Hot Dude Of The Week: Joey

Weekend Hotness

It is time, once again, for our weekly visit with the Hot Dude of the Week … this Sunday we get to meet a fine young chap with intense love for his family and a fondness for showering in his undies. Say hello to Joey:

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You gotta love a guy who loves his family so brazenly as to wear his devotion (almost practically) on his sleeve … that’s an Italian boy for ya. Normally, I’d not be too fond of the undies in the shower thing but I can understand Joey‘s reluctance to give everything away all at once. You can shower however you please, Joey, just keep inviting us to the party :) Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: All American Guys]

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  1. maggie

    yowza! :D

  2. Mike

    How about I hip in the shower with him and use my teeth to get those undies off?

  3. Oscar in Miami Beach

    Have you ever shown a black dude?.
    We know you like jewish guys but ….

  4. ohhhYeahh

    Ohh Godd. I agree with mike. yummy.

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