs are similar sounding ballads written by the same person in the same key. Otherwise, they are different. They don’t really sound like the same song. Just because you can play them on top of each other doesn’t mean anything. You can do that with so many pairs of songs, it’s pointless to be arbitrary and say these songs are so alike. And by the way, both ballads (naturally) have a strong backbeat, but I don’t hear those handclaps in Already Gone. Non-issue.

  • Joslynn

    Haha I think its freaking Hilarious!! Come’on like this is the first time its happened. I am sure its happened before…they are just making a big deal about this situation! I love both singers and dont think this really matters its just more commical!

  • jemma

    If Beyonce intentionally asked for a song like already gone and then hurried hers out on purpose … giiiiirrrrrl, you need to stop lifting things from other people!

  • cg

    @ Mela Kelly doesn’t come out of this looking like a**hole, Tedder does. If Kelly came out with this statement after Already Gone was released to radio maybe but her coming out with this statement before it was released doesn’t. Stil either way Tedder gave the track to Halo while Already Gone was already mixed and without Kelly’s knowledge which is pathetic.
    And @ Rami Ramierez this isn’t’ made up. Kelly is not the kind of girl to make shit up. The two sound alike even my music major brother said they do but mostly in the beginning. Tedder just tweaked the track a bit for Halo but they do sound similar. If I was Kelly I would be pissed too and I’m glad she spoke up. And Kelly deserves at least some writing credits on Halo, more than Beyonce who doesn’t deserve any because she didn’t do anything with this song just like with If I Were A Boy . Halo is good but Already Gone is a millions times better, has better lyrics and it’s a song that comes from the heart which no doubt Kelly wrote it about her ex-Graham Colton unlike Halo which isn’t a song that comes from the heart.

  • Grace

    Most mainstream music sounds alike to me, but I have to say Kelly’s song sounds better.

  • Lulu

    Poor Kelly… I’d be mighty mighty pissed if I were here. And no Mela, It don’t think she thinks so little of her fans, but is probably mortified, and speaking with her heart on her sleeve.

  • Sharry

    No way those 2 songs don’t sound the same to me at all. Whilst I lovelovelove Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Already Gone’, I think Beyonce’s ‘Halo’ is one of the most irritating songs ever made.

  • Snarf

    Same song/same song writer. As for Beyonce hearing Already Gone and demanding that Tedder write something similar then rushing to be the “first” to release it, sounds pretty much like something she’d do. For the record I like Already Gone just a little better (the arrangement I guess)

  • pw

    omg i totally remember hearing kelly’s single on the radio and totally thinking it was halo until she started singing…it’s way too similar for it to be an accident…its pretty much the same foundation, just with slightly tweaked melodies on top. i like both songs though :)

  • pw

    actually, if their songs didn’t have totally opposite messages, having them do a duet with these songs would be pretty awesome.

  • Krissy

    I feel bad for everyone involved. Hopefully Teddy learns from this. I do have to say, though, that when you work in a land of beats and chords, sometimes you get inspiration and you don’t know where it came from. Sometimes it is heavily inspired by something you already heard or wrote…but you don’t remember.

    I LOVE Kelly’s cd…but I gotta admit, I skip over the ballads. Her up tempo songs are so fun!

  • ignesma

    the intro sounds very similar. the first time i heard kelly’s new single, i thought it was just me that heard the similarities but looks like i wasnt the only one :)

  • Krissy

    How can you say Halo doesn’t come from the heart? That song makes my eyes well up with tears!

  • taylor

    Too many similarities to be a coincidence. When I first heard Kelly’s song on the radio, I thought it was Halo until the lyrics kicked in. I prefer Kelly’s song over Beyonce’s.

  • jj

    I feel bad for Kelly. She looks bad just because her album was released a few months later. I like Kelly’s version, but I don’t think it’s going to be as big as Halo (just because of the release date).

  • Shannon

    Is it weird that I like both songs better when they’re played together?

