Chris Brown Cops A Plea, Gets Probation


TMZ is now reporting that Chris Brown worked out a plea bargain agreement that “punishes” him with probation — for the FELONY assault of Rihanna:

Chris Brown has copped a plea in his assault case. He won’t do jail time. He’s also been ordered to completely stay clear from Rihanna. He’ll spend 180 days doing hard labor in Virginia which is where Brown lives – it’s equivalent to Caltrans or graffiti cleanup. He gets 5 years probation for FELONY assault — he pled guilty. He’ll get supervised probation. He’ll have to come back to court every three months. He must enroll in a domestic violence counseling program. The judge said she wanted to make sure that Chris Brown “was treated as any other person who comes through this court.” If Brown violates probation, he could get up to 4 years in prison.

Um … this sounds like a whole lotta bullshizz to me. Totally unsurprising and yet still gravely disappointing. No jail time at all for assaulting Rihanna … a fact that he legally confesses to by taking this plea agreement. Celebrity justice, y’all.


  • meh

    that is very disappointing. but not surprising at all that he didn’t have to go to jail.

  • Kendra

    I’m not suprised..I’m disgusted, but not surprised..I wonder how Rihanna is feeling about it all..She must have known, right? Agreed to it?

  • The treatment you get when you’re a celebrity…

  • Winona

    I’m adding my own disappointed-but-not-surprised. That’s okay – if he’s done this once, he’ll likely screw up again at some point during his 5 years of probation; where will he be then?!

  • dana j

    no this is messed up. some counseling but no damn jail time??? and I don’t want to hear chris brown stans cheering this development because it’s not right. he’s getting special treatment for this. he beat her up and now it’s a ” be good chris or else” thing. bullshit! he should have gone to jail for this.

    celebrity justice…. justice my ass. I’m done with chris. and her lawyers NEVER should have accepted that mess. I know it would have been hard for her to get up there and face him but… this just isn’t right.

  • CoCo

    This is actually kind of typical for first time offenders… Scary, isn’t it?!

  • Margie

    Maybe she just didn’t want to testify about the whole gory details and just wanted to put it behind her. Regardless, you suck Chris Brown!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Nothing shocking there. It is extremly sad but nothing new!! I am pretty sure he will mess up in those 5 years and then he will get a swift kick in the ass from madam justice!

  • Dennis

    Everyone calm down. This bargain was worked out between Chris and Rihanna’s lawyers. Chris’ lawyer did not just come up with this on his own and the judge jumped on board. It doesn’t work like that. Rihanna had something to do with this pleas being drafted. If she and hew lawyers are happy with the end result then why should we trip? Rihanna’s lawyers knew what they were doing or the plea would never have happened. I work in Superior Court and see it all the time. It’s just how it’s done.

  • Presley

    Surprise… another celebrity above the law.

  • SpecialK

    Actually 5 years is pretty good considering no record, and how quickly this was dealt with. If this was in Canada Rihanna would be lucky if he got 1 year probation. Consider your Justice system not as whacked as ours. I don’t think he was treated any different cause he was a celebrity!

  • Spice

    Real life Similar Story-

    A Very similar situation occured between me and my boyfriend at the time. He was charged with the same thing – but in a diffent state. He also pleaded guilty and got 5 years probation. I heard that he felt the probation was too difficult to keep up with (money and the rules) so he volunteered to do time served and ended up serving about 34 days to get rid of the probation.

    So based on my real experience – it doesn’t appear to be too different based on famous and non-famous.

  • MeG

    The sad part is….this type of ruling isn’t uncommon in domestic abuse cases. He isn’t getting off free, he is under probation for 5 years and if he screws up again he will not be a first time offender like he was in this case. I don’t think he was treated any differently because he is a celeb BUT while I don’t agree with the ruling, this happens everyday, so blame the judicial system.

  • Bleeding Ears

    I do believe I suggested he take this course of action last week. I bet he’s glad he listened. That’ll be $450 you douche bag. Pay up or I’m going to get my girlfriend to smack YOUR ass around for while.

  • K

    YA I doubt this sentence is like that because he is a celeb, so is she. In a perfect world men who beat their girlfriends/ wives etc would be sent to jail but it doesn’t happen much of the time. How many stories have there been about women who filed complaints and such and police “cannot” do anything about it other than give you a piece of paper that says he should stay away.

  • Shell

    CoCo if thats the case its no wonder it happens mulitple times within a single relationship. This is truly unfortunate.

  • Malory

    it’s bullsh!t how he gets away with it!!!! My bf got it wrost, when all he did was push his ex gf in to a door and wall & left no marks. Which just goes 2 show, if u have money, u can get away with almost anything

  • Jadedkitten

    Fuck both of them

  • surprise surprise. good thing i wasn’t holding my breath over THIS one. disgusting.

  • Leah

    This is actually typical for a first time offense of this degree. My ex-husband was charged with aggravated assault after pulling a knife on me, and he got time served (which was about a month in the county jail), like a year of counseling and several years of probation. Also like this case, I did not have to press charges myself, it was of a degree of severity that the state/county/whoever charged him. I did not have serious iunjuries but the weapon turned it into a felony.

