Eric De La Cruz Passes Away At 27


Back in May we learned that a young man named Eric De La Cruz was in dire need of funds to pay for a much needed heart transplant after Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails made a plea to his fans on Eric’s behalf. Reznor made himself and his entire band available to fans who generously donated significant sums of money to help fund Eric’s transplant. Shortly after Reznor’s plea went out to his fans, we learned that over half a million dollars had been raised on Eric’s behalf and eventually the entire sum required to pay for his heart transplant was raised (in the neighborhood of $800,000). But … it is with a very heavy heart I must pass along the sad news that Eric did not win his battle with his ailment. According to Eric’s sister Veronica, he passed away on Saturday July 4th:

It is with the heaviest heart that I write this, my beautiful and beloved little brother Eric De La Cruz has passed away. He died yesterday, July 4, 2009, sometime between 2:20 pm and 2:35 pm. Both my mother and I have been so overcome with grief and sadness, we couldn’t bear to put the message out, so until now we shared it with only Eric’s closest friends and relatives.

You can read the rest of Veronica’s heartfelt letter HERE. It is so terribly tragic that Eric would lose his battle after putting up such a brave fight. So many people rallied together to help him … I’m sure he knew how much he was loved. Altho I don’t know Eric De La Cruz or his family, I have been deeply touched by his story. My thoughts, prayers and sincerest condolences goes out to the entire De La Cruz family.


  • How saw. Trent must be devastated. He’ll be in my country early next month. Hope his fans here will make him feel better.

  • how sad*

  • MeG

    To get so close and then lose him, that is terribly sad:( Much love going out to his family and friends!

  • Tracy

    So did he get the heart transplant and then his body rejected it or did he die before he was able to get the transplant? So sad. It’s even sadder that it costs almost a million dollars to save someones life. :-(

  • Adam Bomb

    I was following Trent’s efforts on Twitter, and read a bit about this guy. It’s unfortunate that he lost his battle :(

  • Paranel

    I am so sorry. RIP.

  • carrie

    rip eric. :(

  • shirley awana

    a high school friend of mine is a good friend of veronica’s and had alerted a lot of us on facebook about eric’s situation. my eyes are watering reading your post and i’m so sad that he lost his battle.

    R.I.P. Eric.

  • Lee

    So where did the donated money go? Was it returned to the fans? Or perhaps given to a charity? If so which one? He never received the transplant that the donations were for. Where did the money go?

  • Jaded

    I am also wondering where the donated money went. I donated $10 because I could not afford more and I thought it was an awesome cause. But I donated for Eric de la Cruz’s heart transplant – not just some “charity”.

    I’m really sorry the guy died before he could be helped, and think it’s disgusting that $ has to be raised to save someone’s life like this … but I want my $ back.