Tori Amos Performs ‘Baby One More’ Time By Britney Spears


Tori Amos brought her Sinful Attraction Tour to the Paramount Theater in Oakland, CA last night and also brought along a surprisingly unlikely song to cover live during her performance. Tori traditionally performs solo cover songs mid-way thru her shows … on this tour, that portion of the show is called The Lizard Lounge. Tori explained that a “fairy came to [her] hotel [that] morning” and told her to perform a certain song last night … that song was Baby One More Time by Britney Spears:

Tori went on to say that she informed her young daughter Natashya Lórien that she was going to perform Baby One More Time and Tash said, “You’re kidding me” and reminded her mother, “You don’t know that song” to which Tori replied, “I don’t know any of the fucking songs I play.” OMG … LOVE IT!!! So as not to spoil the show for any of y’all who’ve yet to see it and want to remain unspoiled, I’ll put the full set list behind the cut. After the jump, hear Tori Amos’s cover of Britney Spears’s debut single Baby One More Time

Cornflake Girl
Space Dog
A Sorta Fairytale
Beauty of Speed
Curtain Call

The Lizard Lounge Solo Set

(Hit Me) Baby One More Time (solo)
Maybe California (solo)

Band Returns

Martha’s Foolish Ginger
Fast Horse
Mother Revolution
Precious Things
Strong Black Vine

Encore #1

Police Me

Encore #2

Big Wheel
Tear In Your Hand

Much love and thanks goes out to Pink readers Renee (who gave me the first head’s up about the cover), Jeff who graciously sent me the setlist and an MP3 of the track (courtesy of Cvalda @ and Joe who sent in the You Tube vid of the audio performance. While I would’ve LOVED to have heard this Britney cover live, I really appreciate all the folks who made sure to share the experience with all of us. My BFF Sarah and I are seeing Tori Amos LIVE in concert this coming Thursday and Friday night here in SoCal. CAN’T WAIT!! So … thoughts on Tori’s cover?

[Source, thanks Renee, Jeff and Joe]

  • jamie

    I hope she performs maybe California when i see her in september!! that song really hits home with something that happened between me and my mom

    cant wait to see Tori

  • That is beautiful! Oh my god. I got goosebumps. I love Tori.

  • Billy

    Another great cover by Tori. Man, she can sing anything. Gotta love Tori. Hope to see her this Summer.

  • Sinner

    Tori truly is one of the few remaining contemporary musicians that strikes her own path, following her own vision and goals. True to her amazing talent, she varies her setlists every night. I think it is important for people to understand that this song was a one-time thing, and not a permanent fixture in the setlist. An amazing cover, considering that she performs a new one almost every night. Great to see more Tori on your site, Trent!

  • queerlike

    Tori killed that! Thanks for sharing. Travis did a brilliant acoustic cover of “Hit Me” for a radio or tv show years ago & it ended up on b-side of theirs. MuchMusic Canada was playing the original “Hit Me” easily 6 months before it was released in the US & it totally stopped me in my tracks. Regardless of the fact that Britney blew it up, “Hit Me” has a fantastic melody & tension. Oop, here’s a link to the Travis cover:

  • Shazzer

    Tori really can do anything. It’s probably why I admire her so much. I’m seeing 2 shows on this tour because no 2 setlists are ever the same. Tori shows are my favorite.


    Isn’t it 10 years too late or something? Seems kind of odd…

    • @Chase — “late” for what? Tori covers aren’t necessarily “timely” … ie. she prolly won’t be doing any Lady Gaga on tour. She performs the songs as they come to her. Besides, I think she alluded that she was inspired by seeing Britney’s photo hung in the venue and she’s never covered Britney before.

  • lilah

    She sounds horrible.

  • Rachel


  • Her voice is beautiful.

  • meg

    i love it whenever tori covers songs! even if they’re wildly popular songs and i’ve heard them a million times before, she somehow brings something entirely new to them! i think my favorite cover she does is smells like teen spirit- it’s so beautiful! EVERYthing she does is beautiful! thanks for posting!

  • Rach

    A very good choice of cover, especially in light of how it ties in with Maybe California’s theme of mothers who feel hopeless (Britney’s predicament when she went “off the rails”/losing her children in a custody battle etc). I thought it was beautiful – everything from the spoken intro preceding the song to the Not The Red Baron-esque piano-tinkering during this, to the grit in the vocal about 3 and a half minutes in during the chorus.
    It’s good to see this getting some publicity in light of the poor ticket sales on this North American leg of the tour. Britney Spears may just have helped Tori Amos turn things around. Never thought I’d say that……

  • PixiesBassline

    I love her remakes. oH MAN, her voice is BEAUTIFUL. She can make any song sound hauntingly beautiful. It gave me chill bumps. (and it’s hot as Hades where I’m at!)

  • Brenna

    That was amazing! I never realized how beautiful that song could be. Thanks for sharing it!

  • tatiana

    Pretty Cool. I’m seeing her a couple of weeks. I CANT WAIT! :)