  • Leah

    I meant injuries.

  • nicole

    he’s a frist time offender, you had to know there would be no jail time. and we also dont know what Rihanna said – that could have played a part in the ruling. its not a “celeb” thing, its what most people get.

  • Melissa

    It is very possible Rhianna’s people had nothing to do with this. Her team wasn’t prosecuting him, the DA was (aka the State of California). In matters like these, it is all up to the prosecution, and has nothing to do with the wishes of the victim. Rhianna did not have to approve or give her ok for this deal to happen. The DA doesn’t work for Rhianna. Stop spreading false information.

  • LOVE G

    The f*cker got off easy. We’ve seen the sh*t he’s capable of… and he is just getting probation??? THATS BULLSH*T!

  • Bitchtastic

    Paris Hilton got a harsh ass jail time and she didn’t even hurt anyone. I know she could have, but he actually DID. This is sick shit.

  • wendell

    I’m sure Rihanna is actually glad the whole thing is over. She didn’t bring charges against him, the DA did, so I am glad that DA persued it. He is such a douche. At least he had to admit that he did it. He should have gotten much worse, but this is what happens in these types of cases for first time offenders. I hope he messes up and goes to jail.

  • Renee

    even martha stewart did jail time. what a disgrace! beat someone to a pulp and get probation, what kind of example is the judge setting here?

  • Q

    Bitchtastic- Get your facts straight. Hilty got like 20 days in jaile & that wasn’t harsh at all. If you use your to remember Hilty got off with probation also but she drove w/o her license & VIOLATED it, that’s why her ss got thrown in the slammer.

    It’s so obvious that this is ot a one time thing & that he beat RiRi before. I know danm wel this sleazy fool won’t be abe to keep his nose clean & hands to himself for 5 long years. I can’t blame RiRi for not wanting to deal with the circuis that is celeb trials in LA. But it’s really a shame she doesn’t see she’s way to good for a douche that beats her.

  • noooooooooo

    Not that I’m saying he didn’t do anything wrong, BUT don’t you think if he really beat her as badly as claimed we’d be seeing Rhianna speaking out against him and dating violence, instead of continuing to be seen acting chummy with him? Something just doesn’t seem right about that. Also, “Q” try spending less time acting like you really know either of them and more time working on your grammar and spelling check skills.

  • nicole

    Q – prove it wasnt a one time thing. it would have been pretty hard for to hide it all that time, seeing as she was always in public. most of the reports of thier relationship had to do with her anger, not his. im not defending this by any means, but you cant go and say that he’s done it before.

  • brent

    and…..enough! dont you all know its weeds and nurse jackie on showtime tonight. make yourselves a nice meal and get off the internet you bunch of perves!!! and i am on here finding a lovely recipe, thats all.

  • Ashley N.

    What a lot of people are saying is true- this is very typical for first time offenders. Unfortunately.

  • Joanne

    TRENT – Maybe you could post the picture of Rihanna’s swollen and bruised face again … just to remind a few people here, who seem to think this was not “as bad” as claimed.

  • Janelle

    @nooooo – The situations are difficult enough to deal with being a domestic victim. None of us know her and shouldn’t speculate or judge her at all.

  • Emily

    Total BULLSHIZZ! But, that dude WILL end up in jail, mark my words. 5 years probation is a long time when you’re in you’re early 20’s. He’ll get in trouble again and end up in jail. That does not mean it’s fair though…what Rihanna had to go through was unreal and terrible. She didn’t have to testify which might have been a big reason he took the plea.

  • Paula

    People need to relax. This is a standard deal that he is getting for someone with no record. Do you think that just because he’s a celebrity as is Rihanna that he should get a harsher punishment? No, of course not. This is our criminal justice system at work – and not some celebrity getting off easy.

  • B-Net

    OK people, calm down. Almost all normal domestic violence cases hardly end up with jail time.

  • Billy

    You people suck. We don’t know what happened. If Chris was the only one wrong in this situation I’m sure Rihanna would be all over the place saying how innocent she was. Stop all the Chris Brown hate it’s clearly more to this story that we may never know. Also he not the first celeb to be involved in domestic violence, for some reason racist people are extra mad at him.

  • Tracy

    I am PISSED. I dont give a shit if it’s his first time-he beat the shit out of her. Inexcusable. I wanted that asshole to get jailtime-and a lot of it. This is the worst news ever.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    In the USA today if you are BLACK and RICH you can break ANY law and get away with it.This and Donte Stallworth in Miami Beach are examples of what is call justice in this country today.Sad and shame are not enough to define what is going on.Be careful all of you for you maybe next.

  • i just hope there isn’t a next time and he actually learned his lesson. here’s to hoping…

  • Ally

    I’m not at all saying that some jailtime wouldn’t do him some good, but everyone who is saying this is a common result is dead on. In a case where you have a first time offender and the victim requests (or at least agrees) that the person not be given jail time, a judge will likely accept it. In most states the prosecutor and accused work out a deal, take it to the judge and the judge can either accept the plea, reject it or modify the amound of punishment requested by the prosecutor. I really don’t think he got celebrity treatment.

