The Public Funeral Of Michael Jackson Will Take Place In LA On July 7, 2009


On Tuesday we were told that the public memorial service for the late Michael Jackson would be held this Friday July 3 on the grounds of Neverland Ranch but on Wednesday the Jackson family issued a statement denying reports that either a public or private memorial service would be held at Neverland. The family stated that a public memorial would be announced “soon”. now reports that the public memorial service/funeral for Michael Jackson will take place on Tuesday July 7 at 10AM PT at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, CA:

Michael Jackson’s family and advisors have finally made a decision on where to hold a memorial service celebrating the late singer’s life and career. It will be Tuesday, July 7 at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, has learned exclusively. The 20,000-seat venue is where Michael spent his last night. He rehearsed there for his upcoming London concerts, right up until midnight on June 24. Jackson died the following afternoon.

I’m also hearing that the adjoining Nokia Theater will also be used for the public funeral on Tuesday and that large screens will broadcast in the outdoor courtyard of the venue for the people who are not able to get inside either venue. Keep in mind that there has been NO official confirmation from the Jackson family on this latest report from RadarOnline but it would make sense that this would be the plan. The Staples Center is large enough to house a massive audience, it is easily accessible to so many people and it was the site of MJ’s last performance ever as he dress rehearsed for his planned This Is It Tour (on the night before he died of cardiac arrest in his home in Holmby Hills, CA last Thursday). Also, it is a way for AEG (the concert promoter who is losing MILLIONS now that MJ’s tour in the UK won’t happen and just so happens to own the Staples Center) and the Jackson family to sell tickets for the memorial. Take this report for what it’s worth … only a report. Until we get official confirmation, I’d hold off on making plans to attend this funeral service.


  • if they charge tickets to that shit, FUUUUUUUCK IT

    • @ollie — w/e Ollie … irregardless of whether or not they charge, you know you’re gonna go with me :)

  • I just might barf ALOT if they sell tickets to a public memorial. Unless all proceeds go to charity – not AEG – that would be just an absolutely disgusting move.

  • @ trent true. (car) (sadpuppyface)

  • newsgrrl

    If AEG is losing millions, you have to wonder if they had insurance on the tour…

  • goodygoody

    Why doesn’t it surprise me that they would think of selling TICKETS to a MEMORIAL service.

  • Gabi

    If they do sell tickets to a memorial service, that would be scanless!!

    Anyone that would partake in buying said tickets… wow, just as scanless!

  • Grace

    Part of me is sickened that his family seems to be exploiting his death like this, but then I think this is exactly what MJ would have wanted, a big, disgusting, public spectacle and then maybe his own holiday. The man named all his kids after himself. I’m just saying it isn’t that far fetched.

  • Liam

    That was snotty enough, Grace- you could try a little harder.

  • Liam

    haha- *wasn’t* !

  • rossy

    Hey, Trent – Don’t you mean JULY 3rd… cause June is over with.

  • Gary B

    I never seriously believed that this Jackson tour was ever going to happen. I predicted that it would end like all of Jacko’s
    recent collapsed business deals. He complains of health problems (which now could have been real) backs out of hte deal and then gets sued. I did not think he was going to die not for another ten years at least.

  • Camillus

    Please stop he’s been dead a week. ENOUGH. Who cares what they do with him. Bury the stiff now. and lets end the media overkill.

  • K.Sie

    See u in Nirvana MJ

  • Ella

    This is sad. He was exploited as a child and now even in death he can’t catch a break and they’re going to exploit his death for a buck or two. I get that the concert promotor wants to recoup losses but somehow there must be a less tasteless way to do it.

    • @Ella — Let’s remember, we don’t know if they will be charging for his service. I said that it was possible but, as yet, there has been no official confirmation or any information on how the event may go down.

  • Nikki

    @ Camillus – Wow. Let’s have a little respect huh? Michael’s fans were everything to him. I’m not sure if a public viewing is exactly what he would have wanted (in his later years he was obviously very private) but I think he would want to give us something, some sort of rememberance.

  • Josh

    @Gabi….scanless? Really? The American education system obviously failed you, the word is scandalous! If you can’t spell it, don’t use it!

  • Ella

    @Trent… ya I know… I probably shouldn’t get so pissed since it hasn’t really been confirmed but the possibility totally bothers me.

  • cj
  • Gabi

    Josh… hold on, let me take a second to laugh for a little bit *rolling my eyes*. “Scandalous” wasn’t ghetto enough for what this farce would have been if they would have charged to attend his memorial. Hence why the ghetto slang seemed much more appropriate.