Scarlett Johansson For Mango Fall/Winter 09/10


Earlier this year we learned that Mango spokesmodel Penélope Cruz was being replaced by Scarlett Johansson and today we get to see the first images released from the Mango Fall/Winter 09/10 ad campaign that feature their new spokesmodel … behold:

Ever since Mango first announced that Scarlett Johansson would be replacing Penelope Cruz for their Fall/Winter 2009 ad campaign, we have been dying to see what they had in store for us. And they did not disappoint! The sultry star, who is also the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s makeup line, sheds her ’50s glam for a punky ’80s feel for Mango’s new ads shot by famed photographer Mario Sorrenti in Los Angeles. Showing off her legs in short tight dresses complete with high heels, tousled hair and animal prints, Scarlett has never looked sexier.

Mango claims that their clothes are for the “young, urban woman” and when I think “young” and “urban” OF COURSE I think of Scarlett Johansson … but not really. Yeah … I dunno … she looks pretty in these photos but … Mango? Really? It all looks so … generic. I’m not all that impressed … but mebbe I’m missing something? Thoughts?

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  • Jennifer Verde

    Mango and Zara are the top two, aside from H&M, places to shop in Spain that are Spanish brands. I barely recognized Scarlett, I think she looks really good!!

  • Denise

    Trent – you don’t like her much, do you? Your perogative, of course.

  • kitty50

    OMG!!! Jenny Humphrey!

  • Mela

    I actually think the clothes are pretty fun and Scarlett looks stunning.

  • Vicky

    She looks alot like Kate Bosworth back in the Blue Crush days before she lost alllllll that weight.

  • debho

    Mango is a cheaper clothing line in Australia, sold in one of our really cheap chain stores. I take it it’s not in the US?
    She looks good though, but then she generally does.

  • galwaygirl

    It sucks that Penelope got bumped from her home country’s favorite fashion line…but ScarJo looks great.


    @ Denise – Actually, Trent likes her a lot. If you’re familiar with this site Trent is always raving about Scarlett and how she always looks good in her photoshoots. Just because he isn’t keen on this one doesn’t mean he dislikes her as a whole. Anyways, she’s pretty much making the same face in EVERY picture. I don’t get her hype. I mean, yeah, she has big tits and big lips but she isn’t really hot or pretty or even beautiful. I find her attractive if that. Blah.

  • Katie

    It doesn’t even look like her!!! Did she lose more weight recently?

  • mizty

    Surprise surprise her mouth is open in every single picture…again. Seriously, IS she able to breath through her nose?

    I agree with the above, this is a very Jenny Humphry / Taylor Momsen look…they should have just asked her to do it, this isn’t really Scarlet’s “look” in my opinion

  • Renee

    i can buy clothes just like thee at walmart or sears. generic clothes, generic poses too. boring.

  • Kitty

    How much weight has she lost? I prefer her curvier


  • jeremy

    yeah trent why are u always hating on scarjo.

  • Paloma

    these photos are so not interesting at all.. I prefer Penelope!

  • Chivonne

    I think she is so freakin’ annoying. GAG

  • heather

    i think she looks super cute in these pics. i actually get reeaalllly tired of her “old hollywood glam” look. i think it just makes her look old. these are young and i think it just sort of fits her age better. you know she’d look good on the back of ryan’s bike dressed like this:)

  • Lys

    I’m sad they replaced Penelope, who has such a beautiful, earthy element to her and manages to bring a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to everything she wears. It’s not the model but the clothes themselves that I want to look at, but still, ScarJo just doesn’t do it for me in this. I’d expect to see her in more timeless pieces; she’s got that 40s-50s silver screen starlet air to me, and not something trendy and modern.

  • Elle

    She can’t act, at all, but I think she is so so pretty. My roommate hates her though because she saw a picture of her littering once. lol.

  • jg

    horrible. mango is suppose to be a spanish-euro brand… penelope completely captured that essance….. scarlettt is just another white girl… plus she’s a bit chubby. ick. bad choice. not happy… she’s so… blah

  • Mina

    @jg- Chubby? You must be joking.

  • Hmm I liked the Penelope campaigns better.

  • K

    jg – chubby? I’m guessing you live in a world where only size zero women walk around. Scarlett is gorgeous, and if anything her size is more “normal” than most other female celebrities. And if you think she’s “chubby” i’m guessing you think catherine zeta jones is obese. Give me a break.

  • Renee

    What’s with the big weight loss???

  • Su

    Mango has awesome clothes but Penelope and her sister were alot better!

  • Miss Nimbus

    She has the same pose in all 4 photos..just variations of lying down ‘seductively’ or standing ‘seductively’ arm up and same expression…. dosn’t even look like her really…. I like her, but mwah