  • JJ

    @ Oscar in Miami Beach Ummm, what does being black have to do with anything? I would agree with you on being rich but let’s be serious, it’s not because he’s black. If he were black and POOR then things probably would have worked out differently for him…

  • Eyes

    I continue to be puzzled by most peoples reaction this situation. Independent of Chris Brown’s actions, Rihanna herself demonstrated extremely reckless behavior. She endangered them both by attacking Chris while he was driving a (moving) car. If Chris had hit a another vehicle, a light pole or bystander during her attack, it would be her fault. Frankly, her actions were criminal and she should be prosecuted.

    Besides she’s no domestic violence victim or survivor. She started a physical altercation and it bit her in the ass (well, … in the face).

    And before someone starts playing the ‘Stan’ card, I didn’t care about Rihanna or Chris before this situation.

    I’m not saying Chris action’s were right. In fact, I believe they were both wrong and should equally face the consequences.

  • Eyes

    Not to beat a dead horse further, but I’m curious — Why do people think her behavior — hitting him with cell phone, stilletoes, fists (while he’s driving) — is OK or not as bad as his behavior? How is an otherwise unprovoked assault not abuse/abusive?

    • @Eyes – none of those allegations of Rihanna’s behavior was ever proven in a court of law and she was NEVER on trial for anything. She is the victim here. Chris Brown admitted to felony assault in court and only got probation. That is the travesty to me.

  • anna

    Oscar in Miami beach, I have two words for you… Michael Vick….

  • Bitchtastic

    Q, that wasn’t meant as a defense of Hilton, I pretty much had a party when she went to jail. All I meant was that comparatively, this is ridiculous, first time offense or not.

  • PStar

    I hate to say it, but I get guys parol with no jail time all the time for criminal domestic violence. Even on the second and third offenses. It’s sad, but the court system doesn’t see it as a big deal.

  • GirlieGirl

    @nnnoooo, @Billy, @Eyes… I gotta say *sigh* that I kinda agree with you.
    I’m NEVER advocating violence against women, but our dear, little, sweet RiRi is well known for having a temper. She used to brag about hitting her little brother with a glass bottle (Google it).
    Chris Brown should probably be punsihed (hitting back or not), but NOT crucified.

  • eyes

    I agree Rihanna’s actions were never proven in court, but Chris’s actions were never “proven” either. He made the admission as part of a plea bargain, which is hardly conclusive.

    People are convicted all the time for crimes they aren’t guilty of. It’s not far-fetched that someone agreed to admit to something to avoid a far more uncertain fate.

    I am not commenting on Chris’s guilt one way or the other. I am saying that Rihanna was not an innocent bystander; she started the physical altercation and should be held responsible for her actions.

  • Pat

    I personnally think that the ruling was just and fair. Let us not forget that he is only 20 years old and has never been in trouble with the law in the past. The most important thing here is that he will be getting domestic violence counseling. And now with the celebrity being over the law crap, anyone with the same history as Chris Brown would have gotten the same ruling. I dont know why people think jail time resolves anything… Accept it and move on!

  • noooooooooo

    Janelle- You’re exactly right. None is us know him or the real situation at all, so we shouldn’t speculate or judge him either. Unless you were with them that night, you don’t really know what happened either. Sorry, I guess I’m not one to crucify someone without knowing what truly happened.

  • crazy

    @Janelle… think on this… If someone showed up at a police station or hospital covered in cuts and bruises and claimed you had beaten them (but maybe you really hadn’t, maybe they just hated you and wanted payback) would you want to have your face and story plastered in every paper/website from here to Timbuktu? Would you want everyone to assume you were guilty and called you all sort of mean and ridiculous things before you even stood trial? Or better yet, would you want everyone running around damaging your otherwise good reputation all because they are speculating and taking what they read in the paper/web as absolute truth? Would you want anyone who wasn’t with you that night or at your trial to pass judgmentt on you (remember, you’re innocent here)?? I’m betting you wouldn’t… perhaps Chris Brown deserves the same consideration. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Billy

    crazy- speaks the truth. We don’t know what happend.

  • QT

    noooooooooooo – we ALL know what happened. He plead guilty to it. Get your head out of the clouds & read the police report!! I don’t have to act like I know either of them to see she’s to good to stay with a guy that beats her. . Just because Rihanna is famous doesn’t mean she can’t hide beating evidence. Abusers start out with small stuff, like pushing & yelling.

    Nicole- How about prove it wasn’t a one time thing. You can tell by the way he was talking to her he’s use to beating her down. Funny you are quick to believe rumors about Rihanna having a bad temper, but not all the proof that against Brown that made him accept a plea to become a convicted felon. Some of you CB fangirls are scary.

    Most of you have a lot to learn about abusers & their victims. You think because she can’t let him go that means it “wasn’t that bad”?? How ignorant. Brown is a convicted felon & deserves the harsh treatment he gets. Don’t pull any race card bullshit either.

  • QT

    Oh & how about you check your own grammar jerk “spelling check”. Don’t you mean spell check smart ass? Stop being the blog police. I guess your perfect ass never forgot to spell check.