More Sexy Speedo Pics of David Beckham On Holiday


Last weekend we got to see a few hawt pics of David Beckham and his wife Victoria on holiday in Seychelles Island where they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. As you may recall, Becks was all decked out in a tiny white speedo ;) Today, we get to see a few more photos from their Seychellian holiday where Posh and Becks were snapped lounging on a yacht named Gabrielle. I’m happy to report that Becks wore a different speedo on this excursion … behold:

Speedos are normally a serious fashion faux-pas – unless you’re David Beckham, of course. The footballer looked every inch the Hollywood hunk in a snug pair of navy blue Armani trunks last week, during a romantic anniversary trip to the Seychelles with Victoria. The stylish pair, who married ten years ago, were spotted relaxing on board a luxury yacht as it meandered through the Indian Ocean. While David, 34, revealed his tanned, tattooed torso and lean legs, the uber-slim Victoria donned a metallic grey two-piece and wrapped her hair in a towel. Not normally one for flashing her bikini body, the 35-year-old former Spice Girl then covered up in a matching sarong to rub suncream on David’s back … Setting off to explore one of the idyllic nearby islands, the couple even managed to take a few snaps for the family album before returning to their £2,000-a-night villa at an eco spa resort on a private island. “This was quality time without the kids. Even after ten years, they still look great together,” an onlooker told the News of the World. But the jet-setting couple didn’t have too long to relax – they flew back to Heathrow on Thursday, before returning to LA with their three sons the very next day.

Yes, yes … we already saw Les Beckhams arrive in London and we saw them arrive in LA … we even saw Becks getting right back to work as soccer ambassador by hanging out with some soccer kids in SoCal this past Saturday. What we really want is more pics of Becks in his tiny speedo!!! After the jump, check them out …

I believe the word you are looking for is Yummo!! Man … Becks in his teeny shorts is quite a sight, don’t you think? Le sigh, indeed.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Just not FAIR!!!!

  • la princesa

    There should be a rule that says only Becks & Hugh Jackman should be allowed to wear a speedo….damn that Vicki B is LUCKY!

  • PixiesBassline

    I still think speedos are gross.

  • Irma

    He looks AMAZING. I’m glad his hair is back to this look too. He looks younger.

  • alexggb

    dammit! So freaking perfect!! I love his tattoos.

  • Nancy

    What’s with the hair turban? Will the sun melt her metal robot brain? Alerting the rest of us humans by the tell-tale sign of liquid metal dripping down her hair shafts?

  • Jenny

    Hummina hummina!

  • Smilez

    OMG >.<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    wow. David sure is hot…If i were VB i would be all over that man 24/7…lol.

  • ashley

    He has a cute butt. =)

  • P

    Its not to often that you see her in a bikini. She says she doesn’t like to show her stomach. They both look fantastic!

  • OMG becks looks good in anything and everything! Le sigh indeed ^-^

  • beckham is good footballer and handsome. the girl is… ı dont say any think. the bikini is great. ı say this only. :P

  • Lisa

    hot! he will be on regis and kelly wednesday

  • Anne

    Yummo indeed!

  • I heart him!!!!!!!! yummmmmo

  • Kristen

    Lord have mercy, he sure does know how to rock that speedo! I can’t imagine another male that would look just as good in them, dayum!!

  • Mr. M

    He’s really cute, but those tattoos are a turn-off.

  • jakeinlove

    So what?

  • rickattack


  • Synnerman

    Speedos are only a fashion faux-pas in the United States where man flesh is still taboo.

  • Tonic

    Since when are Speedos a fashion faux pas? Yeah, if you’re fat, flabby and/or insecure. Most of the guys I see in speedos are hot and high stylin’.

  • Miss Nimbus

    Speedos really are the worst, but he is one of the ‘choosen ones’ that actually look hot in them….

  • ZT

    i don’t believe it when people say they don’t find men attractive men speedo’s you’d have to be blind to not thing the pictures above are hot. But when its an old fat guy…i’ll believe them lol.

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