Madonna Reveals The Title & Release Date Of Her Greatest Hits Album


A new report out today claims that Madonna’s new greatest hits album, her last album for Warner Bros., is scheduled for release in September … going head to head to head with new releases from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. According to, the disc will be titled Iconography and may be released on September 22 BUT … they got the title wrong … it is actually titled Celebration and will be released September 28:

This column has been told that Madonna is getting ready to release her greatest hits album, Iconography, in September – possibly September 22. It will be her final album with Warner Brothers and it will contain three new songs. The timing of the album’s release may be bad. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are going to be releasing albums around the same time. Whitney Houston’s Undefeated is due on September 1, one week after Mariah Carey’s Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel. Then again, having three divas release albums at the same time may be good for the record industry and the economy. But if Madonna and Whitney Houston go the Mariah route and release new material that is as uncreative and boring as Mariah’s new single Obsessed, the record industry may suffer even more.

While I question the need for another Madonna Greatest Hits album, I am interested in hearing what her three new songs sound like. I understand the song titles for the new tracks are Broken, I’m Sorry and Celebration. Despite the fact that I’m intrigued by these new songs, I’m even more interested in the release of her new album — the first for her new record label with Live Nation. Here’s hoping that these three new tracks will give us a good taste for the direction that her music is heading … which can be very good or very, very bad news.

[Source, thanks Kevin]

  • “I’m Sorry” – She sure does love to apologize a lot (think back to just HOW many songs she sings “I’m sorry” on) but perhaps she needs to…

  • Ward

    very excited about Madonna’s new material. . . it’s just a compilation (for the most part) so probably won’t be much competition sales-wise for completely new stuff from mariah carey or whitney houston.

  • Ram

    Thats blasphemous saying whats the need for a new Greatest Hits. Its her last album for Warner Brothers after 25 years, its very appropriate, & I love love love the title Icongraphy, altough your right to anticipate the new album from Live Nation, I bet she has some tricks up her sleave for that baby. You know she likes to hit it out of the ball park right. That is her greatest personal thrill in life.

  • wendell

    I wonder if this greatest hits is going to cover her entire career with Warner? Do we know for sure? I can’t wait!!! If Mariah’s new album is anything like her new song, I don’t think Madge and Whitney have much to worry about.

  • the thought of new Madge music gives me butterflies.

  • annie

    I’m glad they airbrushed the shit out of her face.

  • austin

    not a huge deal but the songs are Celebrate and Broken (I’m Sorry), the titles were mislabeled in an interview with one of the producers.


    LMFAO @ ANNIE! She totally copied Britney with the whole “Phonography” thing. JK : )

  • Jack

    The biggest diva of all will be releasing a new CD in September as well……..MS. BARBRA STREISAND!! She is the biggest selling recording artist of all time and will come out on top once again!

  • wendell

    Yes. Britney owns the suffix “ography”.

  • Nev

    wicked news!!!

  • That does not look like Madonna. But I’m glad they covered her veiny hand.

    I will buy this album, though. I’m a fan. :D

  • Derek

    Houston’s album is to be named “I turn to you” as it was announced yesterday.

  • Cristián

    The 3 new songs have been produced with Paul Oakenfold, so expect some dance-ish tunes.

  • pdnoosh

    I’m glad Oakenfold is producing the new tracks. For my money, trying to chase down contemporary R&B on Hard Candy was one of the poorest creative decisions of her career, especially since she was so ahead of the curve with everything from RoL on (including American Life, which I think is sorely underrated.) It’s funny to hear something like “Boom Boom Pow” in 2009, which (sans the rapping) would have been right at home 8 years ago on the Music album.

  • Derek

    “I look to you”..yes that is what I meant.

    I was pointing out that it is not “Undefeated” as listed here.