‘Iron Man 2’ Releases New Promo Movie Stills


Last week we got our first look at Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the new film Iron Man 2 (due out in theaters next Spring) and today we get to check out another new photo of Scarlett as Romanoff along with new promo pics of the other characters in Iron Man 2 … including Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts, Don Cheadle as Col. James Rhodey Rhodes and Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer. Here are the new promo pics along with some info on Iron Man 2’s presence at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA this weekend:

Mickey Rourke’s screams fill the empty basin of the Los Angeles River and spill into the midnight air. He’s having trouble with his Russian accent, which is turning the intended line from the Iron Man 2 script — “until you’ve lost everything” — into “Until you’ve lost every ting.” And the off-camera epithets are flying. After a half-dozen takes, he nails it. As he does after many scenes, Rourke beckons to his personal assistant — a round, unkempt guy known on set as “Superbad” because of his resemblance to actor Jonah Hill— who lights a smoke and puts it between Rourke’s lips. “Damn,” Rourke mutters, settling into a director’s chair. “That’s a tricky accent. But I wanted to be more than a one-note villain. That might have worked in the old comic-book movies, but not now. Not with these fans.” By “these” fans, Rourke means the 125,000 who will be awaiting him and dozens of other stars, filmmakers and TV producers who dare peddle their wares at Comic-Con, the nation’s largest convention of pop-culture junkies and self-proclaimed superhero nerds. The convention, which kicks off Wednesday night at the San Diego Convention Center, has become kind of an American Idol-style tryout for Hollywood. Since 2001, when 20th Century Fox trotted out its cast for X-Men, studios and networks have tried to dazzle the Twittering YouTube generation with celebrity glad-handing, sneak peeks and panel discussions. Of course, bringing your product to Comic-Con can be like singing for a room full of Simon Cowells. “This is about the toughest group there is to impress,” says Robert Downey Jr., reprising his role as playboy superhero Tony Stark. “They’re watching your footage, every one of them waiting to Twitter whether you suck.” … “You can’t underestimate how powerful this group is,” Favreau says. “It’s an unlimited press corps, all of them knowing how to communicate in a digital age. The geeks have inherited the Earth, and that’s good news for us.”

The raucous festivities at Comic-Con get underway tonight and will carry forth into the weekend. I have to say, as much fun as the superhero/sci-fi lovefest sounds I cannot, for the life of me, imagine that I would not have my head explode if I indulged. I never had the chance to attend Comic-Con when it wasn’t such a big deal … now that it’s the biggest deal ever, I can’t say that I have any interest in throwing myself into the fray. I’m sure that the legions of fans who are making their way to SD right now (and over the coming days) will have a blast … I will be just happy to watch from afar … and by “afar” I mean right here at home ;)


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  • Ama

    My eldest brother draws comics, well at the moment, he only has his art published in a children’s book, but you gotta start somewhere right? XD

    Anyways, he has always gone to the comic con, before it was big and even now. Its a good chance to meet your favorite artist and celebrities( I know Billy from Good Charlotte has a booth there, as has had one for the past few years)

    I believe the cast from Twilight(er..new moon) will be there again this year too. But jeez, its SUPER busy.so crowded , I think you have to take baby steps to get through the place it is held >.<

    But its very entertaining too, they add more stuff, the more popular the event becomes.

    Though I think i’ll stick to my Anime cons , the smaller ones anyways XD Did this post make any sense? because lol I’m still a tad bit asleep right now. Ignore my ramblings


    Why is Pepper’s hair blonde? Wasn’t it like, Scarlett’s hair color (in these pictures) in the last movie?

  • Jazz

    Woohoo! I’m still hanging out to see this!

  • Robert Downey, Jr. is so totally HOT!