Robert Pattinson Gets Almost Nekkid In ‘Little Ashes’


As you may or may not already know, Twilight star Robert Pattinson starred in a small indie film earlier this year titled Little Ashes where he played the eccentric genius and surrealist painter Salvador Dalí (we got our first look at R. Pattz as Dalí back in February). In Ashes, Dalí‘s romantic relationship with poet Federico García Lorca is central to the storyline. Now, I have not yet been able to see the film myself but I have come upon a set of screencaps from the film that feature Pattinson standing nekkid before a mirror showing off a lot more than he has previously bared in his other films:

Pattinson fans who have yet to see the film may want to brace themselves for what’s to follow … altho you cannot see everything in the screencaps behind the cut, you can see quite a bit more than you’ve been able to see previously. First Kellan Lutz, also of Twilight fame, showed us his pubes — and now, after the jump, so does Robert Pattinson

Wowzers! I had heard that there was nudity in Little Ashes and, having not seen the film myself yet, I don’t know if this is the extent of the nekkidness but … it’s a nice start, yes? Has anyone seen the film? Is there more R. Pattz nekkidness to be had? And for those of you who are seeing these images for the first time, what do y’all think? Are Rob’s pubes hotter than Kellan’s?


  • nicole

    i wanted to see this too – it was out theaters to quick near me. sadly rob cant beat kellan when it comes to this

  • Sassy K

    This reminds me of Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Yikes.

  • kattmow

    Id tap that.

  • emyem

    Yeah the hairdo is kind of ruining it for me… and Sassy K- Buffalo Bill TOTALLY came to my mind too!! creepy!

  • holy crap the girlys are gonna go wild haaha

  • Lia

    I’ve gotta run to Team Kellan on this one. R Pattz is just looking more and more unattractive these days, just IMO. He seems to be going through a sort of awkward and gangly phase–hard to explain, but it’s like he hasn’t “grown into his looks yet.” I’m sure he’ll get through it and look great again, but right now? Ew.

  • belle

    I agree with Lia, he’s not looking so hot these days.

  • debho

    Sorry, kinda creepy and it reminds me of Silence of the Lambs too.

  • LOVE G

    When it comes to pubes — it’s just pubes! LOL i didn’t know they were suppose to be hot BUWAHAHAHAHA
    but i been wanting to check out this movie!
    wow… i’d still hit it :)
    (despite his hair – top)

  • Katie

    Rob P has never done anything for me…blah!

  • PixiesBassline

    His body looks very odd to me in these pics. A little thick thru the mid-section……

  • Liebchen

    It’s been proved that the Lutz photo is a fake, they found the original photo and everything. . which totally sucks

  • P

    What exactly is he doing in these pics haha

  • Ama


    No comment XD

    Even if the Lutz photo was fake, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a good body. *see link below*

    I gotta say, he is still one of the most attractive guys in Twilight. (in my opinion anyways)

  • tatiana

    Kellan has the better pubs…and the better everything.

  • hobo

    his hair??
    im not sure he is ok
    a little nakkid..
    kinda disturbing but what ever

  • _M_

    Ick. I have never understood the attraction to R. Patz. Blech.
    This photo makes me want to poke my eyes out.

  • april

    little ashes is actually a pretty good movie, that scene is so quick, you don’t really get a chance to ogle.

    he was changing outfits to impress Lorca in that scene

  • Nicola

    Yeah…I’ll never get the hype around this guy. He’ll always be the guy model wearing makeup from CosmoGirl! from when I was a teenager.

  • Andrea R.


  • Julie

    Would you f**k him? I’d f**k him. I’d f**k him hard.

  • K

    i may not see this movie due to these pictures. lmao

  • K

    he looks like hes tucking it in and checking himself out in the mirror. hahaha i’m sorry thats just what i see.

  • Joan

    Little Ashes is not Twilight. It deals with very eccentric historical characters. If the girlies go expecting to be dazzle, I’m afraid they are going to be VERY freaked out.

  • Lisa

    Well he is playing a part. The hair is Dali’s, his body ~Dali,etc. Later in the film he is gorgous with his hair slicked back. I have to give him credit for taking on a role like this

  • robin

    he looks like he’s tucking it like buffalo bill in silence of the lambs! CREEPY!

  • robin

    ok yeah i just read the comments and i’m not the first to think of buffalo bill…but yeah…eeeeek..

  • periz

    wow not all that great but its true that he is playing dali who has major issues, dont all briliant people?

  • annemarie

    I have seen the film and I loved it, i think he is amazing in this movie, i would say he is a better actor in this film than in Twilight.

  • I haven’t yet seen the flick either so I’d be happy to take you as a BDAy treat!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Emma

    I’ve never found him attractive, I think the character he played in Twilight was attractive but in real life he just looks scruffy, and not in the good way, in the “I’ve just climed out of a box outside of LittleChef” Kind of scruffy, I’m on team Lutz.

  • A

    It’s a shame that Kellan Lutz photo was a fake – but he still has a great body.
    Rob filmed this BEFORE Twlight, I’m sure his body is much buffer now although he will always be one of those skinny boys and never really beafy like Kellan.

  • SDOP

    Everyone needs to keep in mind that Rob filmed this movie almost a year BEFORE he shot Twilight. BEFORE he ever started working out for Twilight. “A” says it well, Rob is one of those skinny boys & will never be beafy like Kellan. Rob is excellent in this movie. Keep in mind he’s an actor playing a role here & a damn good job he did in this movie!! KUDOS ROB!!!!

  • Shazz

    Eehhhh….. yikes..

  • jadw

    ok i saw this and he is tucking-I took it to mean he was just messing around in the mirror before finding a new look to impress Lorca. I saw this on a dvd screener so I could watch it again, and yes it’s a tuck. his accent is what killed this movie for me at first, it was stiff and weird, for anyone who knows about Dali, but I gave it a chance, he’s not bad in it. It’s not great, it’s not Edward Cullen, but it’s an alright film about really complex people. The bloke who plays Lorca is fab though, and c’mon, RPatz is hot in anything.