Kevin Federline Eats French Fries In France


Yesterday we saw photos of Kevin Federline with his ladylove Victoria Prince chillin’ with his children with ex-wife Britney Spears, Sean Preston and Jayden James, in Paris, France lookin’ like they were livin’ high on the hog. Today we get to see more photos of the gang in Paris which give off that same vibe. Apparently, it is impossible for K-Fed to enjoy the sights of Paris without some manner of food product in his hands (which quickly gets shoveled into his face) … but, at least he went for the french fries this time:

Believe me, I love me some pommes frites as much as the next person but something about the sight of well fed K-Fed stuffing his face with french fries, most likely paid for by his very wealthy ex-wife, just kinda grosses me out. As you can see in the second photo, homie is double-fisting TWO cartons of french fries! You will also note, in these photos, that The Federline has taken it upon himself to pay homage to the late Michael Jackson by wearing a XXXL t-shirt in the city of lights:

Considering how much it costs to advertise on a billboard, this shirt that K-Fed is wearing is quite a tribute to the King of Pop. I suspect that K-Fed and his lady will enjoy many more sightseeing adventures around Europe on Britney’s dime. Blech.

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Belu

    I love Sean & Jayden.
    Those kids are waaaaaaay to cute ♥

  • Belu

    Yay! First ♥♥

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Boy just doesn’t know when to quit! He is disgusting!!!

  • CoCo

    He may be fat and gross, but look at how little Sean looks at him! Aww! He loves his daddy! :)

  • Ashley H

    Is it just me or does that Coke can look really small in his hand?

  • Taylor

    His other kids (with Shar Jackson) don’t receive nearly the amount of time/care the kids with Britney enjoy. If only Shar were rich like Britney, she could buy them some precious daddy time too.

  • Ginger

    Hey, lay off the fat jokes! Yes, he is over weight but it is not your place to judge. I agree that he should not be eating all that junk but it is his choice. Just like it is all the overly skinny chicks to binge and purge.

  • Tom in COS

    Sweet jebus that man has gotten HUGE. But, from the looks of it, he’s good to his kids.

  • nicole

    it doesnt evens how him eating them….for all we know..they were for the kids. ya’ll need to lay off (holy hell i just said ya’ll). i mean i would think that since your all brit fans that you’d be happy the kids have a dad in the picture no? (ok so its not in the most respectable way – but atleast the kids still have mommy & daddy time)
    anyways i loooove that pic of him & sean, its adorable

  • incubi

    oh come on, get over it. he may not be the father of the year that he claimed to be, but like ginger said; lay off the fat jokes. is that the best you can come up with? his size and eating habbits? that’s cheap and would have expect better from you.
    he seems like a stable and constant factor around his childeren during a certain period of time unlike someone else who’s name we shall not mention. that is one adorable look from his kid. you can not fake that.

  • CoCo

    @Taylor- Do we really know whether or not Shar’s kids get attention? I mean, I think it could really just be a matter of paps not being interested in taking pics of his time with them, versus his time with Brit’s kids. Just an idea…

  • nicole

    even show*

  • brenda

    Dayum Trent, this was HARSH!! I had to laugh though.

  • Nikki

    Ick. He’s quite the chubster these days.

  • JJ

    I have to agree with several of the other posts, quit making fun of his weight! Britney knew what she was getting into when she married his broke ass and he was the one taking care of her kids when she had her little meltdown. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but K-Fed has always struck me as a more stable parenting figure than Britney.

  • Tom

    A more stable parenting figure than Britney? Puhlease…you can’t judge Britney on the the 2nd year of her parenting…she was depressed from giving birth to 2 kids soon and people using her for money…she had a mental illness…now that she’s back she’s the more stable parent!

  • MeG

    @JJ you are entitled to your opinion for sure, I just have to disagree on that comment. K-Fed is getting paid extreamly well to be a stand up father to those kids. We haven’t seen many pics of him and his new gf with his other children from Shar Jackson, what about those kids? Hes stable when theres $$$ in it for him. All it takes is some cash to “allow” Britney some extra time with her boys. Pretty discusting imo because he doesn’t even have a job, but why would he when Britney is paying for everything he needs!?

  • Tracy

    Omg. That picture of Sean looking adoringly at Kevin is so cute!!!! He obviously loves him a lot.

  • Paranel

    I like the Michael Jackson’s tee shirt on Federline. I still think he should stop being a loser and get a job. I hate how his hanger on loser girl friend holding Britney’s child. Stop using these kids as your meal ticket Federline. Be a man and get a job. Support yourself.

  • dana j

    is that victoria woman getting paid to watch brit’s kids too? because she’s been there with kevin a lot on this tour and being getting close to the kids (which is a little weird considering they haven’t been dating long enough to be watching her kids)

  • SuziLee

    I said it I think yesterday & will say it again – I really think K-Well-Fed definitely seems like a good dad. And I agree w/the posters – I don’t think that the paps pay much attention to him when he’s not w/his & Brit’s kids. I am sure he’s a good dad to his other kids as well. And to y’all bashin on Trent for the fat jokes… it’s just too easy when every pic of him & the kids has ’em eatin. Yesterday it was ice cream cones & today copius amts of french fries and a regular coke. Just sayin’…..

