Jermaine Jackson Reveals That Michael Jackson COULD’VE Fathered A Secret Son


Jermaine Jackson is talking these days about the possibility that Michael Jackson might’ve fathered a secret son after a one-night stand in the 80’s. After Omer Bhatti, the boy long ago claimed to be MJ’s “secret son”, was photographed seated next to the Jackson family at Michael Jackson’s memorial service earlier this month, the subject of the young man’s paternity began to take on new meaning. If Omer was not related to MJ, why was he seated next to MJ’s sisters Rebbie and Janet Jackson in the front row of the service with the rest of the Jackson family? Jermaine does confess that he does not know for sure if Omer Bhatti is MJ’s son but he does insist that if it is proven that he is, Omer will be welcomed into the family and will be treated with “the same love and care [given to] Prince and Paris and Blanket”. Here is a pic of Jermaine answering these tough questions in London, England this week along with photos of Omer Bhatti when he was a child and at MJ’s memorial service with the Jackson family:

Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine has vowed to welcome Omer Bhatti into the Jackson clan if he proves to be the singer’s fourth child. The 25-year-old Norwegian rapper sat in the front row with the Jackson family at the singer’s memorial service in Los Angeles two weeks ago. Jermaine Jackson said he wasn’t yet sure whether Omer, said to have been the result of a one-night stand, was his brother’s son. But if he was a Jackson, he would be treated exactly the same as Michael’s three younger children, he said. “If Omer’s his son, he’s his son,” Jermaine declared yesterday. “We won’t deny it. We are going to give him the same love and care that we give Prince and Paris and Blanket. I can’t clearly say if he is Michael’s but I saw this kid around him.” Jermaine said Omer, who as a child looked remarkably like Jackson’s seven-year-old son Blanket, was moved to the family seats at the memorial service by Jackson’s eldest sister Rebbie. She wanted him closer to their mother, Katherine. “My sister went and got him during the service and got him to sit closer to my mother,” Jermaine said.

Omer is said to be seeking a DNA test to find out whether Jackson was his father. In dark sunglasses and a black suit, he looked just like a member of the family as he bowed his head while listening to tributes to the King of Pop at the July 7 service. His appearance at the memorial and his physical similarities to Blanket, has fueled speculation that he is the son of the legendary star. Omer has remained in LA since Michael’s death and has been playing with the Jackson children at the family compound in Encino, California. If he is a Jackson, Omer would be the oldest of Michael’s four children, joining Prince Michael, 12, Paris Michael, 11, and Blanket (Prince Michael II) seven. The Thriller singer reportedly told close friends several years ago that he fathered Omer after a one-night stand with a Norwegian fan in 1984.

HMMMM … interesting. I am of a mind that where there’s smoke, there’s fire. We’ve been hearing about Omer Bhatti for many, many years but nothing has ever been proven. The fact that he was seated WITH the Jackson family at the memorial service and Jermaine will not rule out that he’s not MJ’s son seems to smell a lot like he actually is MJ’s secret son. You may recall that earlier this week we heard from Star magazine that Pia Bhatti, Omer’s mother, is rumored to be the biological mother of MJ’s son Prince Michael Joesph Jackson, II a.k.a. Blanket … it would make sense that MJ would go to her to mother a child if they already shared a child together. Whether or not that report is true has NO bearing on the paternity of Omer Bhatti. It would be pretty stunning if we learned definitively, after all these years, that MJ had been a father since 1984! What do ya’ll think … could Omer Bhatti be MJ’s secret son?


  • shannon

    I think that if Omer is Michael’s biological son he should volunteer to a paternity test to determine if he shares any DNA with the rest of the Jackson family. It’s the only way to be sure. It also seems like some in the Jackson family also want closure on the matter.

  • nicole

    he looks like he could have some jackson blood in him.

  • Ernie

    Seems odd though. As into kids as he was he wouldn’t have this kid -his alleged son- be a public part of his life? But – he was a strange guy so…..

  • Jstar

    Stranger things have happened…

  • Meg

    @Ernie–seems like a possibility to me. I’m not a Michael Jackson fan, but I can’t help but read all the drama surrounding his death and his children. One article said that his kids were fathered by donated sperm because MJ was ashamed of his own DNA…something about hating his father. If Omer was his own biological child, he could have kept him at arm’s length for that reason.

  • Ingrid

    Isn’t it ironic that Michael used the alias of Omar for his prescriptions???? Just sayin…

  • Krissy

    I think that he looks like Michael in his later years…but not Michael as he was biologically born. I think if he really was Michael’s son, he would look more like Barack Obama(jsut as an example), not like Michael after bleaching his skin and tons of surgery. Just because Michael was close with this child doesn’t really say anything. Michael was close to a lot of kids he wasn’t related to.

