Joss Whedon Reveals That Alexis Denisof & Summer Glau Will Join ‘Dollhouse’


More big news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con this weekend … of particular interest to Joss Whedon fans of the Buffyverse. At yesterday’s panel discussion of Dollhouse, Joss dished a bit about what we can expect from season 2 and spilled the beans that two Buffyverse alums will be joining the show next season. As was previously reported, there was word that Summer Glau (ex-Firefly, Serenity) would be joining the cast since her FOX TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canceled … at yeasterday’s panel, Joss confirmed that Summer will, indeed, be joining the cast in some capacity. BUT, in somewhat surprising news, Joss also revealed that Alexis Denisof (ex-Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) will also be joining the cast in some capacity. The Buffyverse takes care of it’s own, y’all! This is amazingly AMAZING news!!

Proof that it pays to come to Comic-Con: On Friday, rabid Joss Whedon fans got to see an unaired 13th episode of Dollhouse that takes place 10 years into the future. Positioned as a veritable road map for the fledgling series, the episode tries to address the apocalyptic outcome of the Dollhouse world – i.e., what happens when too many memories are wiped and everyone becomes, well, zombies. Shot on video for about $1 million less than what a typical episode costs, according to one source, the episode features mostly new characters discovering a deserted dollhouse, but Eliza Dushku’s beloved Echo makes a cameo appearance. Sound confusing? Well, relax — it’s not going to air and potentially upset the show’s mojo (though it will be included in the Dollhouse DVD). But Whedon did promise this to his fans at Comic-Con:

“We intend to honor what you saw here.” That’s true: Moving forward, Whedon plans to save Fox some cash by only shooting Dollhouse on video (trust us, it still looks good). Here are some other promises for season two: Angel alum Alexis Denisof and The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Summer Glau will make appearances. And Whedon will “continue to deal with the abuse of power and what it brings out in the characters.” That prompted one fan to inquire about Whedon’s obsession with big corporations. “Have you been in America?” Whedon replied. “I consider myself a great documentarian… There is power and manipulation [everywhere]. That’s why I like this show so much.”

WOOOT! and HOLY SHIZZ!! This really is great news. Because it was a struggle just to get Dollhouse renewed for a second season (as it stand, it only got renewed for a short second season) it makes sense that Whedon would want to pull out all the stops in order to help keep the show going … but he always does things on his terms. I have the utmost confidence that Joss Whedon will take Dollhouse to new heights. The show is just good, it’s really just a matter of getting people to see it. It is my opinion that exiling the show to Friday nights is not the way to get people on board but that decision is on FOX. In any event, I am SO excited to see where season 2 of Dollhouse takes us … with Summer and Alexis making appearances on the show, it’s bound to kick all ass. Where my Buffyverse peeps at?! Isn’t this amazing news??


  • Court

    AWESOME!!!! Im soooo ready for the next season of Dollhouse! When does it return?

  • Bleeding Ears

    I’m shitting my pants in glee. This is most awesome news!

  • Shaniqua

    I haven’t watched Dollhouse yet, but I’ll have to tune in to see Wesley :o


  • Heather

    They are adding Alexis?!?!? YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I just finished watching Firefly for the first time so I’m a little excited about Summer. BUt ALEXIS?!?!? HELL YEAH!!! He’s beautiful!!!

  • jaded

    Yay! I’m excited. I was crossing my fingers that it would get picked up. Now that it has been everyone is required to watch so that I don’t have to go through the stress of another great Joss Show getting cancelled before it’s time.

  • Janelle

    Joss rocks my socks off!

  • Amanda

    Anything Joss does will amaze me. I love him.

  • Hannah

    Exciting news. I love that Joss supports the talented actors he uses and gives them more exposure and jobs.

  • Chivonne

    Dollhouse is so freaking amazing !! I’m so excited right now

  • Beth

    I totally agree about the time slot thing. It’s a great show, but even I sometimes have to watch it on Hulu because it’s on Friday night. Maybe someday Fox will catch on…

  • Sarah

    Someone told me to give Dollhouse a chance. I wish HULU had the complete season 1 up so I can see if I need to settle down on Fridays to watch. I am a Bufyverse nerd but the first episode left me a little distracted but my friends are insistent that the show gets better from the pilot.

  • J

    P.O. – Terminator is a much better show than Dollhouse. I mean i don’t even know HOW Dollhouse is on the air. Whatever her name is from Dollhouse can’t make a show live really.

    Without the petition to keep it on air, Dollhouse would still be axed.
    Terminator actually has great acting & such great action scenes for a TV show. If its survived 2 (or 3) seasons, a petition could keep that in for another at least.

  • Nick

    July 25th, 2009 at 8:11 am 1
    I would be happy to see Summer on any show any time! She is the most ‘unique’ looking beauty that’s come along in a while.
    At first glance the “Dollhouse” premise did not draw me in but I should have known better. Anything Joss Whedon touches is golden. It’s a great show and continues to get better.
    Please bring Summer onboard!