Robert Pattinson Gets Studded & Wet For ‘Us Weekly’ Magazine


Last April we saw photos of Twilight star Robert Pattinson that were featured in an issue of Dossier magazine. Those photos were outtakes form a photoshoot Rob did for Rolling Stone magazine. It turns out that Dossier isn’t the only mag with outtake photos from that shoot. US Weekly has at least a couple more photos from that photoshoot, which the mag describes as “Robert Pattinson’s Sexiest Photos Ever” … here is one of them:

Robert Pattinson strips down and poses soaking wet in a super sexy, never-seen photo shoot that only the new issue of Us Weekly has. The Twilight star, 23, shows off his abs and smiles in one of the pics, originally taken for Rolling Stone. In another, he runs his hands through his famous hair while brooding. “They threw a bucket of water on him!” a source on set tells Us of his wet T-shirt look. “He was willing to do anything. Didn’t complain at all.” The pics — taken in NYC over five hours by photographer Theo Wenner — were inspired by a 1991 River Phoenix film My Own Private Idaho and James Dean.

Hello, furriness! I mean … the studded vest is not that sexy but what’s revealed underneath certainly is. After the jump, check out another outtake photo from this photoshoot — be warned, R. Pattz is wet …

Um … yes … these photos are nice. I certainly hope more outtake photos from this shoot continue to be released … I kinda like the way these outtake pics are going :) Do y’all like?


  • Zara

    I can’t take it anymore. He’s unreasonably sexy. Must turn off monitor.

  • M_Deezy

    omg… drooling… sheesh he is one sexy mofo!

  • LOVE G

    OMFG!!!!!! i love his smirky smile… AHHHHHH!!!! i want him sooooo bad!!! LOL

  • Renee

    i’m wet now too…

  • Jess B

    blech, he is so gross

  • tatiana

    OKAY EWW ON BOTH PICTURES. WTF..this is an abomination!

  • MeG

    Ewww! “Sexiest Photos Ever”…..WTF Us Weekly?!?! They are both really really bad and I’m not gonna say anything more than…. DENIM STUDDED MAN VEST!

  • G

    um… YUM!

  • dee

    I’m sure he’s a fine fellow, but he always looks drunk or he’s come off a 3 day bender to me.

  • Jenn

    id rather see this fugly denim vest then more michael jackson coverage. is there anything else going on yet or what?

  • Ashlee


  • nicole

    usually im all about lookin at robert…but us weekly…ruined it for me.

  • alexggb

    I love his smile! *sigh*

  • yea, he’s alright looking.. but the only redeeming qualities are scruffiness (which can be hawt on any guy) and the hair and crooked smile…. otherwise… brad pitt is still hotter.. and the cloonster…. jake gyllenhal (sp?)

  • Homey

    Some of the most overrated looks ever. Does he even work out? Give me Matt Damon, Chris Meloni, Brad, George, so, so many others before this twinky.

  • Lindsay

    I can never figure out why people think that this individual is so attractive?? He’s not really nasty looking or anything but definitely not anything special and he always looks dirty and awkward. I have never seen the movie Twilight and am assuming that its one of those things where once you see the movie, it makes him seem attractive for some reason?? Help me out here people!

  • Lindsay

    Ok I just now looked at the second “wet photo” and he seems to have a pirate eye. I think he was just about to say Arrrrrgggg! when the photo was snapped.

  • P

    oh. my. god. He is sooo ridiculously sexy!
    I think a part of the obsession for a lot of people comes after reading Twilight, Edward is anyones perfect somebody :)

  • Lulu

    Meh. I actually think he looks a zillion times better in the movies… He is rather unphotogenic. He is better moving…

  • Dana

    I don’t think he’s good looking at all!

  • Suzanne

    Oh my goodness. He’s delicious.

  • Swooooooooooonnnnn…..

  • Jessica


    Yeah, it’s definately a “read the books/see the movie” developed sexiness, and I’m totally falling for it. That man pulls of awkward sexy like he could pull off my clothes anytime he wanted! Definately my only serious celebrity crush since the 7th grade. :)

  • Jennifer

    Ew, he is definitely not hot

  • Kristy

    Can anyone say…. BEDAZZLER!

  • Please sir, I want some more. Yummmmy

  • oh my goodness…YUM!!

  • it hurts to look at that…too hot. I’m going to combust now

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    i agree with the pirate comment about the second photo.
    I however still love the boy and hope to make his babies one day….hahaha. <3

  • Kristy

    @Christina – I disagree about the scruffiness. I dated a guy once who could only grow that weird little Irish neck beard. Definitely not sexy. :P

  • Kitty

    @ Jenn, totally agree.

  • Stephanie

    @ Zara…AGREED. I cannot take it. Something’s gotta give.

  • Kristín

    that vest is hideous but he´s hot :) Can´t wait to see him in New Moon, love him as Edward Cullen.

  • Kate


  • nae

    totally hot smile!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    Oh man, he’s just far too hot – I literally can’t take it.
    I prefer him when he’s not Edward because I love a scruffy looking guy – the more he looks like all he does is sit around sipping JD and smoking the more I like him! Just my tastes!

  • Janet

    Vest pic gets thumbs down…wet pic gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

  • J

    Okay I don’t get the Robert Pattinson craze — he’s decent looking but I don’t find him hot or sexy. He just looks scruffy and unkempt to me and he’s a bit soft in the middle.

  • azuresque

    I love me some R.Pattz, but really not feeling second photo. That’s a really bizarre facial expression

  • CrystalH

    looking amazing as usual!

  • Shazz

    I’m starting to dislike him.
    not just because of those pics.
    just.. in general.

  • Holly

    i really just wanna boing his curls like dr reed did to dr cox in scrubs

  • Brianna

    Rob is amazingly hot! <3 But seriously he is being way too over exposed!

  • that is one bad photo i cant belive they did that to him

  • sheryl

    oh, lordy. he doesn’t look very sexy to me. i prefer him with some boyish charm, thanks very much. le sigh.