  • Gaby

    I would be pissed to…thinking you have a great song and someone else has one similar. Its like going somewherre and wearing the same print but different style shirt. I love both tho!!

  • Mumzfulz

    This is disgusting. It’s absolutely the same chord progressions, and, with an exception of different lyrics, and varied embellishments by the artists, the same melody. Obviously it’s not Beyonce’s or Kelly’s fault….it’s this little crook’s lack of creativity and desire for money. What a snake. I think Beyonce and Kelly should team up, sue for the rights, RE-write the song as a duet and go for an award! They’re both too talented for this crap.

  • DumbAssSayWhat

    @gokarm — You’re mentally incapacitated if you think Ryan Tedder is “a talentless hack.” That man has more talent in his pinky finger than most “artists” could only dream of having.
    @Whitney, I want to know where you read/heard that Ryan said “Halo” was his best work to date? He has said in MULTIPLE interviews that 2 songs he wrote for Kelly Clarkson’s recent album are his best to date. I’ll admit that this whole deal seems shady, but we don’t know what really happened. All we know is that Kelly Clarkson is upset that 2 different songs written & produced by the same person sound similiar. I spy an asshole, and it isn’t Ryan Tedder………

  • Dez

    I pre-ordered Kelly’s CD, so as soon it came out, I listened to it through. When “Already Gone” first came on, I was like “WTF?!”–because I had been listening to “I Am… Sasha Fierce” a bunch (It had come out not long before.). I still get thrown off when I hear them; never sure which one it’s gonna be. Kelly is my favorite singer, but I love Beyonce too (Just saw her in Auburn Hills! And I’m about to see Kelly in less than a month!). I just wish them both success… as long as neither of them comes out looking like a bad guy, I’m okay. It’s just a sharty situation.

  • J

    Beyonce, who i don’t really admire in anyway. She is talented & all, but i can see through her. Some songs are great & catchy, but otherwise the usual stuff to expect to Beyonce. She & her father are just one of those, get ya name on this song & producing credit – you’ll get extra dough.

    Halo was written by Tedder. He offered it to Leona lewis or had her in mind. It’s not as if he went into the studio with Beyonce and they came out creating Halo. Once Beyonce got offered it, OF CORSE she changed a few words to get credit.

    IMO i believe Kelly’s is better. Halo will do better than Already Gone cause of Pop & Urban markets. But Already Gone, the vocals are just out of this world. I think it is more of those, gives you goosebumps kinda song. BUT Halo is good, i just like the slow rhythm beat.

    Tedder i think is thriving off the success of Bleeding Love. I mean he did produce it but co-wrote with Jessy McCartney of all people. I dont know if Jesse co-produced or not. But since that song, a lot of other songs are too similar to that. I mean Battlefield is an awesome song. Better than Halo – but it has such similarity to the drums in bleeding love. He seems to have hit a creative block and is just taking elements from all his songs. He may profess in that field of genre but still, do something different! Especially when it comes to this, more embarassng for the producer than the artist. Kelly has nothing to worry bout cause she has the voice, the attitude and its KELLY!

    Beyonce will prob speak of it somehow. She can’t keep her mouth shut sometimes… I mean, she even had the guts to say her family were a more upper class version of the Jacksons. I mean, its only HER in the family that is successful. Her sister just thrills off defending shit ppl say bout Beyonce and talking bout her but then having a bitch that ppl always mention Beyonce around her. B – open wide, you will NEVER have the career of ANY Jackson. Janet & Michael are mountains ahead of you girl.

  • Mel

    Whether the songs are alike or not, Kelly’s version is way better. I’ve always hated the song “Halo,” but “Already Gone” is amazing. Besides the fact Kelly has a much better voice. There is really no comparison here.

