First Look: Madonna, ‘Celebration’


On Tuesday we got our first tiny tease of the new promo materials for Madonna’s new 2-disc greatest hits album titled Celebration and today we get our first look at the cover artwork for the package. As you may recall, on Tuesday we saw two short teaser video clips that featured Andy Warhol-like graphics and today we learn that the official album artwork for Madonna’s new greatest hits package features the same theme. Here is her new album artwork long with the press release for Celebration:

Madonna, who has racked up a record 37 top 10 hits as well as seven No. 1 albums (including her last four) on the Billboard Pop Charts, has given her fans yet another opportunity to “celebrate” her musical achievements. Today, Warner Bros. Records officially confirmed the September 28th release in the U.S. (September 29 outside U.S.) of “CELEBRATION” – the ultimate compilation of Madonna songs. The songs on “Celebration” have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans. They cover the expanse of the Material Girl’s extraordinary career of hits including “Everybody,” “Express Yourself,” “Vogue” and “4 Minutes.” “Celebration” will be available in a two-CD set as well as a single CD. There will also be a “Celebration” DVD released simultaneously which includes the video visionary’s best videos including several that have never before been available on DVD. “Celebration,” the CD will also include two new songs that were recently recorded in New York City. The first single, also titled, “Celebration,” co-produced by Madonna and Paul Oakenfold, will be released August 3rd. A video for the single, which will be included on the “Celebration” DVD was just filmed in Milan, Italy and was directed by long time Madonna collaborator Jonas (“Ray of Light”) Akerlund. Several dance club remixes of “Celebration” are already headed to the clubs. The song will also be available on CD and vinyl maxi. Radio will receive the “Celebration” single on August 3rd. The cover for “Celebration” was created by street pop artist “Mr. Brainwash” who is best known for “throwing modern cultural icons into a blender and turning it up to eleven.” Madonna, a multi Grammy award winning singer, writer and producer has had over 12 No. 1 singles and has a record-smashing 39 No. 1 singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs Chart – by far the most of any artist in the over 30 year history of the list.

Okay … so the cover art is pretty cool but I’m not sure I’m feelin’ the scowl on Maddy’s face. She looks disgusted, not celebratory. In any regard, it’s a very striking cover and I’m sure it’ll do well with fans. I’m bummed to learn that there are only 2 new songs on the disc rather than the 3 we’ve been hearing about. Now that we know what’s in store, we can better judge whether or not this 2-disc greatest hits package is worth picking up. So … who’s buying?

[Source, thanks Kevin]

  • Maddie

    Ok.. so whose over Madonna?! I know I am..she has run her course.

  • toast

    i’m not gonna buy this if it only has 3 songs..i’m not falling for that “re-packaging” that record companies think will sell

    andy a re-hash
    those teasers were so freakin fast i don’t know what happened
    it looks nice but i’m not “wow”

    come on i know she has something new up her sleeve that she is hiding
    the album release after this will be insane
    tradgedy brings creativity
    get to work MADGE!

  • toast

    typo- tragedy (not affiliated with the bee gees)

  • Marvin

    Its the singel artwoek not the ALBUM!

  • Paranel

    She looks really ugly in that cover photo. She sounded like Minnie Mouse and would open her legs every chance she got, was vulgar , rude and always naked. A piece of white trash. How on earth she got famous in the first place I never know.

  • NikT22

    Looking forward to having the songs remastered! They will sound better on my iPod for sure!

    That is indeed the album artwork, Madonna’s website has posted it as well.

    I hope there’s a CD/DVD Package we can get.

    Let’s Celebrate! YAY!

  • Whitney

    I’m looking forward to this!! A lot of her older material (especially the LAP songs) desperately need to be re-mastered. However, I think Christina Aguilera is going to be miffed because she was planning to do a Warhol inspired theme for her next album as well.

  • Donoso

    I suppose that the cover is fitting. It is most likely the most excitement that she can muster up for having to release one more album before she can move on from her contract with Warner.

    Regardless, it’s the music that I am going to be celebrating, not her mug.

  • JaYmes

    Trent I absolutly love your website and been a big supporter of everything you do for years, And your Awesome Reviews!! When you see these unfair comments can you delete them?
    Hey quick question Do you have any favorite apps for your iphone? I just bought the new 3gs!! xoxo

    • @JaYmes — comments that are overtly offensive, derrogatory, misogynistic, racist and/or homophobic are deleted. i have A LOT of fave iPhone apps … depending on what you need, you’ll find the ones right for you :)

  • As long as they are the original album versions of her classics or perhaps single edits. I was (am) irritated that the Immaculate Collection had a bunch of remixed crap on it. Now she needs to re-release her classics since they’ve been re-mastered too! Love her first few albums!

  • Ram

    I think its a great cover. Its a classic shot from Bazzar magazine shot by a famous photog. Its like the Immaculate Collection she only had 2 new songs. Justify My Love and Rescue Me.

  • Fan

    I love Madonna!! I think she’s fabulous. The album cover is new and exciting; not some fake pose. The new song rocks! Can’t wait to get my hands on the cd and dvd!

  • @bosie — LOL. I love how you use quotes as if Mariah and Whitney are fake names. And to answer your question, I didn’t know I gave a “music review” in this post so I’m not sure what exactly you’re talking about.