Ryan Phillippe Shows Off His Hawtness After A Vigorous Work-Out


Ryan Phillippe was spotted making his way out of the gym here in LA earlier this week and homie was lookin’ pretty damn good, if I say so myself. Some guys just have the ability to make a plain white tank top t-shirt look really, really good … behold:

Le Sigh. It’s nice that we can usually rely on Ryan Phillippe to give us that extra little pick-me-up that says, Today is going to be an amazing day! And even if that’s not the message that can be gleaned from photos like this, who cares … the boy is hot! Enjoy :)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

  • JeniLee

    i heart him soooo much. i wish we could see pictures of him every day!!

  • procrastination101

    he’s a cutie :-) too bad he’s a cheating scumbag.

  • mark

    He is pretty damn hot. I have to admit I probably would have cheated on Reese too. I don’t know why, I just think I would have.

  • Luv Ya

    Yes, Trent, summertime and Ryan is out in his wife beater and gym shorts. Thank you, Ryan. You may hate the paps, but just this once I’m asking you to forgive them, just for our sake. The boy is a hottie for sure. As for “scumbag” comment above, I didn’t know Reese had been elevated to Saint Reese. Marriage is tough. Hell, being in relationship is tough. When it’s good, it’s very good, but when it’s bad, it’s awful.

  • Allie

    I used to think he was hot, until he cheated on his wife. I don’t care how boring or uptight people think she is, that did not entitle him to hook up with his co-star. Divorce her, separate, tell her things are over, do anything other than CHEAT.

  • Boy is hot

    Allie, been talking to Reese? Only the rags said he cheated, not her. Jude Law’s fans think it’s hardly worth mentioning that he cheated on his wife, something he admits doing, with the nanny, for gosh sakes. But Ryan is still getting hammered. I think this only proves that it’s OK to cheat if she’s not as famous as you, but God help you if people even think you cheated on America’s Sweetheart.

  • Allie

    @Boy is hot- cheating is wrong, no matter who the person. Just because Jude Law’s FANS don’t think it’s worth mentioning that he cheated on his wife, means nothing to me. They are FANS. Male or female, celebrity or not, if you CHEAT, you are a piece of shit. Just because celebrities don’t come out and say “YEAH! I cheated on my wife!” doesn’t mean anything to me, either. Celebrities are still people too, and still get embarrassed by their indiscretions. And by the way, if you go back about a year, there IS an interview that she alludes to his unfaithfulness, and actually blames herself.

  • Boy is hot

    Oh Allie, get a life. Let it go. He’s not running for office in the States where sexual purity seems to be the absolute bottom line. He’s just a very hot young actor who gets my juices running. I like him. I don’t care about him and Reese and why should you?

  • Allie

    @Boy is hot – Before I go celebrate the independence of my wonderful country, I just have to say: Wow. hahaha I stated my opinion and you disagreed. That would be fine, but I believe you addressed me specifically by name in your comment, and told me I was wrong. I simply responded. haha I don’t care about him and Reese. Plain and simple, I think it’s wrong that someone cheated. That makes a man who is otherwise attractive, unattractive in MY eyes. And? Good for you that he gets your juices flowing. Good for the girls who are still turned on by Chris Brown. (I don’t think that beating someone and cheating on someone are any where near the same. I’m just using the example of people defending negative actions of celebrities because someone is “HOT!” or they’re a fan.) I’ll still comment about any cheaters, beaters, whores, & Republicans from Alaska all I want. You can agree to disagree until your little heart is content. :)

  • Boy is hot

    I’m not defending him. I’m saying I don’t judge someone by spurious gossip. I repeat, I like him. He ‘s strikes me as down to earth as you’re going to find in Hollyweird. I think he and Reese grew apart and then separated and divorced. I also think their separation started a long time before it was announced. He had the kids on the set of Stop-Loss when Deacon was only two years old…without Reese, who never showed up. Sounds like they were separated. But, whatever, you’re entitled to your opionion. We will have to agree to disagree.

  • godblessamerica


    Greasy Reesy’s fans need to MOVE ON.

  • SuzieLee

    LMAO @godblessamerica!! Listen – seriously – wtf does the fact that he cheated have to do with the fact that the man is serious eye candy!!! Leave it at that. : ) Happy 4th all!!!

  • Luv Ya

    You said it, SuzieLee.

  • Angie

    Dude.. WTF Ryan.. an EAGLES hat?? I live IN Philthadelphia and even *I* wouldn’t wear that garbage. GO STEELERS!!

  • go birds

    Eagles fans would die before fronting as Steeler fans. You should move to Pittsburg.

  • Shannon

    Hellz yeah he’s an Eagles fan! I just found newly found respect for Ryan!!! GO BIRDS!!!