‘90210’ Announces Its Newest Castmember


Last March we learned that producers of The CW series 90210 felt that Dustin Milligan, who played Ethan Ward on the show, wasn’t exciting enough to keep on the show and earlier this month we got official confirmation that the Ethan character is out … and a new character named Teddy is in. Today, we learn that former Abercrombie & Fitch model and Days of our Lives actor Trevor Donovan has been cast in the role of Teddy. What say we meet this newly cast lad, shall we?

No disrespect to Dustin Milligan, but, um, er… Ethan who? 90210 has tapped Abercrombie & Fitch model-turned-soap star Trevor Donovan to fill the show’s “golden boy” vacancy, sources confirm to me exclusively. The genetically blessed Donovan, who channeled Days of Our Lives bad boy Jeremy Horton for four months in 2007, will play Teddy, West Beverly’s own version of JFK Jr. Gorgeous, smart, athletic, charming, and naturally confident, Teddy has the unique ability to make any girl feel like she’s the most beautiful person in the room. And any guy like he’s a cross between Shrek and Jiminy Glick. Donovan, whose 90210 gig is described as heavily recurring, will debut early on in the show’s upcoming second season.

Um … yeah. I liked Dustin Milligan too but I think I could come to like Trevor Donovan a lot more. As the article mentions, Trevor used to be an A&F model and you know what that means :) After the jump, check out a few NSFW photos of Trevor Donovan modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch while wearing no Abercrombie & Fitch clothing at all …

Dayuuuuuuuuuuum! Er, I dunno what that alien is doing in that last photo but I can’t say that I blame it at all. Trevor Donovan looks like he will be a FINE addition to the 90210 cast. Who cares if he can act or not … I’m sold already!! What do y’all think? Do we like Trevor?


  • gwen

    he looks like steve sanders – only gorgeous and not a dork!

  • M_Deezy

    haha i totally thought of steve too when i saw him @ first…

  • lilian

    What is it with 90210 and abercrombie. First Kellan Lutz and then this dude. Do the casting directors have a fetish or what?

  • “…And any guy like he’s a cross between Shrek and Jiminy Glick.” LOL!

    Um, his hot ass better watch out for that cyclopse-alien’s horribly sharp 3-pronged hand. That looks like a world of 9021-Ouch!

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  • Mariah

    asjeoiegbjh092sdfalskjjjjjj3496tu0g gdalvk; ad nas…….. fasdf asdfwjioj; af


    Sorry – my chin just dropped right on my keyboard while looking at this piece of fine ass.

  • MuDarling

    So do we know if the out with the old in with new is also part of the murder that lil Annie committed? Really hope its Ethan, I like it when my story explains things and not just glamour over it with a pretty face….however he is pretty I’ll give him that. Let’s call him baby steve

  • fuckthat

    another 30 year old on a show about 16 year olds. how…..predictable

  • jessica

    sure he’s not the same guy from O-town? (in the photo labelled “Yummo”)

  • red ranger

    another blonde guy?

  • tatiana

    Ass anyone?

  • Luna

    Wow, my kind of hotness definitely! YUM!

  • Ally

    He looks like he is old enough to have been on the original 90210…

  • strunkette

    He needs to go with the short hair…..much hotter….or is it the fact that he has no clothes on? :)

  • blackraven

    So much perfection and hotness in one man! WOW!

  • tifftiff

    OH Pink this man is yummy! I’m a woman and i’m gonna be watching this show to lust after this guy.

  • hannah

    I want Trevor Donovans babies. How did they swing this hunk? Nice find. he’s going to be a star. reminds me of Redford or Steve Mcqueen

  • gayboy

    Fun fun fun for season 2 on 90210 Hottness personified. Thanks for the “make me wet” picture PINK

  • jazbott

    Trevor Donovan is super sexy and my recorder is set to Tuesdays to watch and re-watch his fine A## :-) so excited

  • ickyjin

    Loved him in the season premeiere he made me so wet