Heidi Klum Takes Her 3.5 Kids To The Park

Bump Watch

Here are a couple of cuuuuuute pics of Heidi Klum, baby bumpin’ out, and her three children Leni, Henry and Johan enjoying a lovely day at a park in NYC this week … behold:

Since we already know that Heidi is incubating a baby girl inside her baby bump we know it won’t be long until she will be taking her 2 daughters and 2 sons out for playdates. Just when you thought her family couldn’t get any more beautiful … along comes another baby. Couldn’t you just puke on your fabulously stylish shoes?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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  1. M_Deezy

    oh how gorgeous she is in just a jeans & tank & soo preggos.. jealous!! lol

  2. bip

    jeez, does their daughter have “good” hair, too? yes, they are sickeningly adorable.

  3. Nadya

    haha. cute. Her newborn will have afro hair too.

  4. Ally

    My goodness her children have long names!

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