  • Aaron

    Remember Janet was married for 9 or 10 years to that Rene dude and nobody knew…The two most famous Jacksons are good at keeping things secret!

  • Tracie

    Krissy, there’s been biracial kids who are the products of a white and black couple who look totally white, or totally black. I’m sure it’s the same with other biracial couplings as well, but we hear more about this particular one. There’s been cases (note the “s”, it’s not just a one off) of twins where one child looks 100% black while the other looks 100% white. So he wouldn’t necessarily look like Obama.

  • Robin

    sounds like the lyrics to billie jean!

  • nicole

    @ Krissy – when it comes to mixed kids anything is possible – just think of the girl from big brother last year (libra i think) she gave birth to twins and one was completely white and the other was black.

  • danielthegreat

    um, am i the one that thinks that this Omer character is pretty damn sexy…the hottest jackson yet if true…

  • egle

    can you imagine michael having one night stand… He was not that kind of man. The man was too shy for such thing, I think. I do not believe that this kid could be MJ’s.

    • @egle — You do have a point but, I can also imagine Michael getting pressured into doing something he didn’t want to do by his father. It’s a stretch but my guess is that the Jackson family knows something … they’re very welcoming to that boy.

  • Krissy

    I see everyone’s point, but it isn’t just the skin tone. I just think in facial features, he doesn’t resemble Michael at all they way he really looked before surgery.

    As for the family, I think they are welcoming because he is talented and they are exploitationists (at least the father).

    I also agree with egle that I don’t see Michael having a one night stand. Somethings just don’t work unless you are really into it sincerely….I can’t see getting pressured from your Dad helping a romatic encounter, if you know what I mean.

  • kate

    I think it’s about damned time someone gave Blanket a real name. Michael’s dead – now they can call him something that isn’t entirely and completely insulting and ridiculous. Call him Prince, call him Michael, call him anything that’s an actual name.

    • @kate — MJ’s eldest son already has the name Prince and Michael, since Blanket is a II then he’ll prolly stay Blanket for all time.

  • Andrea

    I think they’re welcoming because Michael treated Omer like a son, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he IS his son, just good friends. Michael had a lot of friends that were children. I definitely cannot see Michael doing something like that and definitely can’t see his father pressuring him. I just don’t think Michael would let himself be manipulated into having a one night stand, no matter how scared of his father he was. And especially at the point he was in his career, his father wasn’t in charge anymore.
    He was a very shy person. It was so embarassing for him just TALKING about sex even in his 40s, imagine him just being careless and having a one night stand.

    By the way, how is “Blanket” insulting and ridiculous? It’s the nickname Michael gave him and there’s a meaning behind it, and I’m sure Blanket doesn’t mind. I’ve read worse names.

  • Robin- I thought the same thing!

    He does resemble him.

  • I think he could be his son. I’ve seen some videos of him on YouTube and he resembles MJ in some parts…a lot! Also, people have to understand that he’s not gonna look EXACTLY like MJ because the guy’s half Norwegian. If it turns out to be that he is his son, good for him. I’ll be happy that he is his son. I hope he inherited the musical genes of the man I’ll remember forever as the greatest:) That’s my $.02!

  • Posh

    I believe he could be Michael’s son he does resemble him to some extent, (imo). The fact that the family has embraced him the way they have, makes you wonder, Michael was close to a lot of children but how many of them have been embraced by his immediate family, if anyone has the People Mag tribute book there is a family portrait of the Jacksons and Omar is among them and holding Blanket, that might not mean much but like I said it makes you wonder, there has to be a reason he is so close to the family.

  • Marianne

    Seriously this is the kind of tabloid crap that sent Michael to his grave early. His whole life was surrounded by the media making false claims about him and as usual people hear it and they think its the gospel. This Omer is not his son. This is ridiculous.

  • Rita

    I think that Omer is Blanket’s brother and could very well be Michael’s son. He has the talent and the looks and Joe Jackson said Blanket also can dance. It’s in the genes. I hope Omer is MJ’s son and also hope that Blanket has a brother and that MJ left us a part of him.

    I also found it odd that MJ used the name Omar as an alias. The lyrics to Billy Jean are OMG dead on. I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all.

  • i think that omer is not the son of michael jackson i think that they were close friends but not son and father i think he just have three chrildren and thats paris,prince,blanket i feel like its just a fan that really like michael jackson like i do i could be his sercetly, son but than not