Pete Wentz Dresses For A Flood

And, apparently, in the dark

Everyone’s fave rocker who named his child after a burrough of New York City, was spotted out and about on the streets of LA yesterday lookin’ … well … let’s say confident in taking a fashion risk. With pants and suspenders that look like they were borrowed from Urkel, Pete Wentz was lookin’ very much like he was dressed for a coming flood:

While I don’t usually respond well to folks who dress more hipster-than-thou, I do give Petey snaps for the making the effort to look … different. Fashion is fearless and from the look of this outfit, Pete surely ain’t afraid of the ridicule he invites by wearing this ensemble. What do y’all think … is he in or is he out?

[Photo credit: X17]

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  1. Mr. Gyllenhaal

    He looks cute but the more important thing is I think he is packing some heat! I love when men wear tight cloth clothing!! Thanks Pete.

  2. CoCo

    Ummm… doesn’t he have a fashion line now? This look is def not his finest! manpris/floods don’t work with suspenders. Ever.

  3. Cam

    Hahaha, Trent, the title of this is hilarious and oh so fitting. Kudos :)

  4. wendell

    IN! He is adorable.

  5. la princesa

    What? No “beyotch stole my look” image here?

  6. heather

    i think the confidence it takes to rock a look like this is very sexy

  7. Meghan

    Um…no. He looks like a dork.

  8. pollyho

    Methinks he’s wearing Ashley’s pants… and she left her wallet in the pocket.

    Which. Means a NO. lol

  9. toast

    he might of got away with it if he wore black pants and boots

  10. Bleeding Ears


  11. debho

    OUT. I would never let my husband leave the house looking like that.

  12. Juniper

    Or maybe a tribute to Michael Jackson….although the look isn’t the same without the glittery socks!

  13. Jen

    He should have a party and invite his pants down. Too short – if he’s going to wear pants like that he has to commit – either were sandals (MAN-dals?) or socks and boots. Sheesh!

  14. Anthony

    Looks good on him…I ‘d wear it. But without the suspenders..

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