Mercy James Shows Her Cute Face In London


On Saturday we learned that Madonna’s newly adopted daughter, Chifundo Mercy James, was flown from her orphanage in Malawi by private jet to her new London home to unite with her new family. On Sunday, we got our first glimpse of little Mercy James in London as her mother shielded her from view as the entire family convened for services at the Kabbalah Centre in London. Today we get our first real look at Mercy as she takes in the surroundings of her new home in the Mayfair neighborhood of London … say hello to Miss Mercy James:

After just 24 hours in the UK four-year-old Mercy James still has a lot to get used to in the world of her new adopted mother Madonna. She was spotted outside the singer’s £15million Mayfair home yesterday morning, in the arms of a woman believed to be her nanny. Madonna, 50, won custody of Mercy a little over a week ago and had been expected to fly out to Malawi to collect her. Instead a nanny flew with Mercy on a private jet to South Africa on Friday night before taking a first-class flight to Heathrow. Hours after landing on Saturday Mercy accompanied Madonna and her new siblings Lourdes, 12, Rocco, eight and David, three, to a London meeting of the Kabbalah faith. Madonna’s ex-husband Guy Ritchie was also seen at the centre. It is understood that he has taken Rocco and David to his home in Wiltshire while Madonna bonds with Mercy in London. The family spent an hour at the centre in London before Mercy, wearing shiny white sandals, returned to the singer’s Mayfair home. Yesterday passers by got a glimpse of the girl as she was seen at the singer’s front door wearing a smart new pink frock as guests arrived at the home. It is believed that the singer was at the home as well as her car and driver were seen coming and going from the premises. An onlooker said: “Mercy looked slightly confused. It has obviously been a bit like a circus around her over the past few days so it’s not surprising. It was only a day or two ago that she was still in Malawi and now she finds herself in the middle of London without her friends.”

Awww … there she is. What a little cutie! While I’m sure that all the sights and sounds of London can be a bit daunting for little Mercy, I’m sure all the hoopla would have the same effect on any child that age. I’m very happy that Madonna has finally been allowed to add Mercy to her family as I’m sure they will all live a very long and very happy life together. This little girl’s life has already changed significantly … and her new life has only just begun.


  • Jen

    Ok, I realize how busy Madonna is, but Mercy’s first London photo, and she’s already in the arms of her nanny!?

  • Awwww How cute! Almost as cute as me when I was that age LOL

  • lyndyloo

    Adorable. she is so lucky to have Madonna as a mother.

  • brentbent

    @lyndyloo yes, since so many famous children turned out to be well adjusted crack heads.

  • JessicaGiovanna

    I hope the little girl grows up to be a wonderful, productive, happy adult. She’s a cutie pie.

  • Joanne

    How overwhelming for her.

  • Tyler Anthony

    So what if the nanny is holding her, when my little nephews come to the house or our parents house eveyone but the mother has them