Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ Releases A Teaser Trailer


OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! After seeing a few AMAZING promo pics from the forthcoming Tim Burton film Alice In Wonderland, which is due out in theaters next Spring, today we get our FIRST LOOK at the first video footage from the film. This teaser video will be shown at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA this weekend but we get to check it out right now:

Folks, this isn’t just a short 5 second tease … it’s a full minute and a half of AMAZING footage from the film!!! After the jump, check out this FIRST LOOK at Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland

I’m dying!! DYING!! It looks so good … this movie will rule, I just know it. I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!! What do y’all think … do you love it?

UPDATE: The idiots at Disney are taking down the trailer all over the web because, clearly, they are morons hoping to anger fans as quickly as possible. I’ve reposted the video above but head on over to Gawker HERE to watch the trailer if it gets removed again … while you still can.


  • Kristen

    Trent, I am right there with you! I cannot wait for the movie to be released. May have to dust off the old copy of the book and read it just for kicks before the movie

  • Christina

    LOOKS SOOOO GOOD!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Meghan

    Yay!!! Looks awesome!! I can’t wait!

  • CB

    I CAN NOT wait for this movie!!! The trailer gave me goosebumps!

  • Denise

    honestly I have never been the biggest Tim Burton fan but this looks amazing!

  • nicole

    im sooooooo excited!!! i love when burton & depp get together!

  • Shannon

    Heck yes Im excited nowwwww!!!

  • oh yes… i absolutely. love. it.

    LOVE. IT.

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  • Mela

    I’m so excited that we get this in 3D!!!

  • Kendra

    I’m in agreeance with everyone here! SO EXCITED!!

  • Nah! I love Tim Burton, but this isn’t dark enough for me.

    I’m holding out for Marilyn Manson’s version. Phantasmagoria.

  • OMG!!!! I THINK THIS LOOKS FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!!!!! I LOVE Johnny and Tim Burton…they make the best movies!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Brenda

    Holy Shizz I didn’t realize it’d be in 3D!!! Totally awesome and soooo excited. OMFG!!

  • Johnny Depp makes everything better.

  • nae

    can’t wait! =]

  • Brittany

    That looks twisted, sinister and very Burton-esque. I LOVE IT!! I can not wait to see it!!

  • Ashley

    OMG…I’ve been waiting well over a year for this trailer, and it was SO worth the wait!

  • Janelle


  • Jessica

    i love the color of the Cheshire cat’s eyess, super excited

  • Me

    Burton and Depp together haven’t disappointed me yet…I expect this will be exactly as all their other movies…AMAZING!!!!

  • Trent. OMG. I already loved you but now I HEART YOU FOREVER for bringing us this unexpected preview. I can hardly wait until the movie comes out!!!

  • shannon

    Fuck. Yes. I WILL be seeing this on Opening night. Hell, if they’re doing 3-D midnight screenings I will have to be there as well.

  • Christine

    am I the only one who thinks tim burton is annoying

  • tasya

    Can’t WAIT for this!

  • M3

    I don’t normally get excited for movie openings but for this, I’m super excited!!! I’ll be at the first 3D screening at whatever time it is.

  • Ashley N.

    Haha! Trent I have to say that your reaction is both precious and contagious. Now I am excited!

  • CantWait!!!

    @Christine Yes.

  • Tracy

    Omg. I am BEYOND excited. I will be seeing this FOR SURE.

  • Melissa

    OMG! I can’t wait to see this! It is going to be awesome! Of course, anything is good when Johnny Depp is in it!!!

  • I’m not a big Alice in Wonderland fan, but this looks incredible. Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are a winning team. I can’t wait.

  • ju-ju-bean


  • alexggb


  • Dana


  • Sharlyn

    Wow I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a movie!! It looks awesome…Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are one of the greatest movie-making teams in existence. Thank you so much for putting this up, Trent!

  • Leah

    EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp! I’m super excited for this and I usually don’t get too excited for movies! Reminds me in a tiny way of the Princess Bride, I guess just the fantasy of it!

  • MaxFever

    I’m so excited for this movie. But this trailer has me a bit worried. I know everyone loves Johnny Depp, especially as the Mad Hatter, but this story isn’t about the Mad Hatter; it’s about Alice. That trailer had a little too much emphasis on JD in my opinion.
    But regardless, I’m still going to see this opening day!

  • MJS

    I wonder if Tim Burton got the hair idea from Carrot Top?

  • Corey

    NOOOOO! It’s gone!!! wah :( I could cry.

  • nanu

    OMG, I must have been the last person to watch it. The video is gone, from everywhere!! :( It looks incredible!

  • Rome

    Sorry, not impressed.

  • Corey

    SQQQUUUUEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLL!! Oh my gosh! I’m so excited!

  • Shellie

    omgomgomg bring it on!! canNOT wait to see it!!

  • kellye

    I can’t see it. It says “unsupported format” underneath the video. Any idea what the problem could be?

  • _M_

    I just wet my fucking pants. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burton + Depp = pure genius. I swear the two of them should just have babies so we could forever be graced with their awesomeness. Cannot wait!!!!!

  • Chivonne


  • Bee

    It’s annoying to watch this without Ville Valo in it…sorry. It’s never too late!

  • Renee

    Crap it says unsupported format for me too.

  • Virginia

    Unsupported for me as well. I can’t even watch it in hidef thru the link. :( boooo! I wanna see the goodies!

  • Jaime


  • Sara

    Yeah, someone posted it on Youtube like 3 hrs ago because I guess Disney had it blocked from IGN. I don’t think it will be up long…


  • Bitchtastic


  • Illise

    Sorry but nothing big and nhis movies lately just freak me out i mean i loved beatlejuice but he is running the thin line between fantasy and plain horror he already ruined for me Charlie in the Chocolate Factory
    besides helena disgust me im sorry but that woman is so ugly and here looks even worst

  • Erica

    @ Bitchtastic – yes…he does….it’s that creepy gap teeth & pale as a ghost thing…….

    yet…I LOVE HIM & I love this trailer…the movie is going to be so AMAZING! I also loveee that from what we heard – he gets to speak in pretty much his normal voice (which is uber sexy) and soo much a step up of Willy Wonka.

    Tim Burton is brillz in about 83775683 million ways.

    @ IIIise – that’s Tim’s style…he tip toes on the line of fantasy/horror/insanity. It’s always dark and sinnister yet unbelievably amazing.

  • Jenna1014

    why has no one commented that Johnny Depp’s character looks like Elijah Wood. FREAKY!!!!

  • Jeni

    @Jenna1014 I was just about to post that! Everytime I see him in the mad hatter get up I think it’s Elijah Wood!

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  • Fashionista


  • Oh dear lord, I might just die from excitement.

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