Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick Welcome The Arrival Of Their Twin Daughters


Congratulations are in order for proud parents Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick who are reportedly welcoming the birth of their twin daughters today. As we learned back in April, SJP and Matthew decided to have their twin baby girls by surrogate mother and we learn today that the surrogate mom gave birth to the little girls in Martins Ferry, OH earlier today:

CBS news in Martins Ferry, Ohio are reporting that the twin girls of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have arrived. Sources close to East Ohio Regional Hospital in Martins Ferry confirm for CBS News that the surrogate mother for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick gave birth to twins this morning. Sources tell WTRF Reporter Dave Elias that Parker and Broderick are at the hospital with the surrogate. We are also learning that Parker and Broderick are expected to make some type of announcement before they leave the hospital. However, Hospital Spokesperson Maggie Espina would not confirm or deny our reports. She would only say that the hospital has no comment at this time. Security at the hospital is tight this morning. We’re told additional guards have been brought in and even more are on standby, if needed, as this story is expected to get national attention.

Yay!! Much love and congrats goes out to SJP and Matthew on the expansion of their beautiful family. The couple already have a son, James Wilkie, so I’m sure they are ecstatic over the addition of baby girls to the fam. As of yet, no names have been announced for the twin baby girls but one hopes that the proud new parents will divulge that info if they do make an official birth announcement today. Congrats again, SJP and MB!!

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • CB

    Aw! Congrats to them!

  • Denise

    They will be some high-stylin’ little girls:)

  • Mariah

    Mazel Tov!!

  • nicole

    i cant wait to see how these girls get styled, im picturing some serious outfits, just like thier mom :)

  • PITNBer

    I mean congrats & all but- “additional guards”? “National attention”? Seriously?

  • Debho

    Great news. I wonder what they’ll call them. Nothing silly I hope.

  • shebo

    why couldnt she carry her own? does anybody know? thanks :)

  • drama108

    Yay for them! I live about 10 minutes away from Martins Ferry. Its awesome to know that such a small town like this is being used for something like this. EORH is an awesome place, my brother was born in that hospital and they are amazing!

  • I think Sarah is great, she’s worked on some seriously great movies over the years.