  • ab

    way harsh trent! I would say why bother posting so much about k-fed since you obviously are not a fan … but then I admit I laughed a bit at “XXXL t-shirt”. seriously though, he’s not that bad. and the pic of sean smiling is adorable!

    • @ab — I post A.) because I love Britney’s kids and B.) because I think it’s important to expose K-Fed’s heinous actions. Why can’t he just care for his kids AND NOT GET PAID FOR IT. I think it’s so shitty for him to FORCE Britney to pay him thousands of dollars just so she can bring her sons on tour with her (on top of the sizable amount of money she already pays him in child support). It’s totally gross. I think this behavior is worth noting.

  • Kayla

    I have to agree with some of the other posters, lay off the weight jokes, they’re mainly coming off as just plain mean and not funny. I agree with you that he shouldn’t be paid so much so basically watch his own kids/travel Europe but the weight jokes aren’t funny anymore.

  • kiddo

    I don’t know why you all are so hard on him. It’s not like he’s the one that chose to take custody away from Britney, A JUDGE ORDERED THAT. She was an unfit parent, and he is clearly the fit parent (in that relationship). Somebody has to take care of those kids and a judge ordered that Britney should not be that somebody.
    And how hilarious, fat jokes. ha ha…

  • Malcolm McCrae

    Yeah Kevin spend as much time with his other kids as shar pays him child support… 0
    how could he spending time with them if he’s been on “tour” for the past 5 months following Brit around? Yeah he gets like a week off but I doubt shar gives him the kids that long.
    And yes he’s gotten fat. But why is it ok to call Britney fat but yall jump sown trents throat when he calls Kevin fat!?

  • tru tru

    i agree with trent 100%. y should K-FAT be paid $30,000, in addition to the $20,000 he already gets! he really needs $50,000 to look after his children. NO! he does not. this is a joke. i seriously hope there are documents somewhere that show where this money is going- this money is for jjs and sps not kfat and his slut gf. she is with him for the money for no other reason. britney is willing to pay any amount to have her babies with her while shes working and kevin is oh sooo happy to charge ridiculous amounts for this. wot a joke and those people comending kevin for being a good dad is just a joke he wants all this money to look after his own children. a good dad would be accomodating- yes i kno hes allowed britney to take the kids but to demand such high amounts for it is a joke and it only shows the kinda person he is. $20,000 is plenty to make sure ur child lives an amazin life but wot is he doing with all this money/???, i hope to god he is saving this money for his sons. kevins actions r disgusting and sad. britney loves her babies so much and is willing to do and pay anything to be with them. kevin is only taking advantage of her!

  • Dennis

    I agree KIDDO. Trent you have a double standard when it comes to K-Fed. No matter how you slice it Britney is every bit of mess if not more as K – Fed. Don’t get it twisted. It’s only because you love her that you dismiss things like lipsyncing an entire tour. So K-fed is ripping off Briteny. Britney is ripping off the world selling us her “tallent”. I have never seen K-Fed treat the kids poorly. I have seen Britney put their very lives in jepordy many times. She is lucky to have him on tour with her. It was totaly possible that a judge could have not allowed them to go on tour at all If it wernt for K-Fed. And why is it that a judge is involved? Because Britney is still under the watchfull eye of the courts cuz she has been such a screw up. I will say that K-Fed needs to stop eating happy meals with the kids and get his cardio on.

    • @Dennis — for the record, I have never dismissed Britney’s lipsyncing — not at all. I find it interesting that people would choose to defend K-Fed’s actions merely because they dislike Britney. That doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Sandrinha

    Those kids are adorable and they look like twins for sure LOL.

  • MeG

    @ Dennis….dude needs to get his “JOB on” as well. He wouldn’t be so easy to rip to shreds if he wasn’t a lazy fatty who is still mooching off his X-wife for taking care of his own kids. Don’t forget that part plz. Britney may not have talent in your opinion and yes she did have a mental break down under a public microscope but she is working her ass off to privide for the kids futures and the lifestyle Kevin is living is only thanks to her.

  • Malcolm McCrae

    Wow Dennis that was a lame response. Kevin my have never put the kids in danger that we know of but he is still a mess. Did evewryone forget when he would go partying in other STATES while Brit stayed at home with Sean!? And those “Dangers” u speak of could happen and have happened to many new moms. Brit has proved time and time again that she is a good mother before, during and after the “meltdown”.

    Wow Trent who would have thought a couple kfed jokes would get these type of responses. Lol

  • Malcolm McCrae

    Oh and people know what they are getting before they shell out up to $1000 for her tickets. Obviously it’s not a problem she’s been here for 10 years.

  • Jennifer

    If those were for his kids and not him, then ugh! They should be fed normal meals, not greasy fries.

  • Krissy

    Many times parents hold food items for their kids. I think it is a bit of a stretch to say that he is “double fisting” french fries and shoving them down…I love ya Trent, but sometimes your love for Britney brings out a mean spirited side.

