Vanessa Minnillo & Nick Lachey Are Dunzo!


US Weekly magazine is reporting the sad news today that celeb couple Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey have called off their romantic affiliation after almost 3 years together. You may recall that Vanessa was Nick’s first girlfriend after he divorced from Jessica Simpson in 2005 … but now La-Nessa are dunzo, too:

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have split, has learned. A source close to the couple tells Us: “It was an amicable break-up. They walk away from it still friends.” Adds another source, “They still care about each other very much. This is what’s best for both of them.” The couple hooked up in 2006 — the year after Lachey split from wife Jessica Simpson. In 2007, Minnillo told Us she wanted to have kids with Lachey: “I always say I want three boys and a girl, but at the end of the day, I just want healthy kids.”

HMMM … kids. I believe that kids were part of the reason that led to Nick’s divorce from Jessica … and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that is the case again this time with Vanessa. To be honest, I really liked these two together … they had about the same amount of fame (he a former boybander, she a former MTV VJ) that I thought would equal a successful long term relationship. Clearly that was not so. Bummer. I wish both Vanessa and Nick happiness no matter who they end up with next.

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  • After seeing her without makeup, I can only say what took him so long?

  • JJ

    Awww, I think this is sad! I liked them together, too.

  • Brik

    Wow I totally thought they would get married. Boo.

  • Amy

    I always thought papa perv was behind the Nick/Jessica split. Anyway, I think it came down to, he just didn’t want to marry her and she probably told him to “shit or get or off the pot” or “fish or cut bait” or something along those lines.

  • sarah

    haha this is funny, just the other day i saw Nick Lachey on an old episode of One Tree Hill and thought, are they still together?? hmmm…

  • Yeah, they seemed perfect in their B-List-ness. Too bad.

  • dana j

    I think it was more of vanessa going around and telling everyone that she wanted to get married soon and nick probably wasn’t ready for that just yet. Whatever media outlet would listen she was going ” I can’t wait to start planning and have a ring and blah blah blah”. if I was nick I’d be like “uhhh, shut the hell up”.

  • Heather

    He’s single!

  • Katy

    Wow. Sad. I liked them.

  • Jenn

    does this dude wear lip gloss or what? im blinded by his shiny lips every time i see a photo of him!

  • SuziLee

    LMAO @Jenn – I thought same thing!!! : )
    Actually Trent… Nick got around a little before hooking up w/Vanessa – he dated Kim Kardashian (I know random) and then Kristin Cavallari (your girl – figured you’d know that one!!!!
    Yeah I only know this cause my step-sister’s f’ing obsessed w/Nick… she’s prob havin a party right now that he’s single!!


    I don’t see his appeal that much…

  • susan

    He’s got quite the proboscis ( prominenet nose) on him. Yuck all the way around. He is a buttaface. Vanessa can do much better!

  • Lisa

    Yeah, but w/Jessica he wanted kids & she wasn’t ready, this time it was the opposite (the woman wanted kids) so you can’t say Nick ended things for the same reason…just sayin…

  • jj

    Well there were some pretty serious “rumors” going around that she had cheated on him several times…. But only rumors no photographic proof. Not sure if Trent heard any of these??

  • nicole

    we’ll if she didnt go around saying she wanted a ring …like now… maybe they’d still be together.

  • Selina

    Now all Jessica has to do is dump Tony, get back with Nick, get re-married, and have the “Newlyweds” show again. ;)

    I loved that show. LOL

  • Pamcakes

    i’m shocked!

  • educate yourself

    Sorry but this was one of the most annoying couples in my opinion….