Kevin Federline To Get His Own TV Show?


Hold on to your lunches, y’all … word on the street is that Kevin Federline — washed up white rapper, Britney Spears’s moochy ex-husband and father of her children — is reportedly close to getting his own reality TV series that would feature The Federline and his new ladyfriend Victoria Prince doing whatever the hell it is that they do. I’m not sure that there is really much of a market for a show featuring two mooches living off the alimony paid out by one of the most famous pop stars on the planet but … I’m sure someone is interested … are you?

Words on the block, Kevin Federline will revisit the reality show world. The ex-husband of Britney Spears, who did “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic” in 2005 with the pop star, reportedly is on the verge of signing a deal to star in a new show. Furthermore, E! News shared that Kevin’s girlfriend, Victoria Prince, as well as his two sons with Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James, will be joining him on the show. “Victoria is a big part of the series,” a source informed E!. “They are not engaged, but she lives with him full-time in his place in Encino.” Victoria is an ex AVP volleyball player who is taking graduate classes in communication online. “Victoria actually quit her entry-level job at Fox Sports in L.A. after meeting Kevin,” the source added. “She’s considering returning to volleyball, but isn’t sure.” Britney, allegedly, has given her seal of approval for her. “They had a meeting face-to-face, when Victoria was home alone with the kids. It was awkward, but Britney was nice,” the source continued. There has been no name, network or confirmation about the reality show yet. However, E! said that VH1 is likely to be the one picking up the series.

Gross. Not only is K-Fed trying to make a career on Britney’s coattails but now Vicky P. is trying to cash in on the coattails of K-Fed. I can’t think of a more pathetic attempt for fame. On the one hand, I suppose that with this new show comes the hope that K-Fed would actually start making his own money to take care of his children … on the other hand, methinks he’ll do everything he can to try and exploit those kids for his own show. I can tell you right now, this is NOT a show that I have ANY interest in watching … I mean, seriously … would any of y’all watch this garbage?


  • Jo

    Ugh. Like he’s not getting enough from Britney as it is, he has to whore her children out as well? I hope that Britney and her camp put a stop to this.

  • Denise

    No way should those children be on that show.

  • should we really continue to call V.P. his new ladyfriend?? they’ve been dating for at least 6 months… and she’s traveling the world with him.

    Either way, I won’t be watching this show.

    keep up the fantastical blogging@!

  • Janelle

    trent, you rock!

  • I may watch it periodically just to watch him getting steadily larger. Maybe they should call the show “The Biggest Moocher”.

  • Krissy

    I don’t really see how this is any less “pathetic” than Chaotic. But then again I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to be on a reality show.

  • QT

    /\ Because he’s using his kids yet again to cash in! Chaotic was personal home movies. It was a bad idea, you think Well-Fed would’ve learned his lesson!

    Melissa 6 months still sounds new to me. What should he call her?? His longtime love?

    These 2 can do whatever, just keep the babies out of it. But I love how his poor kids are not even mentioned.

  • debho

    Why would any TV production company think that people would be even mildy entertained by this bloke? And his girlfriend, who I’ve never heard of. Also, I doubt Britney would allow her kids to be on a show like this…at least, I expect her parents would have something to say about him exhibiting them on TV like that.

  • nae

    ugh. i sure hope that this doesn’t go through. what a joke!

  • susan0676

    The only thing interesting about this perspective reality show would be to witness K-Fat’s expanding waistline. To see him waddle to the fridge for more food, or another beer, while him and his lady friend bum around the house pretending to parent his children. Mesmerizing stuff indeed LOL!

  • MeG

    If he was offered a reality show, it doesn’t surprise me all that much; he fits the description of a trashy reality star perfectly.The fact that this hanger-on is still being talked about in some sort of relevance blows my mind. I do however find it hard to believe that a network would take a chance on K-Fed Well and his totally unknown gf.


    EW! This better not happen! There’s no way Britney would ever agree for her sons to be on the show, I think. Boo!

  • Grace

    You would have to put a gun to my head to get me to watch this show.

  • Tracy

    No. I don’t like vomiting so I’ll avoid the show.

  • jen

    Chaotic made sense because Britney was involved. Why on earth would anyone be interested in K-Fed and his non-celeb girlfriend?? Without Brit, he’s just a regular douche.

    I’m not a Britney fan, but I feel really bad for her. So many people are riding on her coattails.

  • Nix

    I can’t stand K-Fed….
    But those boys are so adorable, if they are on the show I might watch from time to time just to see them be adorable. Isn’t TIVO made so you can fast forward whenever the he or she leeches are talking??

  • B

    He is such a turd.

  • jill

    Won’t watch. Not for a second. What is the focus of the show? Look at Britney’s cute kids? Two losers who are leeching off her and who do nothing at all…. there is nothing there worth watching. Gross.

  • Catherine

    I hate to be the person who says this because I am not a K-Fed fan whatsoever, but these words everyone keeps using are pretty harsh. Lest we forget K-Fed did take full custody of their kids when Brit went through her mental/emotional probs and even let them visit her out of her allowed time, declared by the courts. That being said, I <3 Brit and couldn’t stand to watch Chaotic because it made my opinion of Brit go down. Why would I want to watch essentially the same show without the icon?

  • OH again Boring show..

  • Christie

    ughhhhh…………i hope brit can stop the show she should be able to say she doesn’t want her kids on there……wtf are going to watch him do anyways….eat??? thats just freakin gross….

  • mistyblue

    Why is it that we never see him with his older kids? Is it because Shar Jackson doesn’t have the money Britney has? Why is he only planning on including his sons with Britney on his show?

  • SCC

    I’m gonna say something really unpopular…I don’t think K. Fed is that bad. I’m a big believer that no one knows what happens in a relationship except for the two people in it. Kevin seems to really love his family, he’s never spoken badly about Britney, I always thought they were trashy but cute together, and he stepped in to take care of his kids when Britney couldn’t. If he gets a reality TV show I don’t know if I’d watch, but sometimes I wish the K. Fed bashing would stop. I don’t think he’s such a terrible guy.

  • Michelle

    Will it be a show about an unemployed baby daddy who lives off his alimony and wives talent? And will it also be about how to lose the 25lbs of weight you’ve added since your dancing/rapping/acting career tanked?! Because MAYBE, just maybe I would consider watching that… for like a minute…