Madonna Armed, Dangerous?


Whoa! Madonna made her way back home to London, England last night and stepped out on the town to reveal her pair of very sinewy arms … much to the shock and horror of anyone with eyes. OK, so mebbe they don’t look that scary but … well, yeah they do … but at 50 years old, I think it’s safe to say that Madonna is really working hard to stay physically fit — no matter how ugly it looks — but is she actually working towards her health or to her detriment?

Her punishing fitness regime is legendary, but it seems Madonna has finally pushed it too far. The 50-year-old pop star shocked onlookers as she stepped out in London last night in short-sleeved top that revealed her arms. With not an inch of fat to act as a buffer, her protruding muscles and thick bulging veins were clearly visible through her ageing and wrinkled skin. The startling sight resembled an exhibit by the controversial German anatomist Gunter Von Hagens. Madonna’s fanatic approach to exercise is well documented, complete with gruelling two-hour workouts, six days a week. But is seems her relentless pursuit of the perfect body has backfired rather spectacularly. She is also said to have undergone a range of cosmetic alterations in her quest for youthfulness. While she won’t talk the rumours – ‘I’m not against plastic surgery, I’m just against discussing it’ – she is believed to have had cheek implants among other procedures. The new A-list phenomenon, dubbed the ‘pillow face’, gives a plumped-up look, as opposed to the pinched back ‘wind tunnel’ results of a face-lift or the ‘frozen’ effects of Botox. Madonna is back in London with her children Lourdes, 12, Rocco, 8, David Banda, 3, and new addition Mercy, 4, after travelling around Europe with her Sticky And Sweet tour.

Yeesh. I love me some Madonna but this cannot be healthy … her poor arms look like they are dangerously close to being strained to the breaking point — and she’s not even carrying anything! I realize that it is the middle of Summer but she might want to invest in a few long-sleeve shirts so as not to frighten any little children that might cross her path. I keed … but not really cuz, in all honesty, these arms look pretty scary to me. I mean … right?


  • Jenn

    know who else has some mega-sinewy arms? holly hunter. and she refuses to wear sleaves either.

    as for the comment about madonna having ‘ageing and wrinkled skin’ – fuckballs the broad is nearly 51! give her a break!

  • She needs to eat a sandwich but on the other hand the flash at night is making the arms look way worse than they look usually. I mean, her arms look muscly but not like this in the trillions of candid concert photos that are out there from this period.

  • Janelle

    i know she’s scary-fit, but i wonder if maybe the pap or company did something with photoshop to make it look worse? they do it a lot to people.

  • Janelle

    I heard she’s going to start/work with others on starting a party for the republican extremists. that scares me.

  • Janelle

    ack, sorry trent! was supposed to be in the palin section :)

  • nicole

    ugh…thats gunna be a mental image for awhile.

  • Moves


  • MeG

    I think Madonna looks fab at 50! Her arms are quite telling as to how hard she works to keep her body in good shape. I think she should stick to yoga and dial down the strength training. The hard workouts probably have a lot to do with her tour but she could definately improve on her feminitity if she gave her arms a rest! I would count myself lucky to look that good at 50 though, crazy vein arms and all… shes hot!

  • Meghan

    Those do not look healthy. If the veins look like that, it’s because there is too little body fat! Eat a cookie!

  • Wow, those are scary. But her face looks great, for a 51-year old. Thanks to Botox.

  • teri

    Kudos to Madonna for being so fit because it takes a LOT of work in the gym to look like that. Especially in your 50’s! BUT…I do think she’s gone to the extreme. A little fat wouldn’t hurt – I think curves are more sexy than the chiseled look.

  • Claire

    Miss the way her arms looked when she was blowdrying her armpits in Susan…

  • robin

    fat old lady arms are less scary than this!

  • lex

    i saw her on tour last saturday,i was like 5 meters from her and i didnt see that in her arms!! Face to face, i saw her really beautyful and, of course, the show was AMAZING

  • ems412

    eew that’s disgusting

  • T

    um, so really, no one’s going to mention that fugly shirt she’s wearing…? Perhaps some photoshop wizard took pity on her ensemble and decided to reshadow the veins on her arms. I mean, look at your bicep… does it seem right that there would be a vein right in the middle there?

  • nicole

    i’d rather look like ellen degeneres at 51 – then madonna at 51.

  • Jadedkitten

    Ick Nast

  • Adri

    Lets not forget she’s been carrying around baby Mercy as well. While I am not a mommy I know my sister got extra ripped from having a new baby :) I’m just sayin’

  • Liza

    That’s so disgusting.

  • Illise

    Those arms are the result of extreme excersize and not ingesting fat, when you are not eating first the body burns all the fat and next are the muscles and yeah for the person that asked if the vein is normal yes it is we have a lot of veins in the arms my dad got pumped vein one in the hospital cause they were putting him the medicine there and it got to look like that

  • Illise

    oh and i forgot to say ewwwwwww thats gross

  • Nev

    the flashbulbs are shading those arms to the extreme…look, she is fifty, in top shape and on tour…at least she isn’t hooked on painkillers or using docters and iv’s to sleep…go on Mama!!! forget the haters!!

  • Juneh


  • jj

    Take a break from the gym woman! It’s ok to put on a little weight. She’ll look better (or at least less scary) with more meat on her.

  • Apples v 2

    her age? BS. my mother is 50, and she does not have those arms. i’d rather have my mom’s regular arms than those horrendous ones, even if my mom isn’t crazy fit like her.

  • ashley

    that is the scariest arms i ever seen

  • K

    @ashley — that is the worstest sentence i’ve ever read

  • Paranel

    Freak. And what’s up with the inflated cheeks and upper lip? This pathetic old woman is obsessed with youth and needs to get a life.

  • PixiesBassline

    I think her kissing Britney was nastier and more unhealthy :)

  • Jill

    UMMMMM her arms look like cadaver arms, and I know this firsthand from my anatomy & physiology lab! It’s not good for the body to be that low of body fat percentage for very long.

  • Blair

    she looks like she has some sort of problem, can you imagine how skinny she would look without the muscle she has built up through exercise.

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  • Did someone do some serious Photoshop work to those arms? your previous page shows Madonna with Jesus in launching his music career and while I see the resemblance, the arms still have roundness. Someone did some Photoshoping on this photo. Not buying it.

  • J

    Yet everyone thinks she is hot & beautiful. Full of wrinkles, bone & botox these days people.

  • meh

    dang that is nasty.

  • Izzy

    Totally agree with Jenn.

  • Bunny

    She looks disgusting. So sick of Madonna’s desperation to stay young. Guess what Madonaa – all the money in the world isn’t going to make you look 25 again, so give up already!!!

  • Annika

    Fake. I know her arms are muscular, but they do not look like that, especially not in person. In person she’s really tiny and her arms and skin are pretty smooth.