Newlyweds Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Leave For Their Honeymoon


Yesterday we learned the happy news that actors Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were wed in a well attended but short oceanside ceremony in Malibu, CA Saturday night and today we get to see a photo of husband and wife sharing a sweet kiss as they made their way thru LAX Airport yesterday bound, presumably, for their honeymoon:

Awww … don’t they look so sweet? As much as it pains many of us to think of Channing as a married man, it’s plainly obvs that he is insanely happy and in love with his new wife Jenna. Again, much love and congrats to the newlyweds and here’s hoping they share a long and very happy life together.

[Photo credit: National Photo Group]

  • nicole

    ugh…knife through my heart.

  • joanna

    You’re next Trent! LOL ;)

  • troyS

    Jenna in two years — “Jerk wore an ipod on our honeymoon!”

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    It is nice that the tied the knot but what honemoon are they taking about?.They been going to bed together for a bunch of months and have taken a bunch of trips together ala honeymoon.It seems kind of faky.Anyway Happy Marriage to Channing and Jenna.

  • He’s a heartbreaker that ones for sure.

  • Jenna in two years — “Jerk wore an ipod on our honeymoon!”

  • tara

    ahha, i met them in bali when they were going to sydney after their honeymoon, the nicest people in the world. and he was wearing what he is in that pic :P