David Beckham Does The ‘Today Show’


David Beckham, who just arrived home in LA last weekend, made his way to NYC (with the LA Galaxy soccer team) for an upcoming game (his first game with his US soccer team this season) … and also for an appearance on the Today Show on NBC early this morning. Here are a couple pics of Becks as he made his arrival into NYC late yesterday:

And here are a few screencaps from Becks’s appearance with Matt Lauer on the Today Show just a couple of hours ago:

In his interview, Becks revealed that altho he spent over 6 months away from his family while he was playing with AC Milan in Italy, he did make time to iChat with his family often and had the fam visit him at 8 week intervals (for a week visit at a time). He also talked a bit about comments made by his Galaxy teammate Landon Donovan which were published in a new book called The Beckham Experiment that was written by author Grant Wahl … in the book, Donovan publicly questioned Becks’s commitment to his US soccer team and even called him “stingy”. In response, Becks called his teammates comments “unfortunate” and “unprofessional” but did reveal that the men have spoken and have “moved on” from the controversy (tho some people aren’t convinced that the guys have kissed and made up). He then made clear that he does want to be in the US saying, “Without a doubt, I want to be here … I want to be successful in the US.” The interview then moved on to discuss his latest set of Armani Underwear ads with wife Victoria Beckham and Becks revealed that he got a new tattoo in honor of his 10 year anniversary to Vicky B. (he got a band of 10 roses around his arm). After the jump, check out video of David Beckham’s interview on the Today Show in full …

I have to say, I found Becks very charming in this interview. I’m still not sold that he is totally committed to playing soccer here in the US but as long as he’s willing to pay the lip service, I’ll eat it up. I’d love for him to stay here … so, we’ll see. I think this is my fave Becks in the US interview I’ve ever seen. What did y’all think?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

  • Dee

    This interview made my heart happy! He is SO gorgeous and SUCH a sweetheart!!

  • Gabe

    The man is DAPPER in a suit.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Seriously Dee… I agree!

  • Frog

    In case anyone else was curious…like me!
    Ali G interviewing the Becks! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P842Tmi6lrc

  • Anne

    Love him.

  • dach

    Gabe…you said it. Victoria better hold on to him tight!! I would snatch him up with the quickness. lol I love a man in a suite. *shaken head*


    Well, I guess that’s better he has at least put us in his insight. Does anyone else think he looks somewhat like Christian Bale?

  • Frisa

    He’s really nice to look at but his suits always look one size too small

  • susan0676

    He’s much better looking than douche face Roberta Pattyson!

  • nisha

    i love interview’s of david like this he is always so great to listen to.that was so sweet about always buying a gift for the kids.he was also on regis and kelly which i thought was great too.the 3rd screen cap is so cute.thanks for posting