Will Paula Abdul Keep Her Job On ‘American Idol’?


Last week, extraordinary news broke that American Idol host Ryan Seacrest signed a deal worth $45 million dollars to remain on the show for the next 3 seasons … and that news came after news that mean judge Simon Cowell would be getting in excess of $100 million to remain on the show. This weekend, word began to swirl that nice judge Paula Abdul is still without a contract to return to the show. Apparently, Paula wants more money to come back to AI and producers are balking at paying her what she wants … which means she might not get to keep her job. As a result, fans took to Twitter to voice their support of Ms. Abdul … and Paula has responded to fans on her official Twitter profile by thanking them for their support:

Since Friday’s news, first reported here on the Idoltracker, of judge Paula Abdul’s unhappiness with the pace, or nonpace, of negotiations to renew her “Idol” contract, a brushfire has been sweeping the Web. Using the hashtag #keeppaula, fans have been wildly tweeting on Twitter their support for the seemingly embattled judge. For a time Saturday evening, the “Keep Paula” movement made it to the No. 2 slot (see left) on Twitter’s much-contested trending topics list — falling behind only people twittering their support for Indonesia in the aftermath of this week’s terror attacks. And it wasn’t just “Idol” fans showing their support. From across Idol Nation and the Idols Live tour bus itself, former cast members were chiming in with their support.

There’s been a lot of “scary” talk that Paula would NOT be returning to the show … even her manager says that it is “unlikely” that she will return … but TMZ is reporting that she’s just playing hardball (and reportedly asking for about $20 million) and, in the end, will prolly return to the show … tho, whether or not she gets her payday is another story:

Paula Abdul is pissed off that Ryan Seacrest is a very rich man, our “American Idol” spies say. Abdul isn’t angry at Ryan personally for his new $45 million, 3-year deal, but she’s bent out of shape at producers that she’s making minimum “Idol” wage — we’re told between $2 and $3 mil a year. Our spies say producers want Paula back for sure, but she’s now doing the Hollywood thing of pretending like she’ll walk. Here’s the fun part. Auditions for the next season start on August 6. We’re told there are already plans to start the auditions without her if they don’t have a deal. As for what Paula wants — we’re told somewhere between 2 and 3 times what she’s making now. Here’s our guess — $4.5 a year … a lot better than the $5,000 a week she pulled in for season one.

I agree with TMZ, I think Paula will be back … she’ll get more money but nowhere near the $20 million mark. That show makes way too much money for producers to eff it all up by pissing off Paula Abdul’s fanbase. I have to say, even tho all of this public negotiating is going on and the real threat exists that she may lose her job … I bet Paula is LOVING all the love from the fans. Hang in there girl, you’ll keep your job. I’m sure of it :)

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    As crazy as Paula is..she does really bring humor to the judging table. They can’t lose her. Cough up the money. You know the big wigs are just laughing their asses off watching paula go bat shit in the meetings knowing the whole time she will get what she wants. LOL!

  • mizty

    I can believe she is still on, she is useless as a judge or mentor…she seems delliusional half the time, or high

  • Lana

    They can’t get rid of her. It will ruin the dynamic. The show is already losing it’s viewers, stop ruining it!

  • wow how much you think she’s asking .

  • AI without her always weird but sometimes strangely spot-on comments will not be the same.

  • debho

    Such absurd amounts of money! As for Paula…why be so greedy? It’s not like she has other people knocking her door down begging her to work. She should take what she’s given and do her job while it lasts. AI won’t last forever.

  • s.w.Smith

    I don’t blame Paula, this is another example of how men continue to make more money than women in the workplace…it’s not right.

  • shayna

    Paula cannot just leave idol…stop the bullshit,idol and let her stay on with the money she wants..she is worth it trust me! Idol is ruiening our lives by threatining shes done with idold. She is the most humerous person i know that cant leave since this show its her home pretty much!!! Keep her<33