Whitney Houston Brings Her Fabulousness To London


Whitney Houston has taken her faboo ass to London, England this week to do a bit of early promo for the release of her new album I Look To You which hits stores in September. Here are a couple pics of Ms. Thang emerging from her limo lookin’ all kinds of fierce:

Whitney looks STUNNING, y’all! I am so happy that she is back on the scene. She has been away for far too long. I am anxiously awaiting the release of her new album — as are many of you, I’m sure. Keep on bringing the fierceness, Whit Whit. And welcome back!!

[Photo credit: WENN, thanks Marcus]

  • She looks great!

  • heather

    she looks so fab!! yay!!

  • Jstar

    In comparison to the years where she looked like crap, this seems to be the Whit we all fell in love with, thank goodness she got rid of Bobby Brown!

  • yeah

    she looks so much better now that she’s not doing crack..

  • britney

    She looks amazing! I can’t wait for her album to drop. It has been WAY TOO LONG and I have missed me some Whitney!

  • Joanne

    Who would have dreamed back in the 80’s, we would now be saying “she looks so much better now that she’s not doing crack” lol …. good for her though, for cleaning herself up.

  • Xavier

    I love you Whitney! God loves you more! Praise HIM!!!

  • Betty

    once a crackhead always a crackhead, go smoke some

  • wopboptorledo

    Betty are you speaking from experience????

  • * Kendra *

    **uggggggg ** As much as I want to still love Whitney I just can’t do it…. while I am excited to hear her new album I can’t bring myself to defend her. HOT MESS and I’m sure she will stumble some more along the way.

  • Robin

    Whitney has worked hard to stay sober and rebuild her life. She deserves our support and applause for keeping it together. She looks radiant and her own woman!

  • Robin

    Judging someone isn’t kewl but I suppose its the American way. Thank God that I don’t reside there.