Jude Law Laughs Off His ‘Paparazzi Incident’


Yesterday we saw photos of Jude Law involved in a run-in with a female paparazzo in London, England this week that seem to show him intentionally whacking the photog on the back of the head (at least, that’s how the photos look to me). Today we get to see new photos of Jude emerging from the Donmar Warehouse Theatre after his performance of Hamlet last night as he was confronted by a group of angry photogs taunting him with newspapers that reported on his earlier run-in with that female pap. Undaunted, Jude just laughed off his accusers and continued on his merry way:

As far as I know, Jude did not take the bait and did not lay his hands on any of the paps last night … clearly, homie learned his lesson. I still contend that it is never right for anyone to physically put their hands in an aggressive manner on any other person … but being confronted like this really appears to be a bit much. Good on Jude for acting like an adult and just laughing off the incident. Here’s hoping he stays out of trubs from here on out ;)

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Daphne

    The scummy London paps make their living off him. They don’t just take photos from a decent distance. They get into his face and hassle him constantly, like they’re doing here. No wonder Jude hates them. Sure he’s got to tolerate them because he’s famous, but they’ve got to accept that when they get into his face and invade his space, his reaction is to shove them out of the way like he did with that lowlife chick who’s now milking it for her 2 minutes of fame. It was obviously accidental. If they get hurt, tough. That’s the price of stalking people for a living. If they don’t want to do that, then get a real job.

    BTW I saw Jude do Hamlet. What a fantastic masterful performance.

  • Anna

    That woman was too close to him if he could hit her that easily. She should have kept her distance. Also she says he hit her in the face when it’s obvious from the photo is was the back of her head!

  • Bella

    It looks like an accident, to me. They are too close, cameras flashing and he probably only took his hand up to avoid being blinded. The way the paparazzis work… I don’t believe a word they say!

  • Trey

    I like what the guy at WWTDD said about the “failing” thing… because when the sun blinds me I blindly fling out my hands to the outside of my body? Erm, no, I shield my eyes.

    Also, Pink Blog Lady, if you too agree that it looks like he’s deliberately hitting her then it’s not appropriate adult behavior to laugh it off. Should Chris Brown have laughed off Rhianna too? Appropriate behavior might be: apology, being sad/downy, or simply refusing to comment about a possible legal matter. Laughing it off is appropriate if he didn’t mean to hit terrible pap lady. His excuse sucks because it’s not even logical. You don’t hold your hands out to their maximum length to block light.

    Also, for the haters, I agree with you that the paps suck and were probably too close and possibly even taunting him. Personally, they need to get some mothereffin LAWS on the books about how far away they can stand and what they can mouth at you. Especially when your kids are there. However, somebody being a dick is NO excuse to hit them. Otherwise we’d be smacking people left and right… and likely getting a few potshots ourselves ;p