‘Project Runway’ Releases A New Promo Video Introducing The 16 New Designers


Last Thursday Lifetime TV updated the official Project Runway website with small photos and short bios of the 16 new designers competing on the 6th season of the show which premieres on Lifetime on August 20. Today, they release new video where we can get more acquainted with all of the designers. Here are a few screencaps from the new vid:

This almost 4 minute video is a compilation of 8 short promo commercials which will air on Lifetime in the weeks leading up to the premiere of Project Runway season 6 next month. Each segment introduces two designers at a time. After the jump, check out the video in full which pieces together all 8 promo vids so that YOU can see and hear the 16 new designers introduce themselves …

The clip is surprisingly schmaltzy … clearly, the producers are making an emotional appeal for the audience to grow attachment to the designers. Thus far, there is no hint of the bitchy, cat-fighting that is sure to come. It’s an interesting PR move. I like seeing this new group of designers in action … and I am anxiously waiting for PR to premiere next month.

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  • DJWhoop

    Love it! I’m ready for another season!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YEAAAAAAAA!!! I Can’t wait!

  • Malcolm McCrae

    I saw a commercial for it this morning, and they are definitely going for the more emotional promo. i actually liked it more than seeing the typical fights and screamfest. I may even watch this season. Never seen it before.

  • Krissy

    I can’t really get excited about the designers until the show actually airs. At the end of the day, it is the clothes that I am most interested in!

  • abs0lutelyfab


    I guess they’re really marketing to the middle age set, and even they have to be bored with this campaign.

    I’m really hoping Lifetime doesn’t make this into a touchy-feely triumph over the fashion world.

  • Sam RIley

    I watched just one season of the show. I was forced to watch it cause my sister was a fan but I would have to be put to gun point to watch it again.

    Watch The Othersiders!! Its an entertaining show that’s on Cartoon Network Wednesday at 9pm. And if you like the show join our group on Facebook!

  • la princesa

    Is it a Lifetime movie? Is it a reality show? Hmm…

    That said, I CAN’T WAIT! :)

  • R

    I am sooo excited for the new season!

  • KiTX

    I feel like a traitor to Tim and Heidi, but I’m not sure how I feel about the Lifetime spin. I don’t watch PR for the backstory, I watch for great design! Here’s hoping to a good season!!!

  • Mindy

    is it just me or does that first girl remind you of stephanie pratt?

  • staci

    that was super fucking emo. i hope they don’t turn off casual bravo PR fans by making it so…. lifetime. the fashion show was no project runway but this wasn’t very project runway either.

  • Jecy

    I have been waiting for it to come back for such a long time too!. I heard Project Runways partially shooting in L.A is going to be awesome! So close to home! Has anyone heard that Project Runway has chosen FIDM as their West Coast location???Is that true? Because that is really cool! I wanted to apply to the college this fall!I havent forgotten about you Project Runway!!!

  • ella

    Mindy — Althea looks nothing like Stephanie Pratt! She is a really cool girl. I wish her luck in the competition.