  • Jessica

    Beyonce for the win, such the better song, anytime I hear Kelly Clarkson it’s like water-going-down-the-bathtub-drain-long, unwavering vocals with some tacky beat, I used to like her back when, but I haven’t heard a good single yet from her. I mean and compare her to Beyonce, you’re asking to lose. :)

  • Stephanie

    Those are so similar, how can anyone disagree?

    and I am the only person I know that has noticed the similarities between Rehab by Rihanna and What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake (both written by jt)…they are the same song! Sing the lyrics to one to the melody of the other and it fits perfectly. Maybe its just me :)

  • Bitchtastic

    Ouch! So similar!

  • Joanne

    This makes me realise how incestuous the music industry is … and the lack of originality. What happened to singer songwriters? Kelly’s latest CD sounds so overproduced … It’s getting hard to tell who is singing – they all sound the same.

  • Joanne

    Kelly has it in her to write her own material … screw her record company. Now that she made up with her record company and did this album to please them, she needs to do her own thing. At some point you have to break out of the box.

  • ari

    lmao. I like Beyonce’s better anyway. She is a MUCH better vocalist. And Kelly sucks live.

  • Chris

    These two songs sound so much the same you can switch back and forth seamlessly after each chorus! Of course, different people are going to put different spins on their recordings, but the basic music is the same. The songwriter should be sued, and I don’t blame Kelly for complaining. What a jerk!!!

  • Ashley H

    I dunno, I don’t really hear it, maybe I’m silly! I hear One Republic, who I love, and probably the reason I love both of these so much! I think they have very different feels, one R&B-ish, and one more pop-y.

  • CG13

    They’re very similar, but Kelly’s version is way better. I’m so excited for her to perform in the VH1 Divas show on September 17th! She’s performing with Adele, Miley Cyrus, and Leona Lewis, all AMAZING SINGERS. If you love Kelly like I do, go to and submit a story about how Kelly inspires you. GO KELLY

    • @CG13 — the inclusion of Miley Cyrus in “Divas” 09 immediately makes the show a piece of crap. Aretha Franklin was once a VH1 Diva, Miley is a joke.

  • cherrr

    @ari.. i don’t know where you heard kelly live, but I’ve def heard her & she is amazing. She’s one of the few singers these days who can actually SING, & I think its totally refreshing.

    ps. who cares if they’re the same? Halo makes me want to kill myself with a dull blade, and if Kelly can improve upon THAT in any degree I’ll take it.

  • WTF?

    For a song to “sound the same”, it would have to have very similiar MUSIC. You have to compare the songs note-for-note, not just whether there are handclaps, etc… or a similar arrangement. Since the same writer wrote the songs, it would be expected to have a similar style. Otherwise, one could argue that all of the work Timbaland does producing songs for various artists (regardless of who wrote them) “sound the same” because of what he brings to the production process is similar in vein, and therefore something of a “signature” sound that we equate with him. I mean, regardless of the song and who wrote it, you know a Pet Shop Boys production when you hear one. And conversely, you can spot a Prince, Bee Gee’s, or Carlos Santana song regardless who is singing it. So, unless someone pulls out the sheet music and compares them, it’s stupid to argue the question. Their respective producers may have arranged them similarly, simply based upon popular style, but if the notes are different, then they are different songs. I think it just goes to show how many people are actually very ignorant about the music they listen to.

  • Talitha

    a lot of my opinion.

  • Sam

    Kelly is a right bitch for even mentioning anything about this.
    Now in all of this its not Kelly or Beyonce who look the bad guys but Ryan. People get over it, yes they have a bit of similarity but only music wise. In meaning they are two completely different songs so people should respect that. Ryan IMO unlike some is the freshest and actual talented singer/songwriter out there at da moment!
    Phew-thats for Ryan and One Republic!
    P.s. I love Already Gone and Halo and gotta say HATS OFF TO RYAN!

  • It’s not kell’s fault Ryan tedder is the one that composed both songs !!! and in my oppinion Already gone is WAYYY BETTER THAN HALO !!!!!

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