    Kevin might not be a complete winner, but he isn’t a troll. At least he allowed his wife, who is still under a conservatorship, to bring her children out of the country with her. Divorce law in the US is a very crazy thing, and many couples go through similar situations when one parent is a lot wealthier than the other, or when one parent has a history of drug abuse or dangerous behavior. Vilifying him when he is just being a responsible parent isn’t right, IMO. He has actually been quite nice to her, and could have asked for MUCH harsher custody agreement if he would have liked. With her history and current situation, she is lucky she gets to see them as much as she does. This is because of Kevin’s cooperation.

  • Malcolm McCrae

    I agree Trent it is sad. What’s worst it that most these people only read the negative about Britney (which is false 50%) and then use it against her when it has little to do with anything.
    bottom line is Kevin uses Brits kids to get millions out of her a year and free trips. Yeah he was there when Brit was goin through a rough patch but that’s his responsibility and the ONLY time he was there.

    And Btw Brit passed ALL her drug test and I’m sure that judge only labeled her a habitual user by her behavior and tabloid headlines. She may have sed but she wasn’t addicted.
    Ok I’ve commented too much on this guy. Lol

  • valupack

    OK- let’s not make fun of his weight but for his HIDEOUS choice of clothing. Does he own anything other than baggy manpris? Least he could do is spend some of Brit’s money on some decent clothes

  • Krissy

    Malcom, the same could be said in reverse: “What’s worst it that most these people only read the “positive” about Britney (which is false 50%) and then use it “in her favor” her when it has little to do with anything.”

    To say that a judge would label her a habitual drug user based only on tabloids is a bit silly. The judge has access to a lot of information that people like you, me, Trent, etc. will never get to see. Logic suggests that the judges perspective is the most accurate.

    No matter what, Kevin is entitled to certain rights as a parent. I don’t see people tearing apart the millions of ex-wives that live luxurious lives because they procreated with someone wealthy. That is the way the system works. If you are going to bash one ex for taking the money that our law says he is entitiled to, they you need to bash them all. And at the end of the day, Kevin has shown great generosity in comparison to what he COULD be doing. He could have made things much, much more difficult.

  • Christina

    I kinda agree with everyone here on different points. I personally don’t know what kind of legal wrangling happened to allow the boys to accompany Britney on her tour. But IF for some reason, Kevin’s presence is required then yes I kinda think he should be compensated just because it is effectively keeping him from earning an income at home. [Please, no lame jokes about him not being able to earn an income. Seriously, that joke is old.] Mainly because, Britney’s own actions caused her to lose custody. So that’s the only reason she should have to pay to allow this arrangement. But, IF he is not required to be there, then no he shouldn’t be paid. But irregardless, get over it. What is the point of hating this guy? I’m not a fan of Britney, but she’s doing her thing. She has her boys. She’s happy. Why trash this guy? Those little boys obviously love him. Furthermore, he DID in fact earn money for himself over the course of time. Maybe not anywhere near as much as Britney has earned, and not by having such an illustrious career as her. But still. Give the guy a break. All in all, the Britney drama is over. It’s annoying to still see him trashed. If Britney’s happy, then chill. You can have stories about him, the kids, and Brit without having to trash the guy.

  • Dennis

    Trent. First off YAAAYYY you actually answered one of my rants! I am very excited ;) Secondly I’m not a K-Fed fan by any means. Nor am I a Britney fan. You did get that one right. (however I do like her Circus CD fine, go figure). I’m just pointing out what I have noticed. Thats all. Brit can do very little wrong but Kevin is always bad in your book. When in reality they are both still a train weck. Maybe Brit’s train aint crashin all that loudly right now. Give it time. K-Fed is just fat. Boy is he fat too. ;) Thanks for the exchange. :)

    PS: Yaaay Kylie! She has no fat baggage. ;)

  • Sue.

    The thing is, Britney already pays for his travelling expenses, so the $30 000 are extra money. He’s renting his kids to Britney. That’s disgusting in my eyes.

    What kind of example is Kevin setting for his 4 children? Marry a rich person and never work again? Please.

  • ABC

    he is a leach.

  • Ani

    Aww how sad! The slut bag is holding little jayden james. Poor brit has to see these pics!

  • MelMel

    hahaha! you crazy thing! Oy. This post just cracked me the eff up. And boggled my mind. Can you believe how massive he’s gotten?! Creepy.

  • Bea

    I believe k-fat is a leach. I don’t believe he spends any time with Shar’s kids but he gives Britney’s money over to Shar. Let the money stop Shar would sing a different tune. I don’t think it’s right for Britney to have to pay for this turd’s child support to Shar. This fat turd should have to work and pay to raise his own kids by Shar. Shar needs to get off Britney welfare.
    This so called girlfriend of K-Fat is on Britney welfare to. Something is wrong with her head if this is the best man she can find. This so called girlfriend is out to scrape up what ever she can get.
    Britney needs to get better lawyers to get out of this lose-lose situation.

  • Bea

    And another thing K-fat don’t care what we say about him. Lazy/stupid greasy shiftless pig just care that you don’t cut off his Britney-welfare money because he needs